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These Crystal Wedding Gifts For Marital Bliss Are Stunning

These Crystal Wedding Gifts For Marital Bliss Are Stunning

Giving gifts to the couple getting married is common. But how much can a material gift from you actually bless the couple? Most people spend no more than an hour looking for wedding gifts and still end up with something too bland. If you want to show you really care about the couple you’re blessing soon for the wedding, get them something eternal. It’s not the price that matters because I have handpicked crystal wedding gifts for marital bliss you can gift to your friend or family member getting married.

It has helped me spread the love to my friends and family and hope it will help you do the same and more. Don’t hesitate to click on the image of the crystal gift you like so that you can add it to your cart!

Why give crystals as wedding gifts?

When my aunt was getting married, she was overcome with stress for weight loss. I was 16 at the time and knew very little. But, I wrapped up rose quartz in gifting paper and gave her. To my surprise, after wearing the pendant she was so happy and glowing that she looked prettier than ever. She was stress-free and still wears the same pendant.

Then, I began giving crystal wedding gifts for marital bliss for every wedding I attended after, regardless of whether it was a friend of the family.

Crystals as wedding gifts are more than gifting an espresso maker or gift card. It can give them spiritual benefits that material things cannot. I love gifting crystals because I really care about picking the right stone. If you have the name or wedding date, we can tell you the right crystal you need to get them as a wedding gift.

You can also give this Buddha Canvas in the picture to ensure peace for the new couple!

Which Crystal Wedding Gifts for Marital Bliss to Present

Crystal wedding gifts are undoubtedly the creamy layer of gifting. Why wouldn’t you gift a crystal because it can really help them forever, right? That’s why I found the best, efficient and affordable crystal wedding gifts you need to look at right now if you’re going to a wedding soon.

Crystals that you gift also share the energy of your love and care. It will bless the married couple more than you can do with materialistic gifts. That’s the truth. Crystals give what other things can’t. You are giving a best friend as a gift when you’re choosing crystal wedding gifts.

But if you’re not into crystals or afraid to gift it, this fireworks air humidifier is also an excellent wedding gift other than crystals that will create harmony in the long run for the couple.

·      Moonstone Bracelets for Couples

Heart Grey Moonstone Charm- 925 Sterling Silver (CHARM ONLY) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

If your friend is getting married and you want to surprise both the couples, what better than crystal protection and charm bracelets for both. This moonstone bracelet is known for its affiliation with the moon powers to help during overwhelming emotions. It will seek the blessings of moon goddess and keep your dearly loved wedded couple in love, forever.

The grey moonstone is a third eye chakra stone; do you know? It can connect with their subconscious mind and elevate the wisdom. It keeps their relationship pure and beautiful in the long run too.

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or send this healing crystal handbook of moonstone.

Price: $32.50 USD

·      Dolomite Ball for Marital Bliss

Natural Dolomite Sphere Crystal Ball

Do you know crystals can change the balance of your hormones to feelings and perception? It’s a powerful tool that manifests what you really want, quickly by communicating with the universe. Dolomite in this dark orange color will spread understanding and harmony around. It is the birthstone of people born under the zodiac sign of Aries. It is a detox stone that will help the couple establish a strong foundation to their marital life.

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or use

Price: $39.00 USD

·      Amethyst Plant Terrarium

Genuine Purple Amethyst Crystal Quartz in Tear Drop Air Plant Terrarium Kit (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Popular as the gift of life, this amethyst plant terrarium is a sight for sore eyes too. It can soothe the environment it is placed in as it is a powerful feng shui element too. Amethyst being a crown chakra stone will enlighten the couple and make genuine to each other throughout their lives. This handcrafted terrarium with crystals is a caring gift you will be revered for!

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or use the terrarium. I would suggest them to keep it in the northeast portion of their bedroom to cultivate love and light.

Price: $55 USD

·      Emerald Pendant Heart Wedding Gift

Emerald 8mm Heart Shaped Silver Necklace  (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Know the best ingredient for weddings? It is love. And, that’s why I am recommending this emerald pendant in the shape of the heart. The transparent emerald pendant is an ideal wedding gift because it raises the heart chakra vibrations.

Essentially, emerald increases the power of your higher heart. It gives you strength, compassion, and productivity in a relationship. If that’s not the most mature gift for weddings, what else is? It’s dainty too!

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or program the pendant yourself before gifting it, especially if it’s your lady friend who is getting married1

Price: $59.00 USD

·      Citrine Cluster Gift for Married Couples

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

From sharpness of the mind to power and energy, citrine is a stone of higher powers. It taps into higher and middle chakras to strengthen you. This bright yellow citrine cluster is a feng shui element.

Note the terminations of the cluster. Each termination is a beautiful power on its own. That’s the uniqueness and power of wealth to happiness you will be gifting the married couple when you give this citrine as the wedding gift!

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or use or where to keep it based on the feng shui chart.

Price: $59.99 Usd

·      1000g Natural Rose Quartz for Marital Bliss

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

Weighing up to a kilo, this rose quartz rocks as a wedding gift is sure to surprise your friend. It is an intense heart chakra stone known to keep couples in love. It is the ultimate crystal of love you can gift anyone.

Rose quartz will bless them to heal reproductive disorders to friction in the home. It’s a harmonious stone.

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or use the rose quartz as explained in this healing crystal handbook.

Price: $98.99 USD

·      Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring Gift for Wedding

Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

A precious stone of 2.75 carats weight, this gorgeous pink sapphire ring is ideal for a lady friend of yours who is also getting married. Blessed with the power of manifestation in love, this pink solitaire sapphire ring can make her happy and attended to, in marriage. It is a destiny stone that listens to the heart of the wearer.

Pink sapphire is an Anahata chakra stone that is brimming with love. It spreads love and joy around the person wearing it.

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to program or use this healing crystal handbook to share the benefits of sapphire in pink as a wedding gift for your friend!

Price: $240

·      Pyrite Elephant Wedding Gift for Wealth

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

The essence of pyrite is conscious growth. This pyrite elephant embodies the powers of many chakras from crown to root chakras and solar plexus. It creates stability in the mind of the couple. Acting as a strong feng shui energy that grounds and purifies the energy around it, this pyrite elephant has the energy of the sun to make the couple happy throughout their life.

That’s for wealth, but this Cherry Quartz Elephant is a wedding gift for the happiness of the couple.

You can also leave a note in the gift describing the effects of pyrite from these articles from the crystal experts!

Price: $250.00 usd

·      Ethiopian Opal Wedding Gift Set

A stunning Ethiopian opal set with genuine stones including necklace and bracelet, this is a gift beyond words. A wedding gift set for your favorite lady friend, this Ethiopian wedding gift set has approximately 25 precious opals set with channel set stones around it. The heavy wedding gift has the fire opal nature which makes it change color according to the temperature and your mood.  It is a stone of compassion and love.

You can also leave a note in the gift saying how to use opals or this healing crystal handbook on opals.

Price: $399

Before you go …

While most statistics showed there is 50% chance of every marriage ending in divorce whether it is in the U.S or U.K. We need to embrace the facts and try our best to wish a married couple our blessings. What better to do it with other than with healing crystals that promise eternal love and protection? Which of the above did you like?

You can also send the date of birth of bride and groom if you want to pick the right birthstone for them as a wedding gift without letting them know!

This ceramic burner is a sterling gift if you just want to make the new couple happy and at peace, if crystals are out of question for the giftee.

Stay powerful~

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