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Blow Your Mind With Chakra Incense Powers Now

Blow Your Mind With Chakra Incense Powers Now

You thought chakra powers were just for stones? No way! Chakra of incense is the first step into chakra education. The scent is an effective way to change your brain chemistry QUICKLY. By understanding the chakra incense powers, you will understand how to activate each chakra to best of its ability.

Once you do that, nothing is stopping you from reaching the full potential, physically and spiritually.

The best thing is incense cones take lesser energy to activate your chakra than a gemstone. You might figure out ways to use them consecutively by the end of this post!

What are Chakra Incense Sticks?

Chakra incense sticks are fragrances divided by the core 7 chakras of the human body. Each of the incense scents activates a chakra when you inhale the respective smoke. 

Going back to 2000 B.C China will show you the valid uses and origin of incense sticks in China. While not all incense sticks are edible, the purest variety of frankincense and rose are.

Sounds crazy right? But, did you know frankincense was eaten in the olden times due to its cancer relieving properties?  

How does Incense work on your Chakra?

Truth be told, all fragrances affect your brain. While some lead to secretion of happy hormone such as serotonin, others promise tranquility. When you light up a chakra incense stick, you don’t need to inhale the smoke of the incense exclusively such as that of a cigarette or tobacco.

Incense smoke diffuses quickly in the air. Our incense stays usually lit for one hour at the most. Hence, your aim must be to apply chakra enhancing rituals you know during the time. Don’t light up all the incenses together because it can lead to chakra overdrive, making you dizzy and nauseated.

Is burning an incense bad for your lung?

What you’re thinking about is burning a chemical incense. Not a 100% natural incense!

A pure incense stick often contains all parts of the fragrant flower such as petals, roots, wood, and resins without any preservatives or dyes. While natural and pure incense sticks guarantee fresh smoke that is not cancerous, chemical incense sticks must not be trusted for their smoke.

A synthetic incense is produced artificially while natural and organic incense sticks are often handmade. Moreover, the smell of organic incense keeps changing, unlike its synthetic counterpart due to the handcrafting involved.

What are the Benefits of Chakra Incense Cone?

·      Purification

The first and foremost effects of chakra incense are cleansing. What the incense does is enter your chakra stream and eject or flush out the negative energy.

·      Meditation

Another use of chakra incense cones and sticks is the ability to meditate easily. When the soothing incense fragrance enters your brain, you will be relaxed to meditate easily.

·      Grounding

Just like electricity turns chaotic without grounding, the energy inside our body turns chaotic when excess is not drained periodically. That is the quintessential job of a crown chakra incense.

·      Anger Management

Do you feel like you end up doing or saying irrational things when you can’t control the anger? Next time don’t try like that. Instead, light up a heart chakra incense and see the magic.

·      Manifestation

I will be discussing the markers to use when you work with crystals and incense. But, did you know incense on its own is a powerful manifestation energy? It makes you enthusiastic and proactive towards your goals.

·      Sleep

By resetting the circadian rhythm in the body, incenses alleviate underlying symptoms and causes of insomnia. The relaxing scents in your bedroom while going to sleep can cure many somnipathies and change the way you wake up too.

·      Good Fortune

You can call it Wealth or good Luck, but incenses do bring you prosperity. It keeps the rooms aerated in your house and filled with clean scents that attract positive energy.

·      Spirit Communication

On All Hallows Eve or All Saints Day, try to make an attempt to communicate with your guardian angel. The scent will heighten your etheric chakras for the same!  

·      Astral Travel

Yet another enchanting benefit of chakra incense is the traveling the cosmos. If the incense is strong with third eye chakra effects, you will travel the galaxy with dissociative effects. Try to sleep with such a stone for powerful lucid dreaming sessions.

7 Powerful Chakra Incense Fragrances to use in Daily Life

Defined as the wheels inside our body that keeps us moving and alive, chakras constitute the bedrock of spiritual and physical healing. When you use a chakra incense in your everyday life, you’re transforming your aura and chakra energies instantly. Find out how do crystal lovers use chakra powers of incenses to become powerful.

·      Crown Chakra Incense Lavender

A Bottle of Natural Chinese Incense Cones   95 pcs per bottle   matans

Referred as the Sahasrara Chakra, Crown Chakra depicts the color purple as you can see in this post. Crown chakra connects you to the higher realms and is located on top of your head.

Lavender is the best crown chakra incense represented by a thousand-petal lotus. It is ruled by Uramis.

·      Third Eye Chakra Incense Jasmine

40 pcs/set Floral Incense Cones - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Popular as the Ajna chakra, the third eye is located in between your brows. It is an energy that gives you foresight and premonitions.

By using jasmine, you will find it easy to understand the wisdom and see a peek of your destiny. Clairvision is common to people who enjoy third eye chakra incenses. Check this post to know more about third eye chakra.

·      Throat Chakra Incense Sandalwood

Quality sandalwood incense cones   3 Sizes   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Vishuddha or holiest chakra, throat chakra is located over your voice box. It governs your speech and voice within where it comes from.

By using a throat chakra incense such as sandalwood, you can enhance your creative expressions. Check this post to know more about throat chakra.

·      Heart Chakra Incense Rose

20 Incense Smoke Cones   Mix of Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

A gentle fragrance that melts your heart, heart chakra is located on your chest. Renowned as the Anahata Chakra, heart chakra is the center of your physical energy.

Rose incense helps you to relax and find empathetic feelings sans anger, remorse, and negativity. Check this post to know more about heart chakra.

·      Solar Plexus Chakra Incense Osmanthus

20 Incense Smoke Cones   Mix of Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sakura   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Natives call it the Manipura chakra where your willpower is seated. Solar plexus chakra of incenses helps us relax and elevate the essence of your soul called ‘ojas’.

By using a sacred herb such as osmanthus, you will feel well-being, balance, and pink of health easily. Check this post to know more about Solar Plexus chakra.  

·      Sacral Chakra Incense Ylang Ylang

The center of your kundalini energy or life force, sacral chakra is the seat of your sexuality too. Svvadhishtana chakra enhances the sense of taste and emotional balance in a person.

Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac that balances your emotions and makes you feel good about your actions. Check this post to know more about sacral chakra.

·      Root Chakra Incense Ginger

The ultimate grounding crystal, root chakra is the Muladhara or the core of the body. Located at the base of your spine, root chakra increases trust and strength of the body.

Using a sacred herb such as ginger will increase your aura protection and prosperity. Use it to find stability when you’re angry. Check this post to know more about root chakra.

Before you go …

Which are the best incense and crystals to use together for chakra power? You don’t need to turn your head around to find the answer. Just use the healing crystal by the incense chakra or vice-versa. Got it? Ask your doubts in the comments right away!

Stay powerful~

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