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How To Use Buddhist Beads And Bracelets For Prayers?

How To Use Buddhist Beads And Bracelets For Prayers?

West knows rosary, not Tibetan beads or its significance. Buddhist beads are actually similar to the Christian rosary. It is worn to track the count of prayers just like Hail Mary’s on a rosary. Almost all religions from Hindu to Islam and Christianity, as well as Buddhism, uses some sort of a beaded garland or bracelet. Today we will learn about the culture to the metaphysical significance of Buddhist beads and bracelets. Let’s start right away!  

What is the Meaning of Buddhist Beads?

A total collection of 108 beads that keep a track of your mantras is the use of Buddhist beads. The total beads in a mala can change with the ritual or mantra you’re using. The earliest beaded mala in the world dates back to Hinduism. It is seen on a Hindu man from as early as 3rd century B.C.

Ideally used for prayer, Buddhist beads were used to chant the name of Buddha throughout the day. Buddhist beads are believed to have been inspired by the Hindu malas, in actuality. Meaning a chain of beads, Buddhist prayer beads are yoga accessories that are getting more mainstream and stylish too.

Are there other names for Buddhist Beads?

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Of course, there is. The Sanskrit word for a garland is mala, same as in Hindi. Alternate names of Buddhist Beads, Tibetan Prayer Beads, Mala Beads, and Prayer Beads.

Why are 108 beads present in the Buddhist Malas?

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While Christian rosary has 59 beads, the Tibetan Buddhist mala features 108 beads. Some believe, each number in 108 has a deep-rooted meaning. While 1 represents God, 0 represents Humility an 8 represents infinity. It is believed 108 beads together can help you in the journey of life to see god and destiny.

Other popular numbers of beads seen on payer malas are 18, 54 and 27. Choose one depending on your needs.

Why use Mala and Buddhist Beads?

Do you know the benefits of Buddhist malas? They can do much more than accent your neckline when worn as a mala or the wrist when worn as a bracelet. I will tell you all the things I have gained from using these malas.

·      Keep a Precise Count of Mantras

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When you use the Tibetan beaded mala, it is easy to chant the mantras without missing the count. All you need to do is rotate the bead until the chant ends. When it ends, move on to the next bead and continue the mantra. This helps you focus on the mantra than keeping count or losing count.

·      For Crystal Manifestation Chants

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When you’re setting up a crystal affirmation to use with your crystal pyramid or scrying mirror, use a Buddhist beaded bracelet. It can help you focus without dividing your attention on the manifestation alone.

·      Offertory Chants with Buddhist Mala

When you’re bored or out of things to do, do an offering to Buddha, Jesus, Gods or any higher power. You can chant the name of the Buddha every time you rotate the beads. Try it today!

·      Meditation and Mindfulness

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Another little known benefit of using Buddhist beads for prayer is when you’re meditating. We need the utmost focus during meditation. That’s why this beaded mala can help you keep track of the inhalation and exhalation without diverting your attention.

A different way to use this beaded mala is when you’re traveling or doing nothing. During those times, hold the mala in between your thumb and index fingers and chant anything from ‘peace’ to ‘happiness’ under your breath without making any sounds that others can hear.

·      Stress Busting with Buddhist Beads

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You can also wear the Buddhist beads on the neck or wrist to ground you. It can absorb the negative vibrations that are circling you by touching your skin and giving you clear thinking ability. The reason you can meditate and focus easily on rituals with Buddhist beads is that it is made from a nerve-soothing material.

Try it today!

How to use Buddhist Beads and Bracelets?

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The first Buddhist beaded bracelet I received was from a kind old man from Nepal who used to live as a tenant in our offshore building. I was a little girl and I was looking at the red ruby that hung on it than the wooden beads. He gave it to me when I started tugging at it. Such a kind man.

But, it was after the first day that I began to feel the calmth of the beaded mala. I knew it was something different. But, my mom knew better because I started saying the prayers aloud than sleeping at the same time, like before. Each utterance of mine was clear and meaningfully said. It was amazing and my mom started saying, ‘angel visited my daughter’.

While it was an angel in the shape of Buddhist beads, I knew the japamala was really powerful. I keep changing it from neck to hands and ankles depending on the chakra I want it to ground me with. Have you tried using it? Here are some intelligent and effective ways to use Buddhist beaded malas.

  • Find a clean room where you can be alone.
  • Lay down your yoga mat.
  • Sit down with your legs crossed.
  • Pick up the beaded mala of Buddhists by your right hand.
  • Place your thumb on the first bead.
  • Chant your affirmation.
  • Inhale and exhale using deep breaths.
  • Move onto the second bead.
  • Continue until you finish all the beads.
  • You can also turn the mala to extend your meditation.

Before you go …

Buddhist meditation beads are popular in Asia. If you’ve seen monks, you must have seen their beaded malas just like the ones you see in the pictures above.

When you’re choosing a mala for prayer, don’t be distracted. Choose it with conviction and mindfulness. There must be a reason for selecting the mala you chose. You can feel it or even look at the picture of the mala, just like above to see how it makes you feel. If you feel a tug, go for it!

Buy these Tibetan flags to decorate your sacred room ... 

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Stay powerful~

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