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How to Store or Carry Your Crystals

How to Store or Carry Your Crystals

If you’re a genuine crystal user, you should also store your crystals as preciously as the magic they do for you. Every crystal is a living healing stone and picking one to keep close to you is taking up a responsibility to keep your aura and vibe right too.

If a crystal displeases or is too powerful for you, storing it safely can keep its powers intact as well. 

What to do when you’re moving with the crystals

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

If you’re a multiple crystals user, you need the definitive guide to storing healing crystals.  Moreover, when you’re shifting or traveling from one place to another, you must follow the right storage to keep the crystals powerful forever!

·         How to Divide your Healing Crystals into Categories

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

Pick and match all your healing crystals according to their color, properties, size, shape, rarity, worth or preference in labeled categories within a multi-slotted box. Some categories get started with tumbled stones, fragile, unpolished, carved, polished and chakras.

·         Ways to Pack a healing stone 

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

There are many types of equipment that are used to store a crystal. You can buy these at ebay or amazon such as wooden boxes, safety lock bags, silk pouches, glass cases and geodes. Natural fabrics or handwoven clothes are special and aptly wired for a resting crystal. For keeping your crystal under hibernation, you should also insulate it from outside auras.

·         Where to keep a healing crystal when moving

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

When you’re on the move, even if you’re an RVer, keeping your crystals in a safe wooden box firmly fitted and unshaken is necessary. They are protective stones for travel and driving that you can use, but storing crystal wrapped up in the fabric is not considered effective when moving with your crystal vault.

So divide your crystals and pack them in a sealable wooden box if you’re sending your luggage into the baggage department.

Setting your healing crystals in a house for aesthetic effects

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

There are excellent places within a house to keep your property protected, flaunt it on the main shelf and store it too! Crystals, when insulated by a fabric, wood or glass, cannot absorb outside energies or interact, so they cannot be of much use when in storage.

To make use of crystals when in storage, keep them open.

·         Bedroom

Aesthetics and logic are important in a bedroom. In addition to avoiding clutter, it is necessary to keep your most sacred place resonating the best energy vibrations with the help of the right bedroom crystals. Keeping crystals in a basket openly or within a fabric under your bed, on the bedside table, in the wardrobe or at the inside entrance is an idea. If you’re storing multiple crystals, make sure that they are well insulated.

One brilliant idea is to get a terrarium kit with crystals such as this genuine Amethyst Teardrop Terrarium Kit. 

Genuine Purple Amethyst Crystal Quartz in Tear Drop Air Plant Terrarium Kit (Shipping to US only) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

·         Living Room

The best place to show off your crystal empire, the show off in your living room can take your giant crystals wands and stones if it is locked with a glass covering. As too many people come into the living room, you can also keep the crystals open in your living room and make use of the negativity-absorbing stones. 

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand - 3.5oz / 100gr - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

·         Kitchen

To cleanse and detoxify the food you will eat, it is quintessential and safe to store your most potent crystals in the pantry or as a showpiece in a glass jar on your kitchen table. Crystals radiate positive energies that can detoxify your body and boost health too.

Blend this captivating Crystal ball in your crystal crockery shelf in the kitchen.

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

·         Garden

Planting growth instilling green crystals in a backyard or windowsill herb garden works wonders! Crystals that are grounded in the energy of growth in the colors of green and yellow are ideal for abundant growth in agriculture.

Hang this green jade yoni eggs in various parts of your garden if not in the mood to do Kegel Exercises for creating a fresh and rejuvenating aura for growth too.

Drilled Natural Green Jade Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercise (3 eggs) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

How to Store your precious Crystals

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

You can store your crystal safely in a variety of places such as a safe, almirah, your jewelry box, duffel bag or in a safe on the shelf. If you’re not wearing all crystals at once, but will use it frequently or throughout the day, you need to keep it in within reach.

·         Clean It

You must first repel the negative energies from your crystal. To do so, follow this link on how to clean your healing crystals like a Pro.

·         Pack it

Using a thick or woolen fabric, pack your crystals well and tie it tight.

·         Keep it safe

Choose an ideal place where your crystal will be safe and within reach.

Before you go ...

The golden rule to remember is, after each work, you must clean your crystals.

How to Store or Carry your Crystals

Crystal storage is easy based on your intent. If you don’t want to use your crystals when in storage, keep them wrapped in a silk, glass or wooden box in your bag or safe. Taking care of crystals also deepens your bond and subsequently the power of your crystals.

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