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Larimar Meanings, Healing Properties, Metaphysical Powers

Larimar Meanings, Healing Properties, Metaphysical Powers

Do you know Larimar is also called Stefilia’s Stone? Larimar is one of the unique gemstones rarely found in any place other than the Dominican Republic. The rare stone was discovered in 1974 but it has a long history. Larimar is powerful for healing, accelerating the work of medicines and much more. The myth and Larimar meanings, healing properties to follow.

What Is Larimar?

Larimar Meanings, Healing Properties, Metaphysical Powers

A light-green or blue-green stone with white patches and patterns that looks like a blue civilization is the gemstone called Larimar. Chemically, it is the blue type of silicate pectolite found nowhere other than the Carribean. Larimar is a fragile stone that can break or shatter upon fall from heights as the MOHS scale hardness is 4.5 to 5.

Larimar is the stone of the angels and spirits. It was once known as the stone to find Atlantis. As Atlantis was associated with the Dominican Republic, there might be truth in what they say. Many stories even specifically quote the blue stone of Atlantic great. Basaltic lava in the Larimar gives it the fiery ethereal looks.

What does Larimar mean?

The meaning of Larimar is peace and tranquility. It is the stone of spiritual consciousness and stability. When you touch a Larimar, you will feel lightweightedness. It is believed to contain the blue of the sea and the white of the sky. Together, it is a stone that brings the heaven and ocean together, bringing you the calmness of the up above. It means new beginnings are on your way.

Larimar meaning is relief and relaxation. It is also called Dolphin Stone, Atlantis Stone and Blue Pectolite. Larimar reflects the beauty of the warm sunlight waltzing on the Caribbean waters.

Where is Larimar Found?

Dominican Republic is the only source of Larimar. This Caribbean destination is the birthplace of the rare stone Larimar.

Is Larimar Toxic?

Inhalation of silica and asbestos particles can be critical to health. Hence, be wary if your Larimar falls down and breaks. Do not do this. Clean it with a mask if your Larimar shatters.

What is Larimar Soulmate stone?

Larimar is known as the stone that realized the dream of a young woman and helped her find her soulmate, according to tales far and wide. Her luck was brought as a charm from the Larimar ring!

Is Larimar Expensive?

A rare gemstone found in but one place on Earth. Larimar is an expensive stone that is not abundantly found. It is the blue variety of Pectolite and is famous around the world of crystal and gemstone lovers. The precious stone is although locally abundant. It is actually the one and only gemstone found in the entire Caribbean reminiscing of the Caribbean seas.

Which is Larimar Chakra?

Vintage Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Vintage Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver; $56 USD

Throat chakra is the center of Larimar metaphysical energies. It is called the chakra of purity or Vishuddh (meaning purity in Sanskrit). Throat chakra of Larimar helps you vocalize your thoughts and goals. It is the center of confidence and self-esteem. Throat chakra helps you regain your potential and discover your hidden strengths. It destroys and conquers your fears to boost your composure.

Throat chakra purifies your negative thoughts and pulls positivity towards you. Throat chakra gemstones like Larimar helps you find out your destiny and the truth awaiting you in this life.

What is Larimar Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius is the first zodiac sign considered perfect for the stone Larimar. It brings tranquility and ambition to an Aquarian. Innovation and winning surprises will be yours in life. You will begin to agree and support the people around you. Larimar also releases the fears the prevent you from speaking your mind.

Aries is the second official zodiac sign for Larimar gemstone. Birthstone Larimar is excellent for Arians who have no idea about their destiny or purpose in life. If you have had a long stretch of failures in your life, Larimar is the secret to make your destiny work. It blesses an Aries with winning opportunities and truth in life. It is a stone of peace and calmness for a hot-tempered Aries.

In less official crystal healing books, Gemini and Virgo are also listed as the official zodiac signs of Larimar gemstone.

Which is Larimar Ruling Planet?

Round Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Round Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver; $58 USD

Saturn is the ruler of peace and activity. It blesses you to induce the feeling of responsibility and promises in life. Saturn helps you clear your obstacles and emerge as a winner. It is a gemstone for conquering your fears and shortcomings. Saturn will help you destroy your bad luck effortlessly.

Mercury is the messenger god who helps in manifesting your desires, goals and actions. It is the very planet that helps to take your message across to the Gods. Mercury helps you organize and arrange priorities in your life. It is the ultimate planet of disappearing your challenges and making your vision come true.

Sun is the next-big ruler of Larimar. It fills you with warm and love. Sun is the stellar element for leading your life and filling it with light. It could be your tunnel in jeopardies or shoulder to cry on in pain. The power of the sun fills you with warm, when you use a Larimar precious stone.

Who is Larimar Goddess?

Sophia is the ruling goddess of Larimar Stone. She is the god of wisdom and contradictions. She was once lost and regained in the mythologies. Called the Goddess of rebirth and reincarnation as well. Sophia is a personification and not actually a goddess. In Gnosticism, Sophia is the substitute of the human soul or the feminine aspects of God. She is also called the bride of Christ and the holy spirit in the Trinity. The goddess of spiritual awareness and consciousness, Sophia is believed to take the powers of the God.

What is Larimar Feng Shui?

A precious stone will with the water energy, Larimar can bring wonderful energies to a dull or negative space. Larimar cleanses the space is it kept in, besides attracting a balance of energy. It is best to keep a Larimar in the northern area of the house to work as an amplifying energy for happiness, harmony and good fortune in your home.

Placing Larimar in the northern side of your room or house will also improve success in your career and life path. It can bring luck into your personal business and help you attract good fortune.

What Is Larimar Good for? What are the healing properties of Larimar?

Stylish Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Stylish Natural Larimar Ring - 925 Sterling Silver; $76 USD

What is so good about the gemstone Larimar? Is it as special as it looks? Which are the powers of Larimar gemstone? We will find out all the powers of Larimar in detail so that you can begin using it at your own home. Ready? Let’s explore!

·      Physical Healing Properties of Larimar

Ideal for multiple throat-related conditions, gemstone Larimar is also good for cough. If chronic cough is troubling you, Larimar is the answer. It cures headache and clears blocks in the head as well as your throat such as phlegm. Chest pain and pressure in the arteries will be flushed out by using Larimar.

Larimar helps you heal joint pain and cramps too. Do you know Larimar was often used in ancient reflexology and relaxation techniques? That’s because it enhances alternative healing techniques and accelerates their efforts. It can amplify aromas too.

Larimar is a perfect companion for those suffering from allergies and inflammations too. It can help you cure fever and cold too.

·      Emotional Healing Properties of Larimar

Perfect for stress and calmness, Larimar is a stone of tranquility. It can help you take control of your life and mind. Larimar is ideal for those going through the torture of guilt. It can help you confess and receive forgiveness.

The blue pectolite stone also helps you connect with others and nature around you. It can help you conquer your phobias and free your mind. Larimar brings out the inner child within you. It can attrat joy and order into your life. Blue stone helps you respect yourself and find confidence in your thoughts and actions.

·      Spiritual Healing Properties of Larimar

As Larimar is connected to the goddesses of Sky and Sea, it is a spiritually uplifting stone. It can lead you to answers that define the purpose of your life. It is a destiny stone. Larimar helps in manifestations. Using Larimar can make you a medium of the spirits if you try angelic communication or astral travel. It is the stone of pure thought.

Larimar is the stone often known and recommended for Earth healing. It can resonate harmony and love from the divine mother.

How to Clean Larimar?

Is Larimar toxic in water? No, Larimar is perfectly safe in water or air. You can cleanse it physically with water by rinsing the stone every once a month.

For cleansing Larimar spiritually, circle the stone with a clear quartz wand thrice before and after every use.


There are many ways to use Larimar to amplify your crystal grid or negate the toxicity rising within you. It is a stone for busting stress and finding peace. If you’re still wondering about Larimar, leave us a comment with you D.O.B and we will help you find your birthstone.

Love and light~

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