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Lodestone Meanings and Healing Properties Explained

Lodestone Meanings and Healing Properties Explained

It was in the 6th century that a philosopher by the name of Thales of Miletus discovered the magnetic properties of lodestone. Perhaps that’s why it is popular as magnetite. Revived in this era for its spiritual grounding and blood healing powers, lodestone meanings and healing properties are explained today in detail so that you can start using it right away.

Lodestone is a crystal for attracting love and manifesting your desires. It can make you intuitive and calm, all the while attracting prosperity towards you. Want to find out more about lodestone? Start scrolling …

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What is Lodestone?

A naturally magnetized material, lodestone is popular as magnetite. Made from mineral magnetite, lodestone can pull iron towards it. The Numerical vibration of lodestone is 4 so if your lucky number is the same, you know the crystal you need. It is not one of the many, but one of the few naturally magnetic stones. Heavily used in spellwork, lodestone can pull your desires towards you.

Powered by the properties of Earth Element, lodestone connects with Mother Gaia. More on that below!

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Where is Lodestone found?

Found in a variety of places around the world, you can find lodestone in the U.S.A. Other countries where lodestone is found in Switzerland, Russia, Pakistan, Bolivia, Sweden and Potosi.

Which is the Chakra of Lodestone?

While crystal lovers claim lodestone activates all the chakras, one of the best chakra that it opens is the root chakra. This helps you give direction and grounding. Root chakra is the source of your balance and focus.  

The most unique thing about lodestone is how it activates the 8th chakra called the Earth star chakra. Located below the root chakra, going into the ground, earth star chakra is your umbilical cord with Mother Earth. It empowers you and strengthens you with positivity. The brown colored chakra, earth star chakra is situated underground.  

The next chakra awakened by the magnetite is the Crown chakra. Located above your forehead, this is the chakra that connects you with the etheric realm. Lodestone opens the crown chakra to make you intuitive and insightful. It helps you even communicate with angels and spirit guides.  

What are the benefits of Lodestone?

Why should you use lodestone? It’s magnetic alright, but what else is so great about lodestone? Can it heal you? Can it uplift you? Is lodestone powerful enough to change your fate? Lodestone is popular as many things but how did it fare in my hand? That’s what we’re about to find out. While the many physical applications of lodestone can be found in physics and history, the metaphysics is a mystery.

All the advantages of using lodestone crystal to your mind, body and spirit are defined in detail based on my personal experience.

1.    Lodestone Manifestation Stone

Ask any shaman, he or she would say ‘lodestone is the best manifestation stone, there is’. I didn’t know it until I began working with Magnetite. It is a powerful stone that attracts thoughts and desires as powerful as it magnetizes iron towards it.

You can will for wealth to abundance and happiness, and lodestone will grant it for you. That’s because lodestone has primal energy that easily bonds with our psyche and connects it to the heart of the universe.

Chant or create affirmations and use lodestone to manifest your requests quickly!

2.    Balance with Lodestone

Lodestone is believed to work on both hemispheres of the brain. That’s why touching a lodestone immediately creates balance.

If you have a searing pain or migraine, just touch a lodestone and it will balance out the pain.

How? Lodestone is an Aura balancing stone that cleanses you.

Magnetite has the unique ability to connect with Mother Gaia to make your requests come true. Lodestone works by grounding you and aligning you with the energies of nature. It helps to communicate your needs to nature. It is Mother Nature who brings balance when you work with a lodestone.  

3.    Lodestone Reiki Healing Stone

One of the best uses of lodestone is how it harmonizes the surroundings. It is easy to channel your energy to that of the client’s chakra points when you’re working with a lodestone.

Magnetite helps to tone up or down the energy meter of your client. It can help in aura purification too if you offer these services to others.

Lodestone in tumbled and rough can be both used for Reiki healing practices for all the chakras in the body.

4.    Attract Love with Lodestone Lovestone

Do you know lodestone is known as the lovestone in many cultures? It is said to pull your soulmate towards you just as how magnetic the stone is.

Using lodestone along with other love stones such as rose quartz will bring the power of divine love to you.

Besides finding your true love, lodestone can lead your way to a happy and fulfilling life. It can help you realize joy and satisfaction in life apart from self-love.

5.    Psychic Protection using Lodestone  

Do you know lodestone can connect with the ground and etheric chakras? It is one of the only stones to do so. The popular psychic protection stone works with your higher and lower chakras simultaneously to weave a cocoon of protective aura around you.

Lodestone is a talisman crystal that protects you from evil eye and hexes. You can create spells and chants with a lodestone to strengthen your protection around the body or house.

Touching it or keeping lodestone on the body keeps you protected from energy attacks and energy vampires.

6.    Amplification Properties of Lodestone

Magnetite is one of the only crystals that can amplify the energies it interacts with. Simply put, you can use lodestone to interact and amplify the energy of other crystals.

All you need to do is touch the lodestone or place both the crystals together.

Lodestone heals many disorders by amplifying the powers of your aura and base energies. It can attract love when used with rose quartz, success when used with peridot, confidence when used with turquoise and so on.

7.    Prosperity and Wealth with Lodestone

Crystal users hail citrine for its wealth-attaining properties. However, another stone that attracts money towards you is lodestone crystal. It can balance your aura to manifest your prosperity requests to the universe and keep expanding it.

Lodestone creates abundance of riches in your life.

Placing the lodestone in the southeast direction of your personal room can make you wise and knowledgeable as it brings wisdom with it. Lodestone is a unique healing crystal for amassing success in life.

8.    Intuition using Lodestone

Psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairvision grow when you use a lodestone. These black crystals are filled with energy to awaken your crown chakra. It makes you intuitive such that you will see dangers and energy attacks from afar.

Lodestone can help you in the art of divination. You will begin to see things ahead, powerful déjà vu and premonitions will be your daily thing. Scrying with lodestone will work when you introduce a black obsidian scrying mirror to the mix. Lodestone intensifies the higher chakra vibrations to connect with the etheric realm.

9.    Relaxation and Pain Relief with Lodestone

A crystal known to soothe your muscles, lodestone is a pain relief crystal too. It relaxes your nerves and helps you think straight. That’s why lodestone is recommended as a Meditation crystal too. This cleansing crystal spreads harmony and happiness whence you touch it.

Lodestone cures heartbreak and grief. It is a crystal for overcoming the loss of a loved one. The black stone absorbs all the negative private speech and makes you optimistic. It is a pain stone that balms your spirit with a breeze of hope. Lodestone helps you hear the voice inside you.

10. Healing Blood Disorders using Lodestone

When you touch a bloodstone, the energies enter your skin and head towards the heart. Lodestone heals blood pressure variations and improves your heart health. If you’ve been trying everything for your heart, but nothing works, lodestone can help your heart. Anemia is healed by the lodestone.

Lodestone restores an erratic pulse and calms you down. It is a crystal that uses science to localize the blood where you hold it. That’s because lodestone is magnetite attracting iron in the blood towards it!

11. Lodestone for Grounding

The fusion of protection and cleansing creates grounding. It is a state of mind when you’re connected to the ground below or the heavens above. When you’re grounded, there is a clarity of thought. Lodestone helps you ground both ways. It is a stone for Mother Gaia that fills you with wisdom. Magnetite makes you balances and calm because you’re grounded.

For some people, lodestone can make them dizzy and heavy cleansing with clear quartz can help in such cases. Lodestone ejects the negativity that you’ve absorbed when you were going to the office or taking a walk out with your dog this evening. Try Lodestone TODAY!

How to Use Lodestone?

While there are many ways to use lodestone, I love using it with my other crystals and specific crystal rituals. Lodestone works in miraculous ways and are quite effective because you can see the magic right away.

Let’s find out the best ways of using lodestone.

·      Lodestone Crystal Elixir

If you create an elixir of lodestone elixir you can infuse the lodestone energies infused in a glass of water. Magnetite elixir can be used for cleansing and purification.

How to make a lodestone crystal elixir?

  • Take your lodestone.
  • Place it on top of a coaster.
  • Fill a glass with water.
  • Now place the coaster on top of the glass.
  • Let it sit for 4 hours.
  • Your lodestone crystal elixir is ready!

·      Meridian of Lodestones

An excellent use of lodestone that works like a crystal patch, lodestone can be placed on different parts of the body to heal it. When you place a magnetite on your face meridians for five minutes, you will feel relaxed and reinvigorated.

How to use lodestone as a facial meridian?

  • Lay down on a yoga mat.
  • Take one lodestone and keep it in between your eye brow.
  • Keep one lodestone each on your cheeks.
  • Keep a lodestone on your chin.
  • Let the stone stay for five minutes while you meditate.
  • Do it once a week.  

·      Lodestone Crystal Grid

Making a lodestone crystal grid for protection is my favorite. I create a circular pattern grid and lay it in the northern direction. You can also infuse other protection crystals in your grid to amplify the energy of the grid.

How to make a lodestone crystal grid?

  • Take a lodestone and place it in the center of your crystal grid.
  • Now add two black tourmalines to the east and west of the crystal along the same circle.
  • Add two shungite stones to the north and south from the center stone of the same circle.
  • Take a crystal wand and touch the central crystal and work your way out by touching all the crystals.
  • Set it in the northern direction of your room.

·      Magnetite Tibetan Singing Bowl  

A beautiful and immersive way of bonding with your crystal, Tibetan singing bowls are excellent to charge your crystals acoustically. When you create sound with a Tibetan singing bowl with the lodestone inside, the vibrations of the stone are amplified.

How to use Tibetan Singing Bowl for charging your Lodestone?

  • Take your lodestone and place it in a Tibetan bowl.
  • Now rub the sides of the copper bowl with the mallet in clockwise direction ten times.
  • Chant your affirmations.
  • Touch the crystal after the ritual on your root chakra for ten seconds.
  • Do it once a week on a Monday.

·      Meditation with Lodestone

As lodestone is relieving and relaxing, it can help you enter a meditative mindset easily. All you need to do is keep your connection with the lodestone intact to meditate efficiently. This is an excellent way to converse with the stone via your subconscious.

How to use lodestone for meditation?

  • Take your lodestone in the palm.
  • Hold it over your root chakra.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize the energy of the stone entering you.
  • Continue visualizing until you feel light.
  • Do it before sleep or soon after waking up.  

Before you go …

You can also use lodestone for spellwork. To do so, create a list of affirmations that are one-liners or poetry. It’s a mystic crystal filled with the energy to restore balance, powers and life to your chakras. Have you used lodestone? Are there lodestone meanings you want to share with our crystal community?

Share your comments below.

Stay powerful~

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