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Best Crystals For Negative Energy Removal and Cleansing [FOR 2019]

Best Crystals For Cleansing Negative Energy

Years ago when my husband and I moved into a new house, we were excited. Within days of moving in, we lost our peace to jobs and even gold investment. Had my mother not detected the evil vibes there and advised how to use crystals for negative energy removal, we would’ve been done for!

She says it was a dead spirit that we had unknowingly hurt in the past life but I realized it was a cluster of bad spirits. I will explain my story later because today you need to learn all about the power of gemstones against negative energy so that you can use it to cleansing to protection easily.  

What are Crystals for Negative Energy Removal?

What is Negative Energy actually? In the above link, I've explained a range of symptoms that show you are affected by negative energy, long back. From irritation to dizziness, that’s just the basic symptoms. When the negative energy is powerful, it can be invisible and grapple you without giving away the source.

That’s why crystals for negative energy removal is omnipotent. When your own energy to repel powerful negative attacks have subsided, you need bigger powers by your side. Crystals can revive you and protect you simultaneously.

See how that happens by scrolling!

Why Do You Need to Cleanse Your Space?

Cleaning is different from cleansing. Cleaning and charging the space with positive vibrations is cleansing. Do you know there are electromagnetic radiations that we are always soaked in? Even if no one is cursing you or thinking ill of you, your space is almost-always contaminated with negativity. That’s why you need to cleanse your space with crystals regularly.

What Are The Signs of Negative Energy in the house?

Do you know the general symptoms of irritation? It differs from person to person; the same way, the symptom of negativity in the house varies from you to me and for him or her. Keeping the variations aside, I will tell you the most popular signs of negative energy in the house.

Be warned, it can be a bit scary!

  • Undue Cold or Heat in an Area: Do you feel cold or hot suddenly when you’re passing through an area at your home? Get your crystals because there is a spirit living under your roof. We will find out if it’s evil or good soon!
  • Shadows in your Periphery: When you are walking or sitting, do you feel as if someone is watching you from behind or at the edge of your periphery? Be warned, you need quick help with crystals for negativity removal.
  • Unnatural Behavior of Pets: Is your dog, cat or pet howling or crying all the time? If it is silent or unnaturally calm, it’s time to do the negative energy test!
  • Crying and Complaining: Are you always crying or whining for no reason? If communication seems to fall on deaf ears, you have a strong negativity energy clouding the free flow of energy. Get your healing rocks!
  • Stagnant and Stuck Activity: Does it feel like everything you’re doing is hitting on a brick wall? If things don’t seem to change, regardless of the absence of progress or regress, negativity might be the culprit you’re looking for!
  • Recurrent Fever or Diseases: Are you finding it hard to keep out of the hospital? If sickness is taking a toll on you, one after another, you need to consult an astrologer or vastu
  • Disappearing Finances: When the cash flow begins to dissolve where you can’t pin down, it’s time to find the source. If you end up at a black hole every time, you know the enemy is negativity.
  • Insomnia and Nightmares: The clearest effect of negativity, nightmares and sleepless nights related to the malefic effects of Saturn.

Incredible Glass Water Test to Check if Your Home Is Haunted by Evil Energy

I told you how it is completely possible for a negative energy to go undetected if it is mastered and attuned to do so, such as curses or hexes. So, how do you find out if there is negative energy around you? Do the below test that my grandmother passed down in secret!

  • Get a glass.
  • Fill 33% with water.
  • Fill 33% with sea salt.
  • Fill 33% with white vinegar.
  • Leave it undisturbed for one day.

When you check the glass after a day, if there are bubbles or any change in the water itself, there are evil energy present. If the glass of liquid looks exactly as it was, the area is clean!

How to Clean a Crystal from Negative Energy?

Cleansing a crystal is easy. All you need to do is decide on a type of ritual for cleansing and you can do it in a few minutes to hours.

·      Quickest Crystal Cleaning Rituals

I find purifying stones such as clear quartz and selenite ideal for a quick cleanse. You can also use affirmations for quick cleanses. Programming and meditation are also quick to do!

·      Longest Crystal Cleaning Ritual  

The time taking rituals that can cleanse your gemstones are an elixir, solar infusions, lunar infusions, crystal grid, acoustic programming, feng shui, full moon charging, and elixir bath.

To make quick elixirs, get this symmetrically designed crystal water bottle NOW!

How to Use Crystals to Remove Bad Energy?

When I began using crystals, the first thing my mother taught me was cleansing rituals. One month passed until she taught me charging and programming crystals for activation and manifestations. The reason is that crystals can quickly remove negative energy because it’s the first step of their effectiveness.

Imagine you invite a friend to come over to your house. Before they come, wouldn’t you clean the space? Even if you don’t clean the whole house, most of us would at least dust the couch or broom the veranda right.

Crystals are just like that!

Today I will teach you the best ways on how to get rid of the negative energy attached to you like a crystal pro. Scroll away!

1.    How to use Gemstones to Remove Bad Energy at home?

Crystals can be used to remove evil vibes and negativity at your home in a variety of ways. The best way I love to do it is with feng shui elements. All you need to do is find out the right feng shui direction of a crystal with our healing crystal handbook and place it in the right direction. The crystal will do the rest of the job with little to no help from you. If you clean it every day, you’ve got the charm!

2.    Essential Amethyst Crystals that absorb Negative Energy

Do you know amethyst grounds? It works by dispelling the negativity and ejecting it into the ground using earth element. Amethyst can be easily used for absorbing negativity as a feng shui element or crystal grid. Tell me what’s easy for you in the comments and I will tell you what to do next!

3.    How to Ward Off Negative Energy at Work?

Are you constantly hampered by evil eye and distractions or hassles at work? It’s not your fault, it’s the vibrations. To set positive vibrations in check, all you need to do is wear the crystal jewelry so that it can penetrate your aura and keep cleansing the space around you. This will deflect the negativity aimed your way, when at work! Easy, right?

4.    Ways to Use a Crystal to Purify your Aura

Take a purification stone such as clear quartz or selenite. Now hover it above your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, three times each. Don’t forget to create your own cleansing mantra.

Mine is- Cleanse me like the moon, erase my blemishes and glow me like the stars!

5.    How to Prevent Curses and Hexes with Crystals?

It is not easy to get rid of curses if you’re unsure of how it’s harming you. But, that’s without crystals. If you have a powerful crown or third eye chakra stones, that’s all you need.

Set up a crystal grid in the shape of Durga Yantra and set your crystals in amethyst, howlite, selenite, and red jasper for 7 days. If the full moon is close, start on the night before the full moon and break the grid on the next full moon. Do not let anything disturb it!

Read more on 30 crystals that can help you get rid of hexes and evil eyes here!

7 Best Crystals for Protection and Removal of Negative Energy

Are you scared of negativity taking over your life? Do you feel unlike yourself most times? Can you remember your destiny? Are you disturbed, depressed or irritated? Use the power of mighty crystals to protect from the bad energy around you.

I’ve found 7 most powerful protection crystals for negative energy removal that you can start using right away. Let’s find out why it works!

·      Amethyst Crystals for Protection from Spirits

5 Stone Amethyst Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator Reiki (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1The best way to protect yourself from evil spirits, at least the easiest way is by getting a pet cat in black color. If you prefer crystals to cats, get an amethyst, ideally, this amethyst generator works wonders!

Amethyst will awaken the etheric chakra to commune with your guardian angel to seek powers from above to get rid of negative energy.

You can also wear amethyst jewelry if fear is taking a toll on you to immediately ground yourself and keep yourself protected.

·      Clear Quartz Gemstone to Protect from Evil Eye

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal StatuePopular in eastern cultures, the evil eye is the effect of strong negative vibrations often when someone remembers or thinks of you with negative thoughts. Do you know that one short gaze from a person who doesn’t like you can cause you harm?

If you felt something inverted your happy mood suddenly, you must have the evil eye. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect cure. All you need is a talisman.

Our guardian angel talisman made of clear quartz is symmetrically built to cleanse your aura and repel the evil eye to the person who gave it to you in the first place.

Clear quartz has the power to amplify the energy of positivity to neutralize negativity and turn it into positivity.

·      Hematite Gems for Protection from Satanists

Hematite Bracelet with BrassDo you know there are more than a million Satanists in America alone? If you think you or any member of your family is targeted by a Satanist, you need to start building your own personal protection cover.

Hematite is a stone for grounding your spirit. It can keep the aura cleaned and recharged at all times. When you touch a hematite during astral travel, it keeps the unwanted spirits away.

If you keep 7 hematite tumbled stones around the house, it will protect your home from Satan energies.  The best way to make it work is with this hematite bracelet made with brass. It has 31 beads, representing 31 angels of protection. Buy it right away!

·      Protection from Psychic Attacks using Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Healing StonesYou just woke up, but you’re feeling tired as hell.
You were feeling great a minute ago, not so now.
Or perhaps you can feel something is gnawing you from within.

Is that you? If it is, my first word of advice is not to get scared.

When someone has intentionally wanted to harm you, the negative energy transforms into an evil negative energy called the psychic attack. Depending on the person, the amount of energy and your own karma, it can translate into an attack.

It happens to me at least once a week. In the beginning, I was terrified, heartbroken and depressed that one tiny psychic attack from a woman who hated my guts lasted on me for months. Remember, the attack can get amplified if you give in. Don’t feed the negativity, instead of fight it with your own positive vibrations.

If positivity is hard to come by, get a black tourmaline. With the power of higher and lower chakras, black tourmaline can evade the negativity and protect you simultaneously. Get this schorl pendant or this black tourmaline tumbled stones to create a Durga Yantra with black tourmaline in the southern direction of your home. Set it on a full moon and do not disturb it until the next full moon.

·      Shungite Crystals for Protection while driving from accidents

Shungite Tumbled StoneIn the earliest of days, our ancestors knew the world was not a safe place, especially during travel. Even if it was by road or water, everyone wore a talisman to protect themselves. One such talisman to protect you while you’re driving is the shungite crystal.

If you make with an elixir with shungite, it will neutralize the evil energy using its powerful root chakra energies. All you need to do afterward is sprinkle the infusion you made from shungite energy around your car and inside the vehicle, you are going to travel in. It will protect you throughout the journey, however difficult or impossible it might seem.

Moreover, when shungite water is sprinkled, you will not face any accidents as Shungite beckons the powers of Arabian Goddess of destiny and death called Manat.

·      Selenite Wand Crystal for Protection during Surgery

Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra (2.7"-3.5")This might sound weird but when my aunt was undergoing her goiter surgery, I was a little girl.

My mother was not around, but she had given me clear directions on what to do. My father got permission from the doctor and we placed four selenite wands around her surgery table. Due to her malaria, the surgery was supposed to be complicated. Even after the surgery, the doctor said, it was not possible to assess if she was stable. She did not wake up for three days and we placed the selenite in the ICU around her bed.

The first miracle as I can remember, she woke up on the third day after giving the doctor a scare. The doc said it was a miracle as her blood pressure has significantly dropped. A mother of two handsome boys now, my aunt never sleeps without a selenite now.

Keeping the story aside, during and after surgery, our vibrations are erratic. My mother knew it and that’s why she asked us to keep the selenite around my aunt to balance the energies. As there were complications, she wanted to be sure, nothing would harm her sister.

Do you know selenite was once popular as the stone to protect against ghosts?

If you’re going through a surgery, do the same. Better yet, make a crystal grid under the bed and activate the stones with a selenite wand for a speedy recovery!

You can also make a Crystal patch with a selenite and tie anywhere on the person to see a miraculous cure!

Read more about the powers of selenite wands here.

·      Red Jasper Stones to protect from energy vampires


Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

Ever heard of psychic vampires? Called energy vampires, these are creatures that feed of the positive energy of people. Translated into simple terms, these are weak-willed negative individuals who suck off the energy and happiness of people around them.

The first step to fighting a psychic vampire is identifying them.

  • Write down the name of all the people in your life that you interact with (complete the list however hard it sounds to be).
  • Now rate each person based on how much energy you spent on them (it needn’t be accurate).

Once you have identified people who are feeding off your energy, it is time to separate them and repair yourself.  To do so, create an infusion of red jasper with the reddest color. It will create root chakra powers that will make you one with the earth, hence you can repel the vampire without letting it harm your karma or soul.

Use this red jasper pyramid to seek protection from energy vampires with bad energy. Activate it with a selenite wand and keep it under your bed while sleeping to get the cogwheels started!

You will see changes within three days.

Before you go …

From Emf to stress and hexes, there is a lot of bad energy around every one of us. If you know the power of crystals, all you need is that precise power by your side. Ask me the best crystal for you with your date of birth in the comments below and I will help you out. I promise.

Go ahead, give it a try!

Stay powerful~

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