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Mars Gemstones: Which To Wear When for which Planet?

Mars Gemstones: Which To Wear When for which Planet?

If you’re restless sans any reason, you know which planet to blame it all on. It is the planet of action, often even aggression. The grounding planet can be identified if you get angry almost all the time or have blood pressure variations. Remedying the malefic mars issues will help you get ahead in life if your astrologer told about it. Today we will find out all about mars planet and how to please it for powers beyond your understanding.

What is the meaning of Mars in spirituality?

Known as the planet of heat and passion, mars have been popular in tales and stories across the earth. Do you know Romans studded their shields with red coral because they revered coral as the stone to please the God of War- Mars!

Hinduism dictates Mars as the Son of Earth. When Vishnu incarnated into the boar, he lifted the earth when it was dormant under the sea. He placed Earth in orbit and earth asked for a boon, a child. The child of this communion is Mars while some tales record Mars as the son of Earth and Shiva, the Goddess of Destruction.

Another mythology dwells upon Mars as the Roman God of War. For the Roman Army, Mars was vital. He was second to Jupiter and took care of military and agriculture.

Who should use Mars gemstones?

Red Rose Necklace

When mars it at its best, you feel like you have the energy to run around the earth and then some. It can find peace amidst chaos. The best mars affect are the zodiacs Aries and Scorpio. That’s because Mars opens the positives and negatives in such people. When you’re in love mars can make you honest, but possessive too. Both Aries and Scorpio are committed people who pride their integrity and mars will help you make it stronger.

Using gemstones appropriate for awakening the energy of mars gemstones work well with Shamans, Teachers, and Doctors. If you’re an introvert, mars crystals can help you open up. Archaeologists and Human Resource Personals, as well as Social Workers, also walk into prosperity and blessings from the universe when they turn to gemstones that work with the energy of the planet Mars.   

What is the Color energy of Mars?

Heart Ruby Diamonds Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Red is the color energy of Mars. By the color energy alone, Mars itself is a red planet. That’s why, you will see most of the crystals for working with Mars is also red, physically and spiritually.  Red awakens sacral, root and heart chakras at once, depending on the intensity of the energy.

The color stands for purity through blood. It can heal your lower chakras and give you the life force. What we see as red on Mars is actually rust covering its surface.

Continue reading about the red color and its healing powers in this article …

What is the Feng shui Direction of Mars?

Being friendly to moon and Jupiter, there are a high chance mars in your birth chart is there for a reason, part of your destiny. When you place a mars gemstone in the southern direction, all the problems that were aimed at your way will disappear. It can be cruel if you proceed wrongly about the rituals.

Hence, always use a good crystal grid that aims at a manifestation without a shake in your conviction. When you place the stone in the southern direction, you will feel the unrest clearing away within two days.

Why use Mars Gemstones?

Natural Coral Boho Necklace

Gemstones are each filled with energies from nature. That’s why gemstones can connect and bond with diverse type of living beings. Gemstones that awaken the power of mars are the same ones that help you find the life force within you. I will tell you how to use these stones to achieve your dreams, but first, you have to understand its powers, benefits, and effects.

·      Energy and Commitment

When you commit to the power of mars, you get strength. You will be enthusiastic about your goals and ambitions. If you were disoriented from your reality, gemstones for mars will make you dedicated and determined. Crystals for mars affects your middle chakra to boost physical health.

·      Reproductive Healing

Yet another effect of using mars gemstones is the healing of reproductive organs. If you're experiencing problems with libido or sexuality, crystals for mars can awaken and repair your sacral chakra. The kundalini force or the life force will be awakened once you use these stones. Located in the pelvic area, this is everything you need to heal atrophy to speed recovery.

·      Blood Purification

Do you know mars gemstones cleanse you? All of these are powerful and mighty stones that affect the bone marrow. Mars crystals will purify your spirit and blood if you have physical disorders. From allergies to infections, these stones can help your medicines do a great job if you’re having them at all.  

·      Wealth and Luck

Another prominent power of gemstones that are ruled by Mas is how they increase your wealth. It happens by mars clearing your way and ripening opportunities for you. It’s true!

With mars crystals, attaining wealth is easy because your dreams will be a reality. Mars helps you realize your potential to achieve them. With mars, it’s a voyage!

·      Malefic Astrology

There are many negative effects of mars too. It’s not a bed of roses without thorns. From arrogance to possessiveness and jealousy, malefic effects of planet Mars influence many people. But, you can get rid of this with Mars gemstones, especially if you’re an Arian or a Scorpion.  

Anger that doesn’t vent out is yet another marker of Mars problems. Mars battles the problems of Rahu, Ketu, sun and Shani (Saturn) too, so get started if you feel this is for you!

How to Use Mars Gemstones?

Natural Teardrop Red Garnet Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Mars is the god of war if you don’t use it right. It can change your fate because it is the planet of action. We advise wearing mars crystals as rings, preferable on your ring finger on Tuesdays only. This is the day of mars, so wearing a red coral can brighten and please Mars so that your day turns out lucky if you do as I said above.  

You can also use these crystals for mars in a variety of ways to channel your own energy into them. Keep reading to find out how.

Gemstones for Mars Planetary Powers and prayers

What are the best gemstones for mars powers? Can I use crystals to remedy the problems of Mars in my life? How do mars crystals actually work? I know you’re bursting with questions because we’re talking about a powerful planet.

Don’t worry, I have got all the answers you need. Choose your pick from the gemstones accessories below or share your date of birth in the comment below.

1.    Red Coral Sea Necklace for Mars for Energy

Red Sea Coral Necklace

If you want to attract the powers and benefits of Mars in your life, moonga or red coral stone is the best. Wearing or using red coral after sunrise before noon is considered auspicious. It is a stone that gives energy by raising your heart and root chakras simultaneously. It repairs your organs in damage and boosts the metabolism when worn at the said time.  

2.    Carnelian Dragon Vein Beads in your Entrance

Natural Stone Dragon Veins Carnelian Beads

I recommend these carnelian beads as a feng shui because you can easily string them with your dream catcher to protect the space from up above. It will attract positivity and harmony into your harm, keeping fights and hatred out of your way. The best gemstone for a student, it can be kept on the study table or under the chair to drive tension and stress away during exams and interviews.

3.    Red Jasper Crystal Pyramid

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

When you use a pyramid, you’re using an extremely sensitive gemstone that sends messages of your manifestations into the heart of the universe by the energy you raise. Red jasper pyramid for healing charm to place in your house for feng shui too. It is filled with the energy of grounding that beckons the power of mars to energize you as well. Red Jasper uses the power of mars to protect you from evil!  

Click here to know more about using a crystal pyramid to manifest your desires.

4.    Bloodstone Wand for Purification

Natural Bloodstone Crystal Wand

When you’re wondering what to use if you’re attacked by bad luck, curses or evil eye, yet another powerful crystal to use is Bloodstone. With the power of the blood of martyrs from ages ago, bloodstone purifies your spirit so that you can prepare it to go on spiritual journeys.

It protects you and dispels the energy attacks away from your path with the power of fire and root chakra. Bloodstone for mars works well for Pisces too!

5.    Ruby Ring to Wear on Tuesday

Ruby Gold Plated Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Ruby has a beautiful bond with Mars that you will gape wondering where all the good luck in your life came from. This ruby ring is made from precious natural ruby that if you wear it on Tuesdays, it will attract prosperity into your life. The abundance stone was a stone of the elite to protect them from famines and droughts once upon a time.

6.    Pyrite Feng Shui Elephant

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

One stone that symbolizes and attracts wealth is pyrite. Although hard to get your hands on, this pyrite elephant is made fully from the gemstone pyrite, boasting a ton of healing energy. It is beautiful and powerful, thanks to the sacral and solar plexus chakras it activates.

Pyrite can help you commit to your goals and remove physical disorders stopping you from achieving your goals. This pyrite elephant is a feng shui star not to miss out on!

7.    Garnet Ring for Capricorn Zodiac for Mars

Natural Red Garnet Rings - 925 Sterling Silver

Another mars gemstone that is boasted and used for generations is garnet. It is the stone for the month too for Capricorn. This is root and sacral chakra stone that can help you drive your passion and life force or kundalini energy for creativity. The stone awakens luck when you need it too!

There are a variety of garnets you can choose from depending on what grounds you the most.

Learn more about garnets here.

Before you go …

Never wear or use Mars Gemstones for Saturn stones such as Blue Sapphire and Tanzanite. That is a golden rule you must not evade. Another secret about mars gemstones is that Copper is your metal to bond with mars. Having copper around or wearing copper is great for removing the malefic mars effects.

So get this Tibetan copper incense burner and place it in the southern direction of your meditation room whenever you work with mars gemstones!

Stay powerful~

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