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Your Guide To Green Tea Incense In-Depth

Your Guide To Green Tea Incense In-Depth

From cancer to detox, green tea is all the hype now. One of the ways to ingest the pure positivity of green tea is by making wholesome extracts out of it to make incense. Our hand-rolled green tea incense is healing not because we are bringing it to you, but because science considers green tea, the green elixir of modern-day problems. Today I will teach you all about the chakra powers to effects on the brain when you soak into the incense of green tea.

Defining the Features of Green Tea Incense

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The first time I had a green tea experience was when my aunt came over. I was a li’l lass and she had Japanese green tea from her latest nomad life. She made us clear tea. For the first time, there was a tea not so red without milk or so creamy with milk. It was transparent, subtle and intoxicating in its little ways.

I was smitten. But, then my aunt had more surprises.

She opened a green tea incense packet that had green colored sticks. There was no bamboo inside, it was straight-up green. We did our prayers while the incense burnt. No one dozed off or lost focus of the prayer. We were as if in a trance.

Green tea is a special extract of the leaves that do not undergo the oxidation or even withering damage as much as black tea or oolong. When made into incense, it can have many healing properties due to its sedative effects.

Let us find out how!

What is the Aromatherapeutic Value of Green Tea Incense?

Invented in China, green tea is in use since 2737 B.C all around Asia. The tea itself was an accident when the wind dropped leaves into the boiling water of Shennong and his troops. The emperor was refreshed as the color went unnoticed and ordered to brew more.

The essence of green tea is not as strong as jasmine. It makes most of us smells of fresh cedar jungles. It is a refreshingly dewy smell that grips you in delight. Moreover, green tea incense lasts for long and spreads freshness around the house. It’s like a nature FeBreeze!

As an extract used for killing germs and diseases, green tea incense can disinfect your space and help clear it during crystal sessions. In fact, green tea is proven to alleviate fatigue, migraines, depression, and stress.   

Who is the God of Green Tea Incense?

Apollo, the Greek God of Medicine is the God of Green Tea. The legends of Apollo say he was the God of music and poetry apart from medicine. When you light a green tea incense, you appease Apollo. Visualize and thank Apollo for his grace.

The traits of Apollo influence are health, radiance, glow, beauty, charisma and brilliance. He is a charmer and that’s why Green Tea makes you revitalized and rejuvenated. Laurel wreath is his symbol and he likes to impress the people around him.

If you light up a green tea incense at a party, everybody will have fun. There will be no fights and your party will be a big success. That’s the power of aromatherapy!

What is the Chakra of Green Tea Incense?

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Do you know monks drink green tea to enhance their spiritual attunement? Green tea is a sacred herb filled with antioxidants to cleanse your body as well as the mind. It heralds the power of Heart chakra to make you stronger. Green tea can fill into all your chakras instantly when you use it as incense because of its power over blood circulation.

Green Tea incense can help you regain your strength and ground away the excess energies burdening your body and mind. The chakra meaning of green tea incense is sacred and divine at once. Besides pink of health, spending time with green tea incense can increase your lifespan and amplify spells for money and passion because of heart chakra bonding.

Read more about heart chakra here.

Which planet rules Green Tea Incense?

Although green tea incense lovers claim it absorbs solar energy, Mars is the ruling planet of this fragrant incense.  “Known as the planet of heat and passion, Mars is the God of War”. That being said, if you don’t respect and follow your green tea rituals, it can create chaos. It can be an obedient planet if you work with it. Lack of green tea incense in your life can be the prime cause of chaos too if your spirit likes the scent.

Green tea is really powerful because it sets off many triggers of calmth to peace and relief that makes you feel at ease. With Mars by your side, soaking in green tea incense can awaken your hidden potential and luck.

Learn more about the planetary powers of mars here.

What is the Feng Shui of Green Tea Incense?

Green tea shows two elements, Wood and Fire. It is an invigorating scent that can help you create abundance and happiness. If you place your green tea incense in the eastern direction and light it, the incense will open the free flow of energy to attract wealth into your life.

When you light the incense in different directions, the flow of energy changes. South is the best direction for lighting green tea incense if you're looking for harmony. It promotes the free flow of air and hence, removing negativity.

Which is the Zodiac of Green Tea Incense?

A zodiac with the least patience, Arians are courageous and frank. When you soak in Green Tea essence, people born under the zodiac sign of Aries will find more patience and perseverance. They will not be too angry when they meditate with the scent of green tea. It will help you focus on your goals and get things done.  

Another zodiac sign that must try the green tea benefit is Leo. If you’re a Leo, you are dramatic and anxious. Green tea can tone that down and calm you down during hot temper. You will find more empathy and love for self by using green tea incense every morning.  

Outlining the Metaphysical Benefits of Green Tea Incense

Green tea is herbal and magical, no doubt. Infusing its energy can help you attain many things. I have tried it and most crystal users know it already. That’s why you need to spend time with green tea first. Experiment with crystals, but before you do, explore these ways to use green tea incense in your everyday life.

·      Soothing Relaxation

Have you ever drunk green tea? It instantly relaxes your muscles right? If it doesn’t you are not making the tea right. But, don’t worry, with a green tea incense you can get all its goodness by soaking in the fragrance. That’s why green tea is popular for its sedative attributes. Once you smell the fragrance of incense with green tea, you will know it can calm you down no matter how enraged or frustrated you are.

Click HERE to know more about relaxation crystals.

·      Anger Management

When you’re at your limits, anger can sometimes overtake you. To control your anger, incense can work if you know aromatherapy. Green tea contains soothing senses that help you calm down easily. It is a fragrance that affects your whole body, not just the heart or the brain. Theanine in the green tea incense can help you biologically relax.

Read more about crystals you can use for angry times.

·      Concentration and Focus

Have you been fooling as if your memory is blurred? You need a few minutes with green tea incenses. It can clear your emotional and mental blocks so that you can think straight. For those who have problems with decision making, green tea incense can help to focus and concentrate. It is a meditative scent that removes distractions. It can even activate brain centers that do logical thinking.

How to use gemstones for focus in life? Know it in this article!

·      Harmony and Peace

If your environment at home is perpetually toxic, you need to cleanse the negativity. Such as sage clears the space, green tea incense can boost the free flow of energy to harness harmony. The feng shui of green tea incense makes it a special scent that relaxes the nerves to prevent you from thinking negatively. As it is powerful against evil eye, energy attacks will not happen once you smoke green tea incense.

Peace giving gemstones can be added to your green tea incense sessions too. Click here to know how!

·      Strength and Courage

Life can sometimes get too cluttered that you lose all the strength to live. When you’re drained and afraid in life, you can use green tea incense to fill you with energy. With the power of mars as your ruling planet, you will be able to do it easily. Green tea can penetrate your heart chakra and make your blood boil with clarity.

Have you heard about gemstones for courage? Combine it with your incense time next time!

Which is the perfect Crystal to Work with Green Tea?

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Malachite is regarded as the perfect gemstone to work with green tea incense because it is a heart chakra crystal too. If green tea was used in 2000 B.C, malachite was used in 4000 B.C. It is a gemstone of many powers starting with soothing and relaxation.

Malachite, when used during meditation session involving green tea incense, can become your eye to commune with the spiritual realm. It is a protection crystal that keeps your positive energy safe and out of harm’s way. Malachite meditations can be used as a signal to read into the destiny too!

When to Use Green Tea Incense?

Incenses were once a religious and inherent part of life. While you may use it to mask the congested fragrance of the city, green tea is the symbol of freshness. It attracts new energy into your life. When you use green tea incense in the morning it revitalizes you.

How does green tea do so many things at once? We’re about to find out!

·      Meditation with Green Tea Incense for Visualization

 I’ve discussed the effects of meditation with green tea incense roughly above. The truth is, green tea makes your brain sharp by cleaning out the clutter. It can help you think straight. When you meditate or spend time alone with green tea incense lit in the backdrop, your strength of visualization increases. That’s why it is a highly recommended gemstone for artists everywhere.

The scent of green tea hacks into your psyche to enhance it. Try it once to know yourself!

·      Manifest Wealth and Money with Green Tea Feng Shui

Everyone wonders about the right flow of energy to attract the feng shui of wealth. It is nothing but newness and untainted energy that attracts wealth. You can do so by lighting the pristine scent of green tea in the eastern direction every morning. If you light it on Tuesdays, your manifestations will have higher powers!

You can also light a green tea incense, pick it up with one hand and let the smoke enter your safe by fanning it with your other hand. It’s an ancient Hindu ritual that attracts prosperity!

·      Bust Stress with Green Tea Incense Yoga

If you’re almost-always haunted by stress and anxiety, green tea can be your secret cure. It has the natural ability to soothe the nerves and hence, during stressful times, creating a ritual with green tea incense can help immensely.

I suggest doing yoga after doing deep breath exercise while the green tea incense is light in the background. Do it in the morning after sunrise for the best effects!

·      Nature Green Tea Incense for EMF damage

Almost all of us live in a sea of radiation. With the number of gadgets increasing every day, it is hard to keep a count on the waves. If you’re constantly sick or uneasy, the cause must be EMF radiation. Green tea incense can repel the radiation and cleanse your space easily!

Green tea is the sign of purity and it is ideal for people who live in the city. Click here to know more about EMF protection crystals that you can use with your green tea sessions.

·      Spring Cleaning and Purification using Green Tea Incense

Are you looking for the best ways to Detox? While drinking green tea is beneficial, so is soaking in the smoke of green tea incense. When you’re doing the next spring cleaning or trying to clear the space, it is best to use green tea incense. The fragrance can help you restart your journey with full recharge. You can also light a green tea incense during your next full moon cleanse!

Before you go …

Green tea incense brings the dewy freshness and chills of the high ranges where it grows. It is my favorite smell for fall because it fills the space with merry. I love green tea, do you? Share your green tea incense experience in the comments below!

Stay powerful~


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