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Stunning Crystal Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries from 1 to 70<sup>th</sup>

Stunning Crystal Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries from 1 to 70

Are you thinking about the right crystal gift for her? Perhaps you’re hunting for the crystal cure for your husband. Whatever be the motive of your crystal gift search for wedding anniversary, we have the complete list of crystals from 1st to 70th wedding anniversary including Why. Are you ready to find out the crystal order for anniversary gifts?

Let’s start!

Your Best Crystal Gifts for Wedding Anniversary

If you’re searching for a crystal gift that will impress your spouse, look no further. We’ve got the best list of crystals you can gift her with honor. She can never rebut it because these crystal gifts are a tradition. Let’s find the best gift for you!

1.    Pearl Crystal for First Wedding Anniversary

Freshwater Pearl Silver Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The perfect necklace to flaunt your newly married glow, this pearl pendant is the best gift for your bride. It’s a symbol of harmony and prosperity that awaits your new life together.

2.    Garnet Crystal for Second Wedding Anniversary

The stone of passion and intimacy, garnet can bring the power of life force into your marital life. Gift her this ring on your wedding anniversary to intensify your sacred bond. It grounds your negative thoughts away.

3.    Moonstone Crystal for Third Wedding Anniversary

Moonstone Bracelet Charm

When you’ve been together for three years, you need insight and spirituality together. By the blessing of mother moon, you will both become fertile by using moonstone in your lives. This bracelet also guards you against evil eyes.

4.    Blue Topaz Crystal for Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Blue Topaz Pendant   925 Sterling Silver   matans

Raising your throat and third-eye chakras at once, blue topaz calms you down and raises your confidence. Blue topaz is a stone of speaking your heart out. It can also raise intuitive abilities of clairvision and divination.

5.    Turquoise Crystal for Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Turquoise Cuff Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (Size 7)

Yet another throat chakra opening crystal, you can gift your better half turquoise jewelry to honor your five years together. Turquoise also attracts healing and harmony into the lives of the people who wear it!

6.    Amethyst Crystal for Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Stylish Heart Shaped Amethyst Necklace

Are you celebrating your sixth wedding anniversary? Kudos! Because we’ve got the best-ever present for you to pick. Amethyst clears the mind and erases the confusions. You’ve been together for long and amethyst will set your path together for long.

7.    Lapis Lazuli Crystal for Seventh Wedding Anniversary

Raw Hexagonal Wand Treatment Gemstone

The stone of heaven and beyond, lapis lazuli always opens the heart and higher chakras in a relationship. For the holy year of 7 year wedding anniversary, gift this wand to start using crystal magic like a pro.

8.    Aventurine Crystal for Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Guardian Angel Wing Necklaces & Pendants

You’ve spent years together and it time to share your divine energy. Wear this angel wings pendant of green aventurine as a couple and you will notice the love between you is revitalized. Green aventurine can clear the hurt and guilt quickly so that you can move onto happiness!

9.    Tiger Eye Crystal for Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Fashionable Natural Flower Stone Pendant

You need a plan for life together because you’re going at it together. This tiger eye pendant necklace is a beauty beyond description. It can make you feel grounded this year and takes things in the right direction.

10. Onyx Crystal for Tenth Wedding Anniversary

White Gold Black Onyx Men Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone of protection and divination, black onyx for 10th wedding anniversary is a blessing. The gemstone will bless your spouse if he or she wears this ring. It is filled with the energy to brighten your aura and cleanse your spirit.

11. Hematite Crystal for 11th Wedding Anniversary

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

A gemstone that can absorb all the negativity around, hematite awakens the root charka. Once it flows into your other chakras, hematite can make you feel grounded with chakra therapy. It is a stone for healing your physical body.

12. Jade Crystal for 12th Wedding Anniversary

Natural Green Jade Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Time to attract wealth into your partner’s life from your chakra energy. Jade is a beautiful crystal that attracts success to fame and fortune in a snap. It also connects with Mother Gaia to make you feel at ease.

13. Malachite Crystal for 13th Wedding Anniversary

Malachite Bead Bracelet

The stone of caring, malachite is a present for the mother. It makes her calmer and sweeter by connecting with Mother Gaia. Malachite is a heart chakra stone that’s perfect for couples celebrating 12th wedding anniversary owing to its soothing energies.

14. Opal Crystal for 14th Wedding Anniversary

Blue Opal and Diamond Ring in 14k Solid Gold - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone of mystery, this opal is a beauty with crown and throat chakra powers instilled in it. Opal crystals are protective besides being supportive. They will lead you to your destiny as a couple when gifted on 14th wedding anniversary.

15. Ruby Crystal for 15th Wedding Anniversary

Genuine 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Ring

One of the crystals that bear the deepest name of love and passion, ruby is a mix of both. Do you know ruby can make you feel so grounded, only your genuine emotions are revealed? Ruby helps you get real because 15th Wedding anniversary is an important turn in life.

16. Peridot Crystal for 16th Wedding Anniversary

Peridot Tiny Stone Ring  - 925 Sterling Silver

The stone of success, peridot is a higher heart chakra stone for couples who have been together for 16 or more years. When gifted, this crystal can entail the blessings that save the life of the other, spiritually, emotionally or physically.

17. Amethyst Crystal for 17th Wedding Anniversary

Natural Crystal Amethyst Skull

Amethyst is a blessed stone that pops the second time in the wedding anniversary crystals. It is given to let the couple reach out the higher realm and find their spirit animals together. Amethyst will guide your way!

18. Fire Opal Crystal for 18th Wedding Anniversary

100% Natural Ethiopian Fire Opal Pendant

A blazing stone of energy, fire opal is an excellent gift for your partner you’re living for the past 18+ years. Ethiopian opals are known to open the crown chakra to make you mindful and calm at energetic. Are you ready to feel the powers of this fiery stone that can make you lucky?

19. Aquamarine Crystal for 19th Wedding Anniversary

Flawless Genuine Aquamarine Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

The stone of throat chakra, aquamarine is a healer too. It can give you great sleep in addition to filling your mind with self-confidence. Aquamarine is ideal for couples celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary because it is a truth stone too.

20. Emerald Crystal for 20th Wedding Anniversary

Genuine Solid 14k White Gold Emerald Ring

The stone of heart chakra, emerald instills love and beauty in the wearer. Gift it to your wife for the 20th wedding anniversary and she will be hypnotized like Nero was, hundreds of years ago.

21. Iolite Crystal for 21st Wedding Anniversary

Wisdom Tree of Life   Handmade 7 Natural Stones Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

A powerful crystal known to connect your physical body to the spiritual, iolite is an ideal gift for your partner on your 21st wedding anniversary. Iolite can make you incredibly conscious and intuitive towards each other.

22. Red Spinel Crystal for 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Multiple Lavender Spinel Stones Silver Plated Ring

The stone of marital bliss, red spinel helps you discover the love you have for each other. It is the stone that gives strength and fuel for your union to go on. This year can be crucial, but with red spinel, whatever happens, you will be unified as a couple.

23. Blue Sapphire Crystal for 23rd Wedding Anniversary

Genuine 925 Sterling Sliver Blue Sapphire Ring For Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone that brings luck, blue sapphire will beckon blessings when gifted between couples on their 23rd anniversary. It is a stone that attracts opportunities that pave way for greatness into life. Regardless, it will look stunning too!

24. Tanzanite Crystal for 24th Wedding Anniversary

Tanzanite Crystal Silver Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone of a unique tone, tanzanite is revered for its unique shade of indigo mixed with purple. When you gift tanzanite as a gift for 24th anniversary, it brings harmony and protective powers to you.

25. Silver Crystal for 25th Wedding Anniversary

14K White Gold/ Silver Zircon Diamond Ring

You must have heard 25th year celebrations called a silver jubilee or event several times. Gifting silver between each other for 25th wedding anniversary is lucky. It brings you closer in love and keeps your heart pure.

26. Pearl Crystal for 30th Wedding Anniversary

Pearl Dangle Earrings Set in 14K Gold

Besides fame and glory, pearl can also attract beauty. Do you know pearl has the unique power to reverse aging? When you gift pearl for 30th wedding anniversary, it makes the couple younger by working on the biggest organ in the human body- skin.

27. Emerald Crystal for 35th Wedding Anniversary

Emerald Vintage Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

A gemstone worth a thousand words, emerald restores happiness and dreams to the couple that has gone through difficult times. At your 35th wedding anniversary, emerald will bless you to be more intimate and open to each other.

28. Ruby Crystal for 40th Wedding Anniversary

Ruby Gold Plated Austrian Crystal Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

I’ve already told you how auspicious ruby is. But, one thing no one tells is how ruby blesses your lower chakras to bring you stability, health and stamina. When you’re at your 40th wedded year, strength is vital, right?

29. Alexandrite Crystal for 45th Wedding Anniversary

Natural Alexandrite Beads for DIY Bracelet

The mysterious stone that resembles amethyst, alexandrite is a whole other level. It can see ahead in the future and make you open to each other. Celebrate your 45th year together as a couple by gifting this holy alexandrite bracelet. It is a heart chakra stone.

30. Pyrite Crystal for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

Typically, gold is exchanged between couples for their 50th wedding anniversary. But, there is a crystal that replaces the properties of gold- pyrite. It is a stone that attracts unforeseen wealth and jackpots into your life, especially if you buy an elephant figurine, the symbol of opulence.

31. Emerald Crystal for 55th Wedding Anniversary

Elegant Emerald Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The green stone of hypnosis pops again because it is best for couples spending their 55th year together. It can protect your feelings and cultivate honesty with each other. You will feel a telepathic connection as a couple if both of you wear an emerald.

32. Zircon Crystal for 60th Wedding Anniversary

Round Yellow Zircon Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

Do you know zircon is as old as the earth? To know your karma from past lives as well as wisdom for future incarnations, seek the power of zircon. Gift it to your partner on the 60th wedding anniversary and you will feel you’ve a bond made ages ago.

33. Pink Sapphire Crystal for 65th Wedding Anniversary

 Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The stone of heart and sacral chakra, pink sapphire can bring the romance in your relationship. It will rekindle the fire in your marriage. Gift it your wife for being with you 65 years because pink sapphire will also protect your love.

34. Blue Sapphire Crystal for 70th Wedding Anniversary

Elegant Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The best stone to get closer to your guardian angel, blue sapphire is the best stone to exchange between couples. It helps you stay connected to each other by awakening your throat chakra. You wouldn’t have to talk to convey thoughts to each other!

Before you go …

Have you found the crystal for your wedding anniversary? If not, type the number below and we will help you right away. Do you know alternative stones to any of the above? Share it in the comments.

Stay powerful~

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