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How To Understand Coincidences When Working With Crystals?

by Ceida Uilyc March 08, 2019

How To Understand Coincidences When Working With Crystals?

Have you heard the Einstein quote- Coincidences Are God’s way of remaining Anonymous? That’s how crystals work too. I never believed in coincidences until I started my crystal work. Now to think back, I missed so many signs. But you shouldn’t miss any signs from nature. When you’re working with crystals, coincidences are signs you must interpret. Today I will teach you how I interpret coincidences and how you can do so too.

My Experience with Crystals and Coincidences

Let me tell you a story from my life about coincidences.

When I was 19 years old, I used to have a weird habit of lurking in the darkness, especially around the haunted well on our college campus. I used to visit it like a ritual and every time here footsteps, flashes and shadows behind me. For strength, I took my selenite wand (bright orange like you see in the picture) and decided to take the walk one night (it was actually one night before Halloween).

It was so scary every other night. I could hear my own wheezing sounds trying to chase the shadows in the night. It was scary also because of the footsteps I kept hearing.

To my surprise, I realized it was not ghosts but spirits of the students of the campus walking with me. The footsteps and shadows were real. They were not trying to harm me and I didn’t have to be scared. I saw the spirit walk with me like I was enveloped in a protective ring.

I believe the spirits of the students who studied must’ve come back to the same place. It’s a beautiful place that will forever remain in my memories. But only after using the selenite wand could I tell what was going on.

I felt like I was in a trance. The spirits spoke to me and I realized the love of nature and Mother Gaia. The morning I woke up on the ground tucked by leaves, but it was a magical night I can’t forget. Did you ever have such coincidences that crept you and finally evolved into a blessing? Please do share in the comments below!

What do I mean by Coincidences?

Coincidences are incidents that seem to have a meaning, however vague. It can show you the way to enlightenment, can be your spirit guide and at times, just the crystal lighting the path to your destiny. Don’t worry, coincidences are not so confounding. I will describe the list of nine coincidences I always look out for.  

How to Interpret Coincidences with Crystals?

Nothing in the world is on its own. Everything is connected to one another and this connection determines the coincidences. Nothing just happens. If you believe that, you need to understand how coincidence work. It is like a beautiful orchestra when you use crystals. I mean, you can see the work of nature in all its grandeur when you use a crystal. If you want to better understand crystals, you need to accept coincidences.

1.    Cold Breeze with Crystals  

Dandelion Crystal Ball Pendant   matans store.myshopify.com

Whenever you feel an unexpected cold wind, you need to be aware. It can be a new spirit. I am not kidding. Just get a Zircon and gold it tight in your palm. Close your eyes and ask who are you. If the breeze passes through you, it will respond and you will know.

Zircon can also recognize all energy on earth because it is a stone that exists from day 01 of Earth. Zircon has the power of crown and sacral as well as root chakras to help you realize what you’re dealing with. It knows everything!

2.    Odd Sounds in the Night

Cross Knights Templars Ring - Stainless Steel (Men) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Have you been hearing odd sounds that you can pin a source too? If this is at night, I have to say, it must be a cry for help. All you need to do is get a prehnite stone and touch it to the ground while holding it. You will see visions after connecting with Mother Gaia.

Let prehnite lead you to your destiny. It can also be an astral travel invitation and if you fall asleep while meditating with prehnite, you will know what happened!

3.    Weird Smells that remind you of something

Love Drift Bottles Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

This is a strong marker for me. I believe whenever someone things of you with fondness and yearning, you can smell the burnt essence of their tears at night. I have smelt it, have you?

If this is happening to you, get a heart chakra stone such as peridot or malachite and bury it in the ground. If you don’t have ground close-by, you can also place it in an airtight container and wrap it in silk. Hang it in the northern direction until the next full moon.

4.    Flashes behind you

Glass Bottle Natural Dandelion Seed Necklace

Have you been seeing electric flashes or silhouettes behind you when you walk? That might be the sign of a spirit or just that someone close to you is trying to send a message. You can use a clairvoyance crystal such as lapis lazuli to help you connect with your divine throat chakra. It will give you the power of clairvoyance to communicate. Just hold the stone in your palm and meditate.

5.    Spin-Chilling Breeze when using Crystals  

Guardian Angel Wing Necklaces & Pendants

Did you ever feel as you were chilled with a small wind? This is definitely a spirit communication thing. Your guardian angel or archangel is trying to contact you. Get a Celestite gemstone and hold it your palm to meditate. Afterward, place it under your pillow and dream to communicate with the angels!

6.    Chaotic Cling-Clang when using Crystals  

Shungite - Amethyst Healing Bracelet

Onyx is a powerful stone that when sometimes used can make you hear chaos. It happens because of the unaligned chakras within your body. If you’re hearing voices of cling and clang, it means you need to ground your body. Use an amplifying grounding stone such as shungite to assist your black onyx when you hear this!

7.    Footsteps behind you

Vintage Emerald Set - Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Have you ever heard this? It needn’t be at night. You can hear this in broad daylight when you’re walking on your own. I feel this is the spirit of my best friend Tee. She died when we were little from the flu and I feel like whenever she wants to communicate with me, she takes this option. Lately, I have been feeling the footsteps of family and new happy spirits follow me too. God knows where they come from!

8.    Unexpected Rain with Crystals  


When you’re walking with your crystals, has it suddenly rained? This is the blessing of the heavens. It is a signal that you have bonded with your signal. The rain can show you new powers of your crystal too. Usually, this happens whenever I take my crystals out of the country or their altar too. Does it happen with you? Share your story with us below!

9.    Weird Dreams and Visions with Crystals  

Moonstone Bracelet Charm

Have you ever seen weird dreams? This is the universe calling out for help. It needs your chakra energy and you need to go on astral travel to find the source of this distress signal. Weird dreams can be interpreted if you share it with us below!

Which are the best crystals that amplify coincidences with crystals?

Certain crystals are so heavenly in the form that they emanate energies of supernatural tendencies that we fail to read their messages. But I have picked 7 Holy crystals (as I call it) that help me increase the coincidences or divine interferences in my life.

Do you want the best of all? Scroll away!

1.    Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone of purification, clear quartz can bring the blessing of heaven in your life. Crystal users feel they see the magnified picture of the clear quartz they have in their dreams. Clear quartz can make visions because it is strongly connected to your crown chakra.

Besides purification, clear quartz can help you recognize the beauty of astronomy via the night sky.

2.    Citrine

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Ideally known for wisdom, citrine can also increase the coincidences in your life. But, the coincidences you will get from citrine are enchanting. It will make you win your career challenges or examinations if you’re a student. Citrine can also attract sudden luck and memory retention powers too. Ever felt that with citrine? Get the one in the picture and you will feel it too!

3.    Selenite

Natural Rough Orange Selenite Crystal Raw Gemstone

Known as the crystal that carries the essence of life, selenite invokes healing. It can make your karmic past and future come to you if you meditate long enough with a selenite wand. Selenite also increases the chance of communication with your spirit guide. Ever felt a strong inspiring message? That was your spirit guide and you can get that if the selenite in the picture is close by!

4.    Amethyst

Natural Light Amethyst  Pyramid

A beautiful purple gemstone filled with the metaphysics of crown chakra, amethyst can ground you. There-by if any evil spirit or hex is bothering you, amethyst can get rid of it. The strong crown and the third eye chakras in amethyst grows your intuitive abilities too.

Amethyst can also help you connect with the etheric realm so that you interpret everything in your reality clearly. The purple gemstone enhances your crown chakra and should be meditated or programmed. Learn all about programming your healing crystal here.

5.    Howlite

Howlite Beads Heart Charm Bracelets - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

This is the stone of crown chakra too. It brings interactions of Goddesses. If you’re blessed, howlite will determine your luck. It can connect you with the superior powers. Howlite betters your luck and prosperity. It is a stone to discover your hidden potential. Howlite will guide the way with coincidences that have to do with weather and plants. Watch out for it!

6.    Celestite

Natural Blue Celestite Crystal Cluster from Madagascar

The best stone to converse with angels, celestite is a stone worth placing on your crystal altar. It gives coincidences in terms of flashes and visions. Angelic dreams and visions will be felt by cold wind, icy snow or stunning breeze. Celestite always talks to me through the wind. Does it to you too? Tell me in the comments below!

7.    Fluorite

Natural Crystal Fluorite Pendant


The last, but ne’er the least, fluorite is a stone worth mentioning. Whenever I use a fluorite wand, I can feel the spirits of my loved ones around me. I even get hypnotized, travel to the ends of universe with them and sleep away when I meditate with fluorite. It’s a beautiful journey. Fluorite fills all my chakras with energy.

Does it do the same to you? Fluorite can work differently on different people. For me, the most potent energy of fluorite that I felt was when I used the wand for the grid. It made my life rose and happy.

Before you go …

Which is your favorite crystal? Do you see coincidences around? Have you ever interpreted it with crystals? I am dying to know, so are the others. PLEASE share your experiences in detail below!

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

2 Responses


July 11, 2020

My bad: it’s not a Black Star Sapphire.

It’s a Black Star Diopside.

I think that makes it even more of a rarity! 😊

Love and Light.


April 02, 2019

Coincidence? Here’s a million-to-one shot:

When I was 10 or 11 years old, a respected Geologist moved in about two miles from the family home. He invited me (accompanied by my mother) to his home to view his collection of “mineral specimens”.

Among them were two Fluorites I would have given my right arm to be caretaker to. One was a gorgeous dark purple octahedron, so deep a colour you could use it for a scrying mirror, and at least 35cm at the widest point.

The other was a Bingham Blue cubic cluster about the size of my fist.

I wasn’t able to touch the huge octahedron, but I was allowed to handle the Bingham Blue. My crystal journey had only just resumed, but as soon as I held that cluster, an energy exchange took place. When we had to leave, I spent about six weeks feeling awful about having to leave it behind — not that I could have taken it with me. Why? Well of course, that cluster and I had bonded, though at the time I didn’t know it.

That cluster had a patch of tippex on one side with a specimen number written on it, which I memorised. (I can still see it in my mind’s eye now, three decades on: 15750). That was to prove crucial, later down the line.

The geologist was, I noticed, having problems breathing. He sounded like he was trying to stave off an Asthma attack. Having not long since been diagnosed myself, after a fairly serious attack, I knew what that felt like and asked him if he needed an inhaler.

Only it wasn’t Asthma he had at all. He had Asbestosis, and it was killing him.

Six months or so later, he left this life. His collection – a very fine one – was split up and sold. I thought that was it: my parents had very little money so it wasn’t like they could’ve bought either piece on my behalf.

I never saw the huge octahedron again, and chances are I never will. But, fast forward to the Autumn of 1993. I’m sixteen (just), in Sixth Form, I have a further education study grant from the government, and thanks to that I’ve got more than £10 in my pocket at once for the first time.

In one of the back streets, in the same town where the Sixth Form college was located, I discovered a “New Age” shop. I felt a pull to the place, so I decided to go and have a look inside.

Most of the stuff it was selling was cheap rubbish, but there was a pretty fair selection of jewellery (I got my first Aquamarine pendant there, and also, among others, the Pink Tourmaline and Rose Quartz pendants that so soon afterwards brought me together with my husband; I also, later that year, ended up with a part-time job there, which is a whole story in itself but which involves Citrine and, indirectly, Heliodor) and some nice crystals. By then, I was well and truly experienced in direct crystal communication; I rapidly found out that the original owner, a German woman – I’ll call her Jane for the purposes of this story – wasn’t well-liked by the crystals in her shop: they all called her greedy, materialistic and crazy!

The last place I looked was at the more expensive crystal specimens and the more rare jewellery (which included my Black Star Sapphire). And there, sitting glowing at me and begging to be picked up, was a Bingham Blue Fluorite cluster.

It couldn’t be, could it? It certainly looked the same!

I picked it up and turned it over. Yes! There, clear as day, a patch of tippex with ‘15750’ written on it in the same precise hand.

It had come back to me!

Then I understood. This Fluorite was meant for me and, against enormous odds, had managed to engineer its way into the one crystal shop I was going to walk into, just when I had the money to make the purchase (if anyone ever tells you that crystals don’t understand money, here’s your proof that they’re wrong).

I took it to the till and handed over a £20 note, trying not to grin like a fool. My Blue Fluorite! I could hardly believe it.

Out of curiosity, I asked Jane how long she’d had it in stock. She told me she’d only bought it two days before, and she’d been reluctant to do so but something (she said her Angel: perhaps, but I’m more inclined to think it was the Bingham Blue itself) had compelled her.

I still have it now, though the shop went mail order only in 1995. It’s one of my closest crystal besties, along with my Heliodors, Labradorite, Blue Apatite, the Museum Citrine, the Phantom Dragon Egg, my Generator Quartzes, my pendants, and still others that I’ve yet to talk about. It’s the perfect blue of the Summer sky at midday, and I keep it very carefully because to drop it, seems high ingratitude for its coming back to me (and it has a fracture line inside which, while it makes for a stunning rainbow, would easily shatter, and that feels too much like hurting a good friend).

Coincidence? Perhaps. Crystal power? Definitely!

Love and Light.

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