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These Feng Shui for Living Room Will Make You Happy

These Feng Shui for Living Room Will Make You Happy

The truth about healing crystals is that it can resonate energies when touched, just like a response to stimuli by any other living body. When placed in the right direction based on its inherent energies, feng shui for living room can make you happy, peaceful and rejuvenated besides instilling you with many abilities. How does that happen? That’s what today’s post is all about!

What is Feng shui?

An ancient Chinese system of energy where the flow of energy and the spatial arrangement used to create, design or decorate spaces. Called the Chinese geomancy, feng shui was first used as a word in a book named kanyu theory dating back to 276-234 CE. It is said that man used feng shui to travel over the seas before it was used for divine reasons.

Feng shui clears the negative flow of energy in the environment by replacing it with positivity. It is one of the most popular arts popular from the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics too. From architecture to interior decoration, feng shui shines light on forces that are invisible, yet pulling the universe together.

Do you know, China had a divine method of deciphering the flow of energy? That’s because it was tough to make the barren mountains work for living habitat when civilization first started in such areas. In fact, Feng shui was the master-secret of the Chinese Courts that helped the civilization survive against all odds. The knowledge of feng shui was also passed down from father to son in those times.

Got it? If not, ask your doubts in the comments below!

My Story with Feng Shui for Living Room …

Natural Orange Crystal Quartz

When I first stumbled on feng shui, I was 6 years old. I was at my mother’s house where the renovation of the main house was underway. It was at that time, a feng shui master was called to my mother’s house. I saw him take out his pen and paper, drop his stone at different directions and scribble many calculations.

I didn’t get it at the time, but he was determining where to place the kitchen, living room, bathroom, hall and bedroom for the new house based on feng shui flow of energy in that space. It took me at least two decades after that to fully understand the power of feng shui when I bought a home on my own.

At first, I didn’t care about feng shui. The flow of energy was so disruptive, I caught endless migraine, thyroid deficiencies and countless other symptoms that come with growth hormone disorders. But, that’s when my parents came for a visit and my mother reminded me of feng shui.

Immediately, I knew the root of the problem and instantly called a feng shui master. He determined the problems in my head-facing direction at night that cured my migraines. It speeded the recovery of migraines with the tablet called Sibelium that my doctor had referred me to buy. That was the miracle of feng shui!

Let me not waste your time to have miracles with my own. Wanna know what feng shui can do to your life? Scroll away …

5 Remarkable Benefits of Feng Shui for your Living Room

Crystal Lotus Candle Holder (7 Colors)

Creating a center of nourishment from nature, feng shui uses the universal flow of energy to naturally attract virtues and blessings into your life. When you use feng shui for your living room, you use the divine energy in the universe to create positivity for you. Let’s find out how!

·      Peace and Harmony in the living room with feng shui

Feng shui has an interesting effect on the psyche. When the flow of energy is stabilized and directed, it can raise the peacefulness around. As for feuds and fights, you will notice is an absence of hatred, enmity and typical irritation with feng shui in your living room.

·      Feng Shui for Optimism and Clarity of Thoughts

Do you know why do we suffer from mind fog? If the cause is no medical, the reason might be pessimism. When you’re constantly pulling the confidence down, it can be hard to think straight. To access clarity of thoughts, you need to cultivate good energy and movement of thoughts to prevent getting stuck on one thought or the other.

·      Attract Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity using Feng shui

One of the little known benefits of using feng shui at home is by clearing your money safe. You can attract money and luck your way by blessing the money corner. Your thoughts will be filtered and hence opportunities to win the jackpot will come to you. Another reason why good luck comes with good feng shui is that you become blessed within a space of good feng shui.

·      Feng Shui in Living Room for Health and Happiness

Are you or someone in your family suffering from depression? Whatever be their mental ailment, feng shui flow of energy in the living room can calm them down. When you use good feng shui in the living room, it spreads to all the corners repelling the negativity and evil around you. This constant cleansing and detox leas to the pink of health.

·      Eliminate Stress from the mind with feng shui

One of the biggest threats to happiness and well-being today, most of us suffer from stress. To free your mind from EMF risks, radiations, and negative energies, you need the armor of good feng shui. Evil and stress will not enter your compound when the feng shui is welcoming and positive at your home.

Ideal Feng Shui Tips for Living Room

Natural White Coral Ornament

When you’re discussing feng shui for your living room, you need to know the right and wrong about it. You know the beating heart of feng shui is order and discipline? That’s why clutter is one of the biggest culprits of bad feng shui. Ready to battle the bad forces with the positivity of feng shui? I know you can and all you need are four simple tips to make it work!

1.    North Wall

This is the direction of the element of water. It is best to place your water-decors here. If you have an aquarium, this is the correct place to keep it for good feng shui in the living room. You can also add aqua-related colors such as teal, blue or turquoise to adorn the north walls too.

Water element is a blessed direction of feng shui you need to know more …

2.    South Wall

This is the direction of the element of fire. It is the best place to decorate the southern wall with fire-related décor in the colors red, orange and crimson. You can also decorate the wall with candles, Diya or add wooden furniture to the sides. Brown and yellow are also good colors to decorate the southern wall.

Wanna know more about fire element crystals? Click here!

3.    East Wall

This is the direction of the element earth. You need calming colors such as forest green or green foliage on this wall. It is also best to depict wooden picture frames, bookshelf, live plants, bamboo shoots and adorn with earthy colors such as muddy brown on the eastern wall in your living room.

Read more about earth element stones here.

4.    West Wall  

A peculiar element, east is the direction of the element metal. You need metallic colors or items to adorn the west wall and attract good feng shui to it. You can add steel shelves, metallic figurines, trays, candle holder and furniture with the metal showing off well.

How to Use Crystals in Feng Shui for Living Room?

You know all about feng shui in the living room now. What you need to amplify the feng shui energy of peace and harmony is with the power of crystals. Being naturally aligned, crystals make it easy to introduce feng shui if you’re new to it too!

·      Amazonite Tumbled Stones in the North for Peace

100G  Natural Amazonite Raw Gemstones

Water is the symbol of northern feng shui, y’know. That’s why amazonite works like a charm to spread soothing vibes around home when you place the throat and third eye chakra stone in the northern direction.

·      Rose Quartz in the South for Love

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

Fire energy stone that can calm your loose temper is rose quartz. The stone of divine love must be kept in the southern direction of your home, preferably on an altar to make it work to spread harmony.

·      Eastern Corner is best Combined with Citrine for Health

4oz Natural Citrine Raw Crystal

Earth is the element of the east. When you place 3 citrine stones if a Citrine cluster in the eastern direction of your home, the members of the family will be in the pink of health.

·      Hematite for Western Direction of Wealth

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

Metal is the element of the west. You must use a stone such as hematite to resolve all your physical and psychic problems in the body. Hematite can also ground you besides attracting abundance, good luck and unexpected money towards you.

Before you go …

Wanna know more on feng shui for the living room? Check the video below!


Tell us your feng shui issues in the living room below and we will help you out.

Stay powerful~

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