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What To Do For Headaches After Using A Crystal?

by Ceida Uilyc May 01, 2019

What To Do For Headaches After Using A Crystal?

Crystal rituals are not always easy. Every time you work with a new crystal, it’s a whole new world open to you. To ensure that your world and the crystal world doesn’t clash, you need to make sure you do a few things when you’re working with new or strange crystals you unearthed or found on the road. Don’t just start using any and every crystal. Create a connection first. Today we will find out why do you get headaches after using a crystal and what to do to prevent it in the future.

We’ve also added a few bonus side-effects due to crystal use.

Let’s start!

What happens when you touch a crystal?

When you touch a healing crystal with your skin, the energy in the crystal is transferred to you. What if the crystal energy weren’t all good? What if there are evil vibrations on the crystal? That’s why, you must always cleanse crystals when before using them.

Crystal touch can induce many reactions in the human body. In my experience of decades with crystals, I have found many that has made me faint, collapse, get irritated, feel pain or make me senseless. You have to identify your malefic and auspicious stones too. Before we go into detail, let’s skim the basics of why crystals can give you headaches.

Did you get a headache after using a crystal?

The first thing to do is make a record.

  • When did you touch the crystal first?
  • How long did you spend with the crystal?
  • What did you ask the crystal first?
  • Did you feel any energy from the crystal?
  • When did the headache start?
  • How can you describe the headache?
  • When did you last touch the crystal?

Once you’ve answered all the above questions, next step is to correlate the answers. If you touched the crystal and got the headache a few minutes after or waking up from sleeping with a crystal, the crystal might be the culprit!

Why did you get a headache after using a crystal?

To find out how to relieve your headache, we need to find out why you got such a headache from the crystal. I will list the possible causes and you can pick the one that best applies to you!

·      You didn’t clean the crystal

I have to ask; did you clean the crystal? If not, there might be residual energies from its past history of absorption that is on the crystal. This energy can react adversely with your energy if you don’t clean it. Take a clear quartz wand or crystal and circle it thrice over the crystal first.

·      New Crystal

Was it a new crystal? When people spend time with a new crystal right away, it can create conflicting situations. Dealing with new crystals is a whole other story. You need to understand; these are really new stones. They don’t know how to react; you need to get to know it first. That takes us to our next point …

·      You didn’t bond with it

Crystals are living beings too. You can’t just start using it. You need to bond with it by communicating or spending time with it. I suggest cleaning it and just holding it for a while without tapping into meditation.

·      The crystal is not good for you

Do you know about auspicious and malefic planets based on your zodiac sign? The truth is that very people know about it and consider gemstones ‘pick any’. If you’ve connected with the stone, well and good, but if you just bought it for fancy, you might wanna look up which are your malefic planets.

For example, Saturn stone blue sapphire might not be good for an Arian while it might be good for Capricorn.

·      Overexposure to Crystal

Did you spend too much time with the crystal? I know there is no overdose with healing crystals, but if the crystal is new or you are going through opposite issues, overexposure can be a side effect of gemstone use!

 If you spent 2 minutes, it’s fine. But, if you spent 2 hours with a new crystal without cleaning it, I’d want you to run to your altar and grab that clear quartz wand ASAP.

7 Shocking Other Side Effects of Healing Crystals

Rose Quartz Engraved  Pyramid for Reiki Healing

Besides headaches, there are many other negatives, or odd feelings you can get from the above causes of new crystals or foreign energy. You can end up with any of the below, so if you feel the following, leave us a message or grab your clear quartz to start cleansing ASAP!

·      Nausea

Are you feeling uneasy? Or nauseous? This might be a reaction to a new crystal or an unclean crystal. You need to get away from the crystal. Wrap it up in silk and leave it in a box far away from you. Clean it with a clear quartz once the nausea subsides.  

·      Diarrhoea

No one talks about it, but diarrhoea is also common with crystals that are unclean. Your digestive system can throw you outta whack because the crystal you used also interfered with your solar plexus, sacral or root chakra energies. A common problem, you need to take a bath with a black onyx in the bathtub with you. It will cleanse you inside-out.  

·      Tingles

Are you feeling strange tingles all over your body? Perhaps it is localized to one area or a chakra point. If this is you, check the causes again, overexposure crystals can often localize tingles on the body. You need to get grounded, so get an amethyst or touch a black tourmaline.

·      Hot-Cold

When you feel strange chills or heat in the body, that can mean you’re having a negative reaction to crystals. All you need to do is take a warm bath with a gemstone such as black obsidian with you. It will cleanse you.

·      Dizziness

Are you feeling dizzy? This is because of the overexposure to crystals oftentimes. If this is you, you might want to hug a rose quartz or red jasper and lay down for five minutes. The dizziness will disappear if it is due to a new crystal in your life.

·      Irritation

Sometimes, strange new energies can make you feel irritated or anxious. If this is happening to you, you might want to get a peridot or one of the black crystals such as an obsidian or onyx to calm you down. It will ground your negativity away!

·      Depression

Are you suffering from deep bouts of depression you don’t know why? This might be the effect of a new crystal around you. You might want to lock away the crystal and hug a rose quartz to go to sleep. When you wake up, the depression won’t be around anymore!

Before you go …

Not every crystal gives you headaches. Some crystals can cure it with a touch!

Are all your doubts on headaches after using a crystal cleared? Just share your question below and I’ll get back to you RIGHT away! Share your DOB so that I can find the right stone for you …

Stay powerful~

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc (Geo Maria George) is an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... 😁 When she is not hypnotized by gems, you can see her wandering around in search of Buddha. When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

3 Responses

Tracy bryner
Tracy bryner

May 11, 2020

I was given a cavasonite stone today for a mother’s day present as soon as I touched it I got a migraine so I cleaned it and connected and my migraine stopped I’ve never felt nothing like it how do I know If the stone bonds with me

Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

May 13, 2019

I can’t stress that enough too.
Thank you so much for sharing your story Cherry. Crystal users need to understand the importance of cleansing and bonding so much more. I see so many headaches with new crystals that are unclean and not bonded.
Love and light~


May 07, 2019

Cleansing is SO important, I can’t stress it enough. When I received my Labradorite tumblestone, I could sense from the packaging alone that the whole had been exposed to two postal workers in severely negative frames of mind: one was angry at having to work over the Festive period (I placed the order on Amazon on Christmas Day, and the Labradorite arrived with the resumption of deliveries on December 29th), and the other had a heavy cold or a dose of ‘flu, and was less than happy to have it, and have to work despite that fact, over the Festive period. I knew straight away that my sweet little ’Labra’ had to have that bad energy taken away from it before I even began to bond with it.

Bonding is another absolutely critical thing with a crystal, and many crystals will only share the barest sliver of their powers with someone they haven’t bonded with. When I got my Heliodor tumblestone (Amazon again, but this time in early November), it greeted me as soon as I touched it – which is unusual; with me, most crystals stay silent until cleansed – and specifically, in so many words, asked me to cleanse it. Heliodor is known for retaining negative energies if it picks them up, but I didn’t detect anything on the packaging with that one. I obliged right away, and it immediately sent three enormous blasts of healing energy straight down my arm and spine; they were so intense I had to grab hold of the doorframe, or I would have fallen to my knees! I knew right away that I’d found a “crystal bestie”, and we formed a close and powerful bond in a matter of around three seconds. Thanks to that, the fact that my Heliodors protest if they’re away from me for too long, and something that happened when I was 6, I think Heliodor is probably one of my soul stones. I have a feeling I’ve got quite a few of those, because it’s rare that I find a crystal I absolutely can’t get along with!

Love and Light.

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