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Try These 11 Magnificent Sapphire Rings Today

Try These 11 Magnificent Sapphire Rings Today

Are you searching for sapphire rings? They are beautiful and powerful. Filled with the chakra energies of crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras, sapphires come in a range of colors. Wearing sapphire translates to blessings from the wicked Saturn planet. It will protect you and enhance your communication skills besides guiding your way to destiny. If you’re thinking about a new crystal ring to add to your collection, choose from the powerful sapphire rings collection.

Let’s find out everything about sapphire rings in detail today.

Table of Contents:

11 Stunning Sapphire Rings For Your Standout Collection
1. Geometric Blue Sapphire Ring
2. Pink Sapphire Ring
3. Cross Vintage Sapphire Ring
4. Blue Sapphire Ring
5. Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring
6. Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring
7. White Sapphire White Gold Ring
8. Sapphire Aquamarine Crystal Paring Ring
9. 5 Stone Pink Sapphire Ring
10. Blue Sapphire Embellished Ring
11. Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring

11 Stunning Sapphire Rings For Your Standout Collection

Sapphire is a great choice for rings. Whether it is a promise ring, purity ring or a commitment ring you’re buying for yourself, sapphires can manifest your intentions easily. That’s why crystal lovers love investing in good quality sapphire rings. The powers and properties of sapphire are worth it.

1.    Geometric Blue Sapphire Ring

A multifaceted blue sapphire ring set with shared prongs in a pave setting, this geometric blue sapphire is one to treasure. Crafted to perfection with care, blue sapphire is ruled by the Lord Saturn who brings luck into your life.

Blue sapphire is the birthstone of September, known to make your communication skills magnificent and charismatic. Wearing this blue sapphire ring can also brighten your aura and make you look respectable to even people who despise you.

Cost: $34 USD

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2.    Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing5Pink

Nourishing your emotional self with wisdom and perspective the ability of pink sapphire crystal. Wearing pink sapphire ring studded with an oval sapphire in the middle and blue sapphires around it, this is the best sapphire combo to wear.

Pink sapphire relaxes you and calms you down. It is a crystal for growing your intuition. This sapphire crystal combo works on your higher chakras and middle chakras of third eye, throat and heart. Wear your pink sapphire ring to have a rosy glow about your aura.

Cost: $52 USD

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3.    Cross Vintage Sapphire Ring

Unique Cross Vintage Ruby/Sapphire RingRing7Sapphire

 A bohemian symphony in metal, this cross vintage ring is embedded with high quality blue sapphires to make your luck come around. Stylish and trendy, this sapphire ring is inspired by the classic Turkish designs.

Blue sapphire protects you by raising your intuition and giving you warnings. Blue sapphire is also the best stone for marital happiness if you’re suffering from depression and confusion lately. It makes you honest with clear communication skills.

Cost: $24 USD

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4.    Blue Sapphire Ring

Vintage Natural Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing5Blue

Encircled in a radiant ring of white CZ stones, this sapphire ring is set with an oval blue sapphire in the center. Crafted to beauty with four prongs, the construction lets in more light and hence, more brilliance on the ring. Being a charism gemstone, wearing this blue sapphire ring cheap will uplift your personality and make you look radiant.

Wearing blue sapphire ring such as this comes with many bonus benefits. You will naturally charm people around you. Sapphire ring for women is a timeless treasure to add to your collection. It can protect you from making mistakes too.  

Cost: $73 USD

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5.    Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring  

Pink Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing

A sweet and dainty square ring set like a diamond with spike prongs, this pink sapphire diamond ring is one to cherish. The artisanal craft makes it an ideal gift for your girlfriend. Pink sapphire opens the heart chakra and invites love into your life. It is a stone of self-love and harmony.

This solitaire pink sapphire ring adds a glow to your hand by accenting your fingers. Wear it on your right hand on Saturdays to invite luck into your life. Pink sapphire can make you attentive and caring towards your friends and family too.

Cost: $32 USD

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6.    Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

Gorgeous Silver Plated Sapphire Ring (November Birthstone)Ring10

An empath’s stone, blue sapphire helps you read others minds. When you wear this huge emerald cut blue sapphire ring, it radiates warmth and wisdom around you. Blue sapphire antique ring is one to behold. It shimmers under different light with a radiance that makes you look like a diva.

Sapphire rings for women are also good as manifestation stones. You can speak your intention to the blue sapphire ring and it will grant it for you. Sapphire brings the power of angels to help realize your wishes!

Cost: $34.97 USD

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7.    White Sapphire White Gold Ring

White Sapphire White Gold Filled RingRing6

Crystal that brings the powers of the Goddess of Love and Beauty- Venus, white sapphire is a mystic stone. It opens your crown and third eye chakras to make you an intuitive listener. Best for healers and caregivers, white sapphire makes you calm and wise too.

Wearing this white sapphire crystal ring makes you tranquil. It will broaden your perspective and better your physical health. White sapphire is excellent for reproductive health if you’re trying to conceive.

Cost: $37 USD

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8.    Sapphire Aquamarine Crystal Paring Ring

Sapphire Aquamarine Ring - Ring Size's: 8, 9, 10Ring

Set with a combination of sapphires and aquamarine, this is a uniquely paired crystal combo for excellent communication skills. If you’re appearing for an interview or viva exam, wearing this sapphire aquamarine ring can help you. It opens your throat chakra to make you confident and articulate.

Blue sapphire and aquamarine together can eradicate stress to calm you down. It is best for people who do not have a control over their temper. Striking and versatile, this sapphire ring is a fashion staple that goes with everything!  

Cost: $24 USD

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9.    5 Stone Pink Sapphire Ring

5 Stone Pink Sapphire Silver RingRing10

The meaning of five stone rings is many, but the beauty is unique. This five stone pink sapphire ring is a healer’s stone that comes with powerful heart chakra energies. Wearing it will make you confident and loved by everyone around you.

Pink sapphire attracts the powers of beauty to make you glow with a light from within. It invokes astral vision and cosmic consciousness when you bond with a pink sapphire crystal. Wear pink sapphire for marital bliss and prosperity.  

Cost: $32 USD

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10. Blue Sapphire Embellished Ring

Blue Sapphire Quartz 925 Sterling Silver RingRing

Set with 13 blue sapphires to remedy the ill effects of shani bhagwan or Lord Saturn, this blue sapphire ring is charged with good vibrations. Blue sapphire can help you think straight and ahead into the future. It helps in making premonitions because blue sapphire is an astral stone.

If you’re in search of destiny, blue sapphire ring will guide your path. It is a healing stone to keep close to your aura so that it can charge your chakras. It can give you visions as blue sapphire is a divination stone too.

Cost: $29.95

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11. Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring  

Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Solitaire RingRing5

Gorgeous and fabulous, this flattering pink sapphire solitaire is made with love. Pink sapphire crystal means protection in love. If you feel threatened by someone else influencing your lover, get her a pink sapphire ring. It helps to concrete your love for each other. Pink sapphire is a crystal of commitment and love.

The best gift for a newly married wife, pink sapphire will also increase the intimacy in your relationship.

Cost: $240 USD

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Before you go …

Have you understood the powers and properties of sapphire rings? If you have doubts, share your DOB and I will tell you which sapphire is right for you! Leave us a comment RIGHT NOW! Our crystal community is very helpful.

Stay powerful~

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