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Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

Elestials are a magnificent powerhouse of energy that can add abundance to prosperity and good fortune to the wearer. Owing to its multiple terminations on the surface, elestial crystals possess powers of mass healing and programming. Elestial crystals are made crystals of quartz and appear with a smoky hue.

What are Elestials?

Elestials refer to the crystalline multi-faceted surface of crystals that is over-brimming with symmetrical terminations. The same also manifests higher regulation of energy in the crystal quartz, looking akin to the stairway to heaven or eternity.

·         Hardness on the MOHS Scale: 07

·         Element: Earth

·         Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius

·         Numerical Vibration: 08

·         Alternate Names of Elestials: Jacare, Skeletal, Alligator and Elestial Quartz;

Metaphysical Powers of Elestial Crystals

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

On Elestial Quartz, one can draw the pointing power directions too. There are Elestial Crystals with single to double, etchings and multiple plating terminations too. Etching within an elestial is the patterns and designs on the Elestial Crystal.

From spiritual calling to the motivation for change, Elestials can influence the wearer emphatically when programmed right. One can find elestial crystals of amethyst, citrine or rose quartz in addition to clear quartz. Bearing fastest energies amongst gemstones, Elestial Crystals are ideal for serious healing and magick works.

Transformation and Enlightenment comprise of the commonly used merits of Elestial Crystals. Communicating to the deepest corners of your subconscious to healing darkest karmic debts, Elestials can come in handy in multiple ways.

Derived from the word celestial, Elestial is a step or layer above the usual. Elestial Crystals are useful in seeking communication with guardian angel as well as spirits of the dead.  Depicting skeletal patterns, Elestials can hypnotize the wearer by absorbing the negativity and transmuting positive vibes too.

How to Use Elestial Crystals Help you Connect With the Angelic Realms

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

A celestial crystal, Elestials possess the most potent powers of crystal energy. Elestials can be used as a medium to connect with the higher realm for wisdom to guidance and fortune.

To begin working with an Elestial crystal, you need a silk cloth, a piece of paper and a sacred place cleansed with crystals. Write a disturbing emotion, incident or person on the paper and fold it neatly. Now keep the elestial crystal on the paper and cover both with the silk cloth. Keep it in a sacred corner.

From days to weeks, it takes time for elestial crystals to manifest your affirmations, but the central point is that it works faster than tiny crystal energies. You can use a crystal pendulum to recognize the diffusion of negativity prior to opening the silk cloth.

Open the cloth only after the manifestation of your affirmation.

Elestial crystals use multiple chakra power to produce results than one chakra that resonates with the color and stone of elestial you hold.

Benefits of Elestial Crystals

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

There are endless methods and effects of Elestial Crystals. From crystal patches to programming and solarising, Elestial crystal behaves as a psychic partner to the wearer. Notable advantages of using Elestial crystals are

·         Chakra Balance

As Elestial do not pertain to one chakra point, it brings together the power of multiple chakras by balancing it. Elestial stone is an ethereal chakra vessel with powers to combine multiple chakras.

·         Psychic Protection

Evil eye and curses are no jokes or mere mojos, if you believe in energy being alive. By keeping elestial close to you or programmed on your skin, you will be under the protection of crystal energy against negativity.

·         Emotional Stability

Yet another important effect of Elestial Stones is how well it gels the mood with the mental stability. Heaping up of emotions without healthy vent out is toxic in a spiritual and quantum sense. Oftentimes, we drain our emotional wallet for the sake of physical comforts. Elestials can be a comforting companion if you bond with it!

·         Spiritual Enthusiasm

Spiritual journeys and dream travel are other important pros of using elestial crystals. You can dissect emotions to feelings and memories smoothly and with ease when you use elestials to program your higher chakras.

It will create a medium between you as well as your guardian angel or the celestial body pertaining to the stone. From a feeling of euphoria to enlightenment and wisdom, there are many spiritual goodies to using elestials!

Before You Go …

Truth about Elestial Crystals might Shock You

Elestial crystals are not to be taken lightly. Even the best of crystal users come to a standstill when the topic is about Elestials.

Share your way of using Elestial Crystals with us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~



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