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Nine Sacred Crystals for Focus That Works in a Wink

Nine Sacred Crystals for Focus That Works in a Wink

Clarity, concentration and focus are not virtues that go up on a resume, but on your personality chart. To harness skills of focus where you can conjure your total attention to a task at hand as your goal is to avoid multi-tasking or scattering your attention all around like a pup!

If it is hard for you to grow powers of concentration on your, gemstones can help by affecting and activating your higher chakras.  To do so, pick #FocusCrystals that you gel well with from the below and start healing!

Gemstones for Concentration and Focus

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

It is no surprise that there are many healing crystals to affect your mind from within and via external stimuli to activate the thinking centre of the brain. By altering the energy production and use of brain using gemstones that activate chakras such as Crown, Third Eye, Root and Sacral, you can harness immense energy to straddle your mind.

Focus stems from raving urge to learn nothing but the apple of your focus. To be in such a learning or positive trance, you certainly need the higher chakras to be activated and charged to absorb the new information with full attention. Gemstones rituals such as affirmation, programming, pendulums, and wands are excellent for direct intervention and the introduction of positive healing energy.

Guide to Use Healing Crystals for Focus, Concentration and Brain Power

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

If your mind is straddled with positive energies that obey your affirmations, you will find it easy to focus. If you know how to meditate, you can bond with your gemstones with the same technique. With gemstones in your meditation room, you will find it easier to be mindful.

Gemstones are excellent for tapping into your untouched parts of the brain to ignite and empower it.

1.      With Fluorite for Memory

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

A deep and complex crystal that enhances the neurotransmitter functioning of the brain, Fluorite wands are ideal for Crystal Programming. When you have to focus on something that is too distractive as well as too important to neglect, a touch of Fluorite will do great help.

Renowned as the Stone of Aptitude and Discernment, none will ever judge your intelligence or skills of attention. Fluorite gemstones help the wearer in dissecting, registering and arranging information into the brain as it arrives.

2.      Clear Quartz for Clearing distractions

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

A gorgeous gemstone that purifies the mind and spurs distractions away, Clear Quartz is perfect for students and those in need of focus. From giving direction to spirit guidance and focus, Clear Quartz is a master stone for many things. Clear Quartz is a mesmerizing gemstone that harmonizes mind chatter and beckons clarity for those preparing for exams and interviews as well.

Crystal users believe that Clear quartz contains many strata of energy that emanates and empowers the wearer such as a rainbow. It is universal knowledge that Clear Quartz is also considered ideal for purification of auras as well as a gemstone that has done long-term energy work.  

3.      Emerald for Direction

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

Ideal for making gem elixirs, Emerald is a stone for realizingdirection in life. A spirit communication stone, Emerald connects the wearer with the guardian angel or the higher realm, enough to trigger skills of intuition to concentration in the user. 

Emerald activates the Heart Chakra by dispelling distractions of boredom, company and fantasies.

4.      Hematite for Protection

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

Recommended as the best Psychic Protection gemstone for students and exam writers, Hematite dodges the evil eye from the wearer. From negativity of students, classmates or even random passer-by, who you accidently hit while running to school can be safe, if you use this hematite to dispel their negativity.

Always keep a hematite in your pocket and reach out to it in times of agony for instant renewal of confidence to positivity.

5.      Obsidian on the Table where you work

A potent and empowering Feng Shui Crystal that attracts wealth and fortune and better communication skills, Obsidian is a charm on laptop desks or table where you do your work. The black beautiful stone activates the root chakra that provides balance and relief for overwhelming thoughts and emotions.

Obsidian also activates the heart chakra to calm down and focus in needy times.

6.      Tiger Eye for Accuracy

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

It is often hard to find precision in what you aspire, when each of us set our individual or professional goals. To avoid losing track of your goals and ambitions it is best to use Tiger Eye crystal before signing or submitting your final draft of the project.

Tiger Eye helps in opening new dimensions of thought and analysis that you failed to notice with your naked eye.

What we recommend …

NINE Sacred Crystals For Focus That Works in a Wink

There are many healing crystals that guarantee self-esteem, empowerment and faith in the wearers. As a bonus tip, try using a citrine as a pendulum to empower your self-confidence, if that is a hurdle to concentration.

We understand mind chatter and take a look at the below focus stones to see if you’re attracted to any …

Fluorite Natural Crystal Quartz Wand 70g   2.5oz   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Green Fire Opal & Emerald RingBlack Obsidian Blue Sand Stone Labradorite Water Drop Pendulum Healing Chakra Reiki Necklace   matans

Stay powerful~

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