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Why Do Crystals For Money Attract Wealth Into Your Life?

Why Do Crystals For Money Attract Wealth Into Your Life?

It’s not easy to generate wealth; that’s why we follow the successful. Find out the hidden secrets of how crystals for money attract wealth into your life from real people. It shocked me, yet worked like magic. Why don’t you try these wealth gemstone tricks too?

I got $100 in one day with crystals for money- Belinda …

Orange Fire Opal Set - Ring, Earrings & Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™“My mother used to make us all write our wishes on the last date of every year when she closed the Christmas crib. I was always toying away while she always got her things. I believed God liked her and not me. Years later, when I read your blog post on crystals for attracting money, I felt a bolt in my head. Immediately, I took my fire opal ring and activated with intention of getting $100 on my birthday for a painting.

I forgot all about it after a week and when I opened my safe on my birthday, I actually saw an envelope with $100 addressed to ‘Belinda for Creative Services’ My husband said he sold one of my old paintings for a $100! Since then, I’ve found a lot of wealth with my painting!”  

How to Make Your Crystals for Money Attract Wealth into your life?

Does money crystals really work? How to wear a gemstone ring to attract wealth? What is the right place to keep crystals for money in the house? Find out answers about gemstones for money below!

·      Place it in the Wealth Corner of your Home

Citrine Tumbled Healing Stones

As a rule of thumb, the southeast corner of your house or office is the wealth corner. Keep Citrine Crystals for Money in the said area and power up your affirmations.

·      Wear it on the Left-Hand Pointer Finger

Peridot Silver Sterling 925 Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The left hand is the ‘receiving hand’, so wearing your Peridot ring on the left hand on the pointer finger will excel you as a leader and bring wealth on your way through success.  

·      Place it in your Wallet/ your Money Safe

Natural Green Jade Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4

You can keep a Jade bracelet in your wallet or safe as Belinda did. It draws money from all directions!

Before you go …

Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™Citrine has a zenith that can focus the energy of your intentions into the core of the universe.

Try it for manifestation rituals that include crystals for money to attract wealth. You will be surprised.

Or tell the name of your crystals in the comments below and I will tell you exactly what you need to do and where you need to keep the money stones to generate wealth.

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Stay powerful~

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