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What can Healing Crystal Geodes do?

What can Healing Crystal Geodes do?

Until they crack, geodes look like any other backyard rock. Once they are cracked open, their mesmerizing beauty comes to light. Geodes are rocks with crystals inside them in beautiful colors. How are they made in nature? Do geodes have healing properties? Which are the most popular crystal geodes to look out for? Find out all your answers on what can geodes do, right below!

What are Geodes?

Often made of an exterior chalcedony shell, geodes are ordinary looking rocks before they crack open. It is prized among collectors and crystal lovers for its beautiful crystal lining inside that tends to change from geode-to-geode.

The word geode comes from the Greek word meaning ‘shape of the earth’. How beautiful a comparison right? The earth is also nondescript from far, but when you break it open, it is filled with a variety of layers. Geodes can be hollow inside or they can form solid too. These crystal-lined cavities are usually hollow, but they can be solid called the nodules. The special energy cavity makes it excellent to cleanse and recharge crystals. Geodes are also believed to be motherly, compassionate and feminine because it resembles a womb.

How are geodes made in nature?

Volcanic stress is the reason for the formation of geodes in nature. Born out of lava or animal remains, geode formation is easy to understand. Let me elaborate.

When the lava flows, just like in your soda, air bubbles form. These air pockets are the important part. It can also form due to animals burrowing into tree roots. In both cases, the outside part solidifies faster than the inside creating geodes.

Where do all those beautiful colors come from?

The colors in a geode are formed when water seeps into these air pockets. As soon as the water evaporates, the minerals it brought with, remains inside the geode. After thousands of years, the minerals become one with the rock, creating shiny crystals inside the air pockets.

The geode gains beauty with age. The age of a geode is estimated with the size of the geode. Larger the geode is, the older it is. Got it? Shoot your answers in the comments!

As a rule of thumb, Iron and cobalt gives red color to geodes while Titanium imparts the blue color. Chromium alongside nickel adds to green color seen in geodes while Manganese and magnesium in calcium makes pink crystals in a geode.

What are the benefits of Geodes?

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Right now, I am looking at the amethyst geode on my writing table and smiling. Crystal geodes are wonderful companions to help you through thick and thin. I also keep a citrine geode in my pocket (it’s tiny) at all times!

Why? That’s because crystal geodes are filled with mysterious powers you should know about too. I will summarize the maximum advantages and uses of crystal geodes below.

·      Crystal Geode Purification

Just like a clear quartz or selenite wand, crystal geodes are purifying. They cleanse the negativity and dispel the evil that has come into your life. Crystal geodes are cleaning and nourishing. It helps you remove bad thoughts, bad actions and bad memories from your mind. Placing your hand inside a geode for a few minutes can cleanse your chakras!

·      Programming with Geode Stone

Just like you give direction to a crystal, geode stone can be programmed too. You can create affirmations for manifestations or work with incantations and chants to program your crystal geode to work for you. The romans were known to program crystal geodes in the ancient past too.

Learn all about crystal programming techniques here.

·      Geode for Stress Relief and Health

You can use healing crystal geodes to remove pain or stress quickly. Just holding the geode can absorb all your tension, frustration and stress. It can also repel radiation and EMF risks from your surroundings. Geodes calm you down and make you feel composed. It can soothe the nerves and relieves the muscles.

·      Ehteric Communication with Crystal Geode

Do you know shamans believe crystal geodes can be medium for spirit communication? All you have to do is manifest the spirit you want to call using a crystal ritual with the geode. When I want to meet my spirit guide or guardian angel, what I do is place my hand inside the geode and chant my incantations saying, ‘Gabriel, come, I seek thee’.

Geodes contain higher vibrations than normal crystals and that’s why you can use it for etheric connections.

·      Healing Crystal Geode Feng Shui

When you place a crystal geode in a direction, it emanates positive feng shui. Do you know crystal geode in the southwest direction can create harmony in your house? West is for creativity and north for success in career and business. Geodes can be placed according to any standard feng shui chart directions.

Geodes can also improve prosperity when placed in the southeast direction while southern direction brings fame and fortunes to you.

·      Meditation using Crystal Geode Stone

Do you know crystal geodes emanate special vibrations that induce a meditative state in your mind? That’s because of the activation of theta brain waves. Meditation becomes easy without distractions when you hold a crystal geode in your palm or lap while meditating. Try to close your eyes and focus on your breath to get started on geode stone meditation. This article can help you!

How to use Geodes?

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Popular Crystal Geodes around the world will be listed below so that you can find the difference between real and fake geodes. While some geodes are totally hollow, it takes hundreds of years for minerals to sediment and line a geode with sparkling crystals inside.  

Geodes can be used in a variety of ways but I have found a handful of techniques that are resourceful in my crystal rituals I will share below.

·      Quartz

The most famous type of geodes available are the quartz geode. You can see this in white or milky white colors. Quartz can have pale yellow to peach color on the outside with sparkling crystals lined on the inside. It is a stone of purification and recharge.

·      Amethyst

A type of quartz, amethyst geodes are fantastic to see. They are purple inside and black, blue or white outside. While it might look like an ordinary rock from outside, amethyst geode has all the crown chakra properties to make it an intuitive treasure to use in crystal rituals.

·      Citrine

Loss of heat in an amethyst lead to the formation of crystal citrine. While you can mechanically heat and amethyst to make it citrine, natural citrine is also widely available. It attracts wealth and prosperity when you use a citrine geode in your work or home.

·      Agate

One of the most beautiful geodes are formed from agate. As agates feature a wide variety of colors, you can spot them in peach, yellow, red, blue, brown, white, pink, purple, teal, indigo, black and orange too. The powers of agate geode differ based on its color energies.  

·      Calcite

Yellow, white or peach in color, calcite geodes are beautiful too. Oftentimes it is a yellow hue on the outside and white on the inside. Calcite geodes can range from a few centimeters to a few meters in diameter.

Before you go …

Found out everything you need to know about crystal Geodes? Share your comments below!

Stay powerful~

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