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Blue Kyanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Blue Kyanite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Did you just buy a blue Kyanite? Perhaps you feel blue Kyanite calls out to you. A cleansing stone that combats negativity around you, blue Kyanite has strong energy around it. The stone of stability and balance, Blue Kyanite meanings are many and so are its hidden powers. It is an anisotropic mineral that is seen usually in indigo blue hues.

What is Blue Kyanite?


Do you know Blue Kyanite is an isochronic stone? It is a meditative stone that can increase your concentration and focus. Our experts have laid out the specifics of Blue Kyanite meanings, metaphysics, properties, benefits and uses so that you can start including it in your daily crystal rituals.

Blue Kyanite Meaning

The word Kyanite originates from the Greek word cyanos, meaning deep blue. Meaning of Blue Kyanite crystal is a mind-altering stone. It changes your perspective and state of mind, quickly. Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that is used for aligning multiple chakras at once.  

When I touched the first blue Kyanite in my life, it gave me visions of the heaven above. Blue Kyanite instantly calms your spirit.

How Is Blue Kyanite Made? What Makes It Blue?

A crystal that develops in metamorphic rocks, Blue Kyanite forms due to the alteration of clay under high pressure. This occurs when sedimentary rocks are metamorphosed. Blue Kyanite forms a blade like surface in long strands. It is found in granite pegmatites besides schists and gneisses.

Also called Cyanite in olden literature, Blue Kyanite shows a centrally running blue color unlike white or green Kyanite. The general indigo blue color seen in a Kyanite is caused by the transfer of iron (Fe(II)-Fe(III) according to Faye and Nickel.

Where to Find Blue Kyanite?

An attract aluminum silicate with iron particles, Blue Kyanite is found in Switzerland. The best ore of blue Kyanite is discovered in Pizzo Forno as well as Leventina and Chrionico Valley in Ticino. The interesting thing is, in Pizzo Forno, it is found in matrix with Staurolite.

Other destinations of Kyanite gives different color tones such as Tanzania for red Kyanite and Brazil for green Kyanite. Blue Kyanite worth is up to $50.00 per carat.

What Chakra is Blue Kyanite for?

The splintery crystal that is considered one of the powerful high vibration stones, blue Kyanite opens your spiritual eye. How? By opening your Third eye chakra located in between the brows.  Third eye is the chakra of intuition and divination. It can give you prophecies and premonitions when your third eye chakra is aligned.

Blue Kyanite Feng Shui Explained.

The good feng shui of Kyanite comes with the placement of the stone in the bagua area. You can place a Kyanite after charging it for intentions of fame, reputation, balance and harmony. Blue Kyanite is best placed in the Northern or Southeastern directions.

Which is the Blue Kyanite Zodiac sign?

The birthstone of Aries, Blue Kyanite also stands for Taurus.

For an Arian, Blue Kyanite brings focus and spiritual consciousness. The karmic debt on your spirit will be cleansed with the help of blue Kyanite. It does so by helping you do penance in the right way for your problems.

For Taurus, Blue Kyanite can remove the negativity aimed at you from others who are jealous towards you. Blue Kyanite for Taurans help in calming down and relaxing too. It is an essential stone for aura cleansing.

Does Blue Kyanite need to be Cleansed? How to Cleanse Blue Kyanite?

The simple answer is NO, blue Kyanite need not be cleansed. But, if there is dust on it, take a soft cloth and scrub it. You can use a blue Kyanite without cleaning. That’s because blue Kyanite does not absorb negativity. It dispels or repels the negative energy that comes in front of you.

The long answer is- it depends whether you should clean a blue Kyanite or not. Most crystal users know selenite does not need cleansing. But, what if the crystal is asking you to cleanse it? Then you close your eyes and do as the crystal says!

To cleanse Blue Kyanite, all you need to do is circle a clear quartz or selenite wand over it. Can you do that? Else, place it in a Tibetan bowl and rub the edges with the mallet for acoustic programming!

Blue Kyanite Metaphysical Properties. What is Blue Kyanite good for?

Kyanite hardness ranges from 4.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale. If you’re wondering what is it used for, scroll away to discover the Blue Kyanite healing properties in detail.

·      Physical Blue Kyanite Properties

A special stone, blue Kyanite is also a self-cleansing stone that does not absorb the negativity. It repels it. Blue Kyanite can cleanse and detox your body. It can remove the sediment toxins in your body.

·      Emotional Blue Kyanite Properties

Blue Kyanite properties include cleaning sorrow and sadness from the mind. It is a cleansing stone that removes fear and phobias too. If you’re going through grief, blue Kyanite can help you see hope and light.

·      Spiritual Blue Kyanite Properties

Blue Kyanite creates a protective cocoon of energy around you by dispelling hexes and black magic from your spirit. It is a chakra alignment stone that works with your psyche by balancing it. Blue Kyanite can also clear your aura so that spirits communicate actively with you.

Where to Buy Blue Kyanite?

You can buy blue Kyanite on by adding the blue Kyanite of your choice to the cart. Afterwards, complete the payment and shipping address to get the stone FREE of shipping too!

You can also buy blue Kyanite on Amazon or Etsy too.
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Does Kyanite need to be charged?

Yes, every crystal needs charging. You can do so in many ways. Crystal affirmations can tune the frequency of the crystal to manifest your desires. You can meditate with blue Kyanite to clear your thoughts and manifest your intentions. Another way to charge blue Kyanite is by tying it to the affected area for total healing.


Which is your favorite use of blue Kyanite? Click on the picture above to add blue Kyanite to your cart. Share it with our crystal community below!

Stay powerful~

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