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Which are your Auspicious and Malefic Planets by Zodiac Sign

Which are your Auspicious and Malefic Planets by Zodiac Sign

Do you know Venus is an auspicious planet for Capricorn but malefic for Pisces? Knowing planets that favor your astrological sign is important for moving forward or even succeeding in life. What if you’re displeasing a planet or you’re reaping the side effects of a planet because of your stars? Today we are going to leave no stone unturned. So start reading about the planetary effects on zodiac signs in the next ten minutes.

1.    Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Capricorn

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Capricorn is a serious optimist who is ambitious and patient too. But, sometimes life can get overwhelming and a Capricorn can become a pessimist or untrustworthy. To avoid the selfishness and misery from creeping into your life, find and please your auspicious planets today.

Auspicious Planets for Capricorn

Venus is the first amongst the auspicious planets for your zodiac sign. Capricornian will find it easy to love or attract their soulmate with charisma as Venus is the planet of love. It attracts beauty and invokes true feelings in your heart. Venus can make you feel artistic with creativity and serene with harmony. The planet of love and beauty is also one for restoring Hope to life.

Mercury is the second best planet for those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It is a planet that influencer your communication and language. Mercury can help in boosting intelligence and attracting luck towards you. For a Capricorn born person, Mercury blesses with logic and wisdom.

Saturn is the planet of justice. It brings balance and stability into the life of a Capricorn who is over-enthusiastic or ambitious towards life. Saturn helps you fulfill your responsibilities and adhere to the law. It is a planet that blesses you with success and numerous achievements.

Malefic Planets for Capricorn

As a Capricornian, you must never anger Mars. It can make you rash, rude and even violent. When Mars is ruling over your sign, you can be offensive to friends and family. You will turn into an impatient person who is stubborn and close-minded.

Jupiter can also affect you adversely when your star sign does not favor the energy. It can make you filled with debt and responsibilities. Jupiter can lead you to accidents and mistakes. Dire and dark times come with Jupiter in the life of a Capricornian.

Moon also works negatively for those born on December 20 to January 21. You might feel overwhelmed and restless when the moon is blocking your path.

2.    Aquarius Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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Born at the end of winter, Aquarius is a sign of free souls. If you’re an Aquarian, you’re open-minded and intelligent. You have a charming aura about you when you aren’t cranky or moody. You can be tactless and insensitive at times when your malefic planet overpowers the blessing of the auspicious planet. Find out which planetary energy can get you to be a success.

Auspicious Planets for Aquarius

Venus is yet again the prime ally for Aquarius. It helps them feel calm and patient. Venus is the planet that helps you glow from within such that you have charisma wherever you go. It helps you attract beauty and grace to your personality.

Sun is also a beneficial planet for those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. It is the celestial body of warmth and energy. Sun leads your path with light. It helps you grow your strength and expand your consciousness.

Mars is also good for Aquarius born people. It fills you with passion and competitive spirit. Mars can also make you courageous and brave like a warrior. It fills you with self-confidence and will power.

Malefic Planets for Aquarius

Jupiter is strongly advised against Aquarius born people. When Jupiter is negative for your zodiac, it can increase your self-pity. Jupiter makes you feel groggy and grumpy. It makes you spend money and live your life without care for tomorrow!

Moon can also negatively affect you as an Aquarian born from February 20 to March 21. It can invite negative thoughts and memories into your life.

3.    Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Pisces

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An emotional and down-to-earth person, Pisces are ruled by their fantasies. They are extraordinary thinkers and if you’re a Pisces, you know how you can get indecisive and irrational, right? That’s because your malefic planet is in play. Feeling lazy to moody and rebellious is not usually you, unless your beneficial planets are not pleased with your karma.

Auspicious Planets for PISCES

Moon creates healthy habits. When you’re a Piscean blessed with the energy of the moon, you will feel composed and calm. It will make you feel creative and productive.

Mars is also considered best for those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. It is the planet of action and hence you will get more productive work done during this time. Mars fills a Pisces with passion!

Malefic Planets for PISCES

Saturn is not at all a good influence for Pisces. It can create disasters and damages if you’re not careful. Even the Sun can affect a Piscean badly. It makes you feel disconnected and disoriented from reality. You will feel bored easily. Venus is another malefic planet for Pisces as it invites vanity and lies into your life. Stay away from Mercury too as it can affect your mind. You will suddenly find failures at every step when you anger Mercury.  

4.    Aries Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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Filled with leadership qualities, Aries are competitive. They are idealists with little to no patience. When a malefic planet is in play in the life of an Arian, he will feel moody and irritated easily. Find out which planets you must seek out for blessing even when using healing crystals. You won’t be reckless an Arian anymore!

Auspicious Planets for Aries

Jupiter can help you get your life in order. It brings discipline and justice to your life. Besides helping you become the boss of your life, Jupiter increases optimism and empathy. It can help you grow.

Sun is also good for an Arian with blessings of wealth and prosperity en route. It gives you happiness and intelligence. Sun can also attract winning and success into your life.

Mars is the planet of communication and transport. It protects you and fills you with ambition. Mars can increase your energy and drive too.

Malefic Planets for Aries

Saturn can destroy the life of an Arian. It can increase the length of troubles and hardships in your life. Saturn often blocks the career and achievements of an Arian. It can prolong and postpone success in your life.

Mercury can also negatively affect an Aries. It can make you dumb and irresponsible. It can also delay manifestations and karma to the Gods.

Venus can be a peril for Aries. It will make your aura darker and invite accidents into your life.

5.    Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Taurus

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Straightforward and patient, Taurus is a loving sign. If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, you’re loyal yet lazy too. Your malefic planet can make you jealous and possessive. You might be described as cold and stubborn by people. Find out which planets are on your side and which aren’t!

Auspicious Planets for Taurus

Saturn is on your side. The good news is you are capable of winning in life. It can help you learn discipline and responsibilities in life. Taurus born people will feel luck and charismatic with the blessing of Saturn.

Mercury helps you communicate effectively. You will feel intelligent and well-connected to your friends, colleagues, and family when Mercury is on your side.

Mars is also a blessing for Taurus. It increases your passion and kundalini energy or life force. It can make you stronger in mind and body. The planet of will power mars gives courage.

Sun is ideal for a Taurus to achieve success in life. It helps you gain health and strength. Solar energy invigorates your cells and enhances your beauty.

Malefic Planets for Taurus

Jupiter can harm you if you’re a Taurus. It makes you irrational and rude. An insensitive personality comes out of you where you’re rash and violent too.

Venus can make you unhappy and dissatisfied in life. It can make your achievements look trivial and small in every step of the way.

Moon is also malefic for a Taurus and can deter you from destiny. It can make you an emotional roller coaster. Moon energy can also make a Taurus unreliable and moody.

6.    Gemini Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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Joyful and full of life, your friends call you clever and charming. However, you know how selfish and ruthless you can get at times. When your malefic planets are in motion, things can seem unattainable. To get rid of your inconsistent and materialistic tendencies, you need to know the right planets that support your star sign. Let’s find out which!

Auspicious Planets for Gemini

Venus is the only saviour of Gemini. It attracts love into your life. You will find it easy to socialize and meet new people. Venus also enhances your beauty by revitalizing your skin. It is a planet of direction and guidance. Venus promotes peace and happiness too. It can better your relationships and deepen your bond with your family and friends.

Malefic Planets for Gemini

Mars is a big no-no for you. It can increase the number of accidents in your life. Gemini will find the intrusion of mars in accidents and fights around. It can make you moody and inconsistent in your thoughts.

Jupiter, on the other hand, can delay your appointments and events in life. It can bring you bad luck.

Sun can also harm you if you’re a Gemini by draining the energy out of you. It will leave you chronically fatigued and in misery.

7.    Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Cancer

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Often defined as too-loyal, Cancer is a wild sign, filled with spontaneity. Cancerians are artists with a kind behavior. They are sweet until they get sensitive. It is easy to feel hurt as a person born under the Cancer zodiac sign. That’s why finding the right planet for Cancerians will help you in life.

Auspicious Planets for Cancer

Moon is a protector crystal that guards the Cancer born zodiac while Mercury manifests your intentions. 

Jupiter invites luck into your life. It fills you with hopeful thoughts and ambitions you can achieve. Jupiter can broaden your perspective and understanding too. It makes you an empathetic person.

Mars is also ideal for Cancerians as it makes you energetic and impulsive. It can instil you with courage and competitive spirit to help you win. Mars is a planet of passion for Cancerians.

Malefic Planets for Cancer

Venus does not bring good luck into the life of a Cancerian. You will feel overwhelmed, moody, cranky and discontent with Venus in your life.

Saturn can increase the risk of accidents and disasters in your life. It brings bad luck to Cancerians. Saturn can make you financially weak if your star sign is Cancer.

Sun can make you feel hopeless and lonely. Cancer born people should not have the sun in their planets because it makes them unlucky and groggy.

8.    Leo Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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Humorous and loving, Leos are loyal too. If you’re a Leo, you are kind to people around you. But, when you do get arrogant, you’re stubborn too. You value your pride more than relationships because of your malefic planets. For Leo to make progress and win, these negative energies must be eradicated.

Auspicious Planets for Leo

Mars is the chieftain of Leo. Blessing from Mars gives you courage and individuality. It is a planet of creativity and imagination. Mars increases your intimacy in relationships and makes you passionate. It can increase ambition and drive too.

Sun warms the Leo to strive for better. It welcomes luck and abundance into the life of a Leo. Sun can help you fill you with ambition and stamina. It increases your vitality.

Malefic Planets for Leo

Mercury can cause havoc in the life of a Leo. It can create illusions and delusions in your life. Mercury is a planet of manipulation and deception, stay alert.

Venus can also impose negativity and chaos into your life. It can make you depressed and discontent or dissatisfied with your looks. It can delay your marriage and happiness!

9.    Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Virgo

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Compassionate and down-to-earth, Virgo is an original-thinker. Although you’re shy at times, you’re clever and smart too. You can get irritating according to your friends because of your fussy and cold nature. Have you wondered if these are the effects of your malefic planets? It might be. Let’s find your beneficial and malefic planets.

Auspicious Planets for Virgo

Venus is the mother of Virgo. Embracing the powers of Venus can attract happiness and romance into your life. Venus brings serenity and calmness too. It can make you look beautiful and full of charismatic feminine energy. Venus is a planet that increases artistic tendencies.

Malefic Planets for Virgo

Moon cannot do you go if you’re a Virgo. It can make you feel restless and anxious. You might freak out or make a fight if you’re stressed with moon energy. Moon timings can make you insensitive and cold too. It is an energy that tampers with healthy skin and hair too.

Mars can also negatively affect a Virgo. You might fall or injure yourself when Mars is not on your side. It can invite chaos and feuds into your life too.

Jupiter is another malevolent planet for Virgo born people. You could be bedridden with seasonal disorders or weakness in health. Jupiter gives you bad luck and pain when it’s not in favour with you.  

10. Libra Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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Charming and always quick to answer, Libra is a talkative zodiac sign. If you’re a Libra, you know you’re full of life and joy. You’re charitable and romantic too. But, you’re often too gullible and blind. Being afraid and nervous, you’re almost-always indecisive. Don’t worry. All that can change once you find your beneficial planets.

Auspicious Planets for Libra

Saturn is your ruler; meaning, you can succeed in life effortlessly. It can put your finances in order. Saturn invites luck and discipline into your life. It makes you responsible and ambitious. Saturn invites opportunities you will win too.

Mercury works in favor of Libra because it boosts your wisdom and understanding. It can make you logical and rational besides quickening your wits.

Venus is the planet of pleasure and beauty. For a Libra, it will bring charisma and charm that puts you in the spotlight. This is a planet that makes your skin supple and soft. Venus invites your soulmate into your life. It can change your love life around.

Malefic Planets for Libra

Sun is never good for a Libra. It can make you feel weak and irrational. Moreover, sun can even make you moody and grumpy.

Jupiter takes a toll on Libra too, making them insensitivity. You might end up failing too much without Jupiter.

Moon can take the light away from your path such that you will feel lost or confused. It can make you feel uneasy and restless too!

11. Auspicious and Malefic Planets of Scorpio

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Passionate and creative, you’re a loyal and passionate person if you’re a Scorpio. People born under the constellation of Scorpio can get domineering and aggressive at times too. Rest assured, this is your malefic planet coming forward. You need to recognize the lucky planets and invite their energies with crystals. Are you ready to find out the right planets for your life?

Auspicious Planets for Scorpio

Jupiter is your ruler. It brings justice and success into life. You will start winning the lottery and jackpot for all the luck you’ve missed. Jupiter makes you responsible and lucky.

Sun makes you warm if you’re a Scorpio. You will feel revitalized and full of energy with the blessing of the sun. It can increase your strength and stamina, making you invincible. Your personality will improve with constant connection with the sun energies according to astrology.

Malefic Planets for Scorpio

Mercury can do bad in your life. It can increase confusions and lies in your life. It is manipulative energy that drives you insane.

Venus can block love from your life. It can make you feel hopeless and lonely.

12. Sagittarius Auspicious and Malefic Planets

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A kind and passionate person, Sagittarians are people-pleasers. They relentlessly try to do good for others. If you don’t get as much good in your life, it’s not your fault. Blame your stars. And, let’s find the planets that can help you become a better person. We will find the malefic planets you need to stay out of the way too.

Auspicious Planets for Sagittarius

Mars drives the competitive spirit. It is the planet of energy and passion. You will feel brave with the blessing of Mars overhead. It can make your libido and romantic feelings shoot up. Mars fills you with desire!

Sun is a warming celestial body known for the happiness and new beginnings it brings. With sun by your side, you will find loyalty and quick-thinking. Sun also invites positivity and luck into life.

Malefic Planets for Sagittarius

Venus can halt the arrival of happiness in your life. Venus stops peace and harmony also. You will feel tension, stress, and aggression all around you with Venus watching you.

Saturn can destroy your prospects and opportunities. With Saturn over you, the struggles might seem long and endless.

Mercury disrupts communication. It can cause injuries and accidents if you’re not careful.

Before you go …

Did you find the most beneficial and malefic planet for your zodiac sign? Share your date of birth below and I will tell you the right stones to use!

Get started already.

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