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Explaining the Magic of Crystal Energy Generators

Explaining the Magic of Crystal Energy Generators

You know crystals are powerful because they convey through a symmetry unique to our universe. It is this symmetry we call the bond between each other. Crystal energy generators are manmade symmetry based on observations of crystal healing powers and interactions.

From how they are made to the benefits of energy generators made with crystals, you are in for a lot of surprise crystal tricks today. It’s all about gemstone energy generators today and they can turn the life around QUICKLY! Ready to begin?  

What are Crystal Energy Generators?

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When crystals or crystal wands are joined together in symmetry such as a 4-pointed star or 6-pointed star, they are called energy generators. That is because when crystals are joined in symmetry, their powers are combined, multiplied and harnessed.

Crystal energy generators help in amplifying the power of your manifestation with the help of higher strengths from ordinary crystals. They can be used to charge or program your jewelry just by touching it.

What are the parts of a Crystal Generator for Energy?

While you can make your own crystal energy generator, most gemstone generators are made by universal symmetry and standards.

A crystal energy generator has two parts-

  • Wands or Leg Crystals

Wands are joined together to create a crystal energy generator. You can create 4-6 pointed crystal energy generator using crystals for generating ideal vibrations.

  • Heart or Center Crystal

At the center of an energy generator crystal is it's center stone. Usually studded with a purifying stone such as clear quartz, some energy generators have amplifying chakra crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz or lapis lazuli in the middle.

Why use Energy Generator Crystal?

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The main benefits of using an energy generator crystal can be felt if you’re a crystal user already. But, it is also ideal for those who don’t seem to be feeling anything with crystals. Energy generators made with a gemstone is more powerful than your palm stone or ordinary wand. How? We will find it below!

·      Quicker Results than with a Stone

Fast results are the best effects of adding a crystal generator to your altar. An energy generator crystal has a heart that activates the wands around and it keeps it charged and programmed at all times. It’s a collective energy of power.

·      Symmetry Works like a Grid

Every crystal grid works according to symmetry that is set by crystals on a vein of cloth on the ground. When you’re using a crystal energy generator, the symmetry is already set. All you need is a wand to activate the grid and it will work to manifest your affirmations. The symmetry of 4-pointed and 6-pointed crystal pyramids are designed to establish a stronger connection with the crystal and the universe too.   

·      Wand Powers Infused into One

Unlike a crystal wand, a crystal energy generator is made with four and even six wands at minimum. That’s why the powers manifested using the crystal will be higher. If you combine stone with your energy generator, the stone energies can be amplified too.

How to use Crystal Energy Generators?

5 Stone Amethyst Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator Reiki (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

How do you use a crystal energy generator? Is it easy or requires hours to set up? Are energy generator crystals worth it? Crystal energy generators are different than ordinary crystals unless you have a cluster. So, how do use these energy generator crystals? Let’s find out!

·      Make your Own Grid using Energy Generator

You can make a grid for wealth, inspiration, happiness, power, love or anything you wish with a pre-build crystal energy generator. All you have to do is set your grid and activate it using a wand just as you would do for a grid and watch the change happen.

Energy generators are ideal for getting things you couldn’t otherwise with shelf crystals. You can create a grid according to you desires.

·      Reiki Healing with Crystal Generator

By holding, hovering or placing the energy crystal generator on the body, you can transfer powerful energies to affect their body and mind. Crystal generators are ideal for reiki because they help in channeling a higher energy than that of a human being alone. Reiki with generators made of gemstones are ideal for healing joint pains and accelerate the work of medicines too.

·      Set down a Manifestation using Generator Gemstone

Do you know you can request the universe to grant your wishes using a crystal energy generator? All you need to do is make a sentence that clearly states your affirmation. Now, use the affirmation as a mantra and repeat or chant it while touching the energy generator.

Visualize the generator powering up and remain in the chain of thought to power it up. The universe will heal your request! Read more about affirmation manifestation in this blog post guide here.

·      Touch the Energy Generator Crystal

You can also touch the energy generator to see things happen physically. It will help you channel and feel the potent energies of the generator crystal. It is used in chakra therapy by touching the crystal on the main chakra points. I have seen people place amethyst energy generator crystal on top of the head and dive into a trance! So, you don’t have to worry about the energy being too much as grounding happens almost-automatically as you touch the crystal generator.

·      Meditate with your Energy Crystal

You can also sit down and focus your thoughts to the energy generator crystal. It will help you push away the distractions and truly assimilate your reality. Crystal energy generators such as those made of amethyst can help to induce a deep-meditative state by merely touch or contact. You can use this if you’re new to meditation as energy generator will need no bonding with the crystal. Click here to know more about meditation with crystals here.

Before you go …

Crystal energy generators are a man-made wonder. They are filled with secrets to speed the recovery of health and spiritual awareness. It can help to amplify the power of crystals drastically. If you have more doubts about the symmetry or energy crystal generators, leave us a comment below!

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