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Lapis and Peridot: Differences and Commonalities in Powers

Lapis and Peridot: Differences and Commonalities in Powers

Do you know lapis and peridot together is called a Lapidot? Just kidding because it’s straight from Steven Universe. But we hope you don’t wear or use these stones together. Lapis or Lapis Lazuli is the stone of starry nights and Peridot is the olivine stone of love. We are going to discuss the powers, chakras, astrology and uses of lapis with peridot and why it shouldn’t be worn together!  

Lapis and Peridot: Comparison of Powers and Metaphysical Attributes

Do you know mining lapis lazuli is new? Traces are found by archaeologists dating back to 7000 B.C Afghanistan. It goes even further. In Iraq and Pakistan, Lapis from Neolithic ages dating to 3000 B.C has been found. Mining peridot goes back to 1500 BC. The earliest peridots were found on St. John’s Island in the Red Sea of Egypt.

Lapis is a stone of higher awakening while peridot unlocks luck. Both are unique stones with its power individual set of powers. Below we will look at them in detail and find out why not to wear it together.  

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

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Lapis Lazuli is actually lazurite, which is a feldspathoid mineral. The uniqueness that distinguishes it from sodalite are the pyrite veins. While geologists might call this metamorphic rock, lapis is the stone of deep blue magic for crystal users. If you love lapis, you know it is the stone for higher powers.

Lapis was the stone of Indus Valleys. Renowned as the stone that opens up heaven and angels, lapis lazuli is intricately connected with human history. Mentioned in the oldest known literature (Epic of Gilgamesh), a Mesopotamian poem. Egyptians loved lapis for its talismanic and protective powers. Jewelry dating backing to 3000 BC has been discovered at excavations.

The stone of 5.5 hardness, Lapis is soft, so if you have it, handle with care. Mentioned in the Holy Bible, lapis was also mistakenly called as sapphire in the middle ages.

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Lapis Meaning

The celestial blue with golden flecks on lapis lazuli is indeed a unique design by nature. Lapis meaning is higher power. The stone that protects your honor and speech, lapis lazuli can open your reality to the other dimensions.

When you work with a lapis lazuli, it empowers your vision. A symbol of wisdom, lapis can also be used for good luck, but it is not as powerful as peridot for luck. Lapis comes from the Latin and Persian words- lapis meaning stone (Latin) and lashward meaning blue (Persian). It is one of the most unique shade of blue. I am not the only fan; my baby niece is so charmed by it!  

Which Is Lapis Chakra?

The first chakra awakened by lapis is the Third Eye Chakra, but the most powerful chakra in lapis lazuli is the Throat Chakra.

When you touch a lapis or place it on your third eye chakra located between your brows, it will spark your spiritual awareness. Your spiritual eye will open and it will be able to see through dimensions. Lapis chakra of brows help you sense dangers beforehand and get a peek into destiny.

After the third eye chakra, throat chakra is the power source of lapis stone. It improves your communication skills and helps you attain charm and charisma. Lapis throat chakra also helps the user gain an edge on leadership skills.

What Is Lapis Zodiac?

Pisces find the most benefits by using a lapis lazuli stone. For your moodiness and lack of confidence, lapis lazuli’s combined chakra powers of throat and third eye will help. Lapis helps you make a sense of your reality and its goals. If you feel lazy throughout the day, lapis will help you organize and get in order. It is a stone of your destiny!

Sagittarius also finds many benefits from lapis lazuli. It gives them self-confidence and luck. You will no longer be careless or restless. Practicality will reflect in your decisions and thoughts. Sagittarians also find responsibility and discipline in life by wearing lapis.  

Which is Lapis ruling Planet?

Jupiter is the ruler of lapis. It is the planet of the Gods that invokes Christ consciousness. When you’re blessed by Jupiter, you will find spiritual awareness easily. Enlightenment will come to you. Destiny will open to you.

Also keep away from wearing enemies of Jupiter planet stones. Enemies of Jupiter are Venus and Mercury. Friends are Sun, Moon and Mars.

Powers of Lapis Lazuli

A powerful stone that resets your circadian rhythm, lapis lazuli is excellent for sleep. It aids speech problems and skin allergies. Lapis lazuli can help you if you have Asperger’s Syndrome to socialize and get in touch with your feelings.

Lapis is also ideal for menstrual cramps and muscle cramps. It helps with migraines too. If you’re looking for ways to recover from DNA damage, lapis will be the best gemstone. Wearing lapis lazuli helps with nervous system disorders such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s. It can dispel negativity and negative self-speech. As it is a destiny stone, you will find more hidden skills within you when you use this stone regularly.

Astral travel is an added benefit of lapis stone. It lets you travel around the universe when you place it by your bedside. Lapis also brings a lot of luck into the life of the user. It makes you charismatic too. When you use Lapis, your intuition will amplify.  

Emotionally, lapis is the stone that unlocks your subconscious. It can fill your life with positivity and attract positive opportunities into your life.  

What Is Peridot?

What is peridot?
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A unique gemstone in even more unique shade of green, peridot is also called the olivine stone. Wanna know how to measure the depth of green in a peridot? Check the presence of iron as it goes as deep as the iron presence!

Seen in sea green to dewy green buds and stark resemblance to fresh fruits, peridot is a one of the coveted stones with brilliant sparkle. Historically, this stone has been mistaken for emerald more than lapis was mistaken for sapphire.

Unlike most of the gemstones that form on the upper surface or earth’s crust, peridot forms deeper down like diamonds. It is formed in the Earth’s mantle and found 50 miles deeper into the Earth’s core. As it’s so deep, peridot comes out to the earth’s surface with volcanoes. History and traces of peridot in human life can be traced to ancient Egypt. Origin of Peridot is China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Tanzania and U.S.A.

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Peridot Meaning

Do you know peridot is known as the gemstone of kindness? It instills seeds of compassion in your heart. Peridot also means abundance. It is the stone of creativity and collective consciousness. The olivine stone helps you find your meaning in life through heart’s ways. It inspires you and empowers you to take the next step to claim expertise over your skills.

Peridot meaning is also luck and divine love. It teaches you the lesson of empathy and how to love everyone around you.

Which Is Peridot Chakra?

Heart chakra is the power source of peridot healing crystal. When you use a peridot the chakra over your heart will be awakened (mostly by heating up). Peridot chakra rewards you with love and luck in love. It is where your compassion originates.

That’s why, wearing a peridot pendant is more powerful than a peridot earring or ring. It can help you stay connected to your heart chakra strongly, and throughout the day. Peridot’s heart chakra powers give wings to your dreams.

What Is Peridot Zodiac?

Leo is the first official zodiac sign that must use peridot gemstone. You are generous in your actions and cruel in your emotions. Peridot can open your heart and teach the language of love. It makes you a good leader without all the ego and autocratic behavior. You have confidence, but the power to be dynamic comes with the luck of peridot gemstone.

If you’re a Virgo, peridot is perfect for you too. Most virgos have a tendency to overdo things like overwork, over-exercise, over-vent, over-drink, over-smoke, over-explain and much more. Peridot will first teach you the lesson of peace by enhancing your blood circulation to the brain. It will help you trust people and lose track of anxiety.

Sagittarius is also an ideal zodiac for those using peridot. This stone helps a Sagittarian love the world. It unlocks the kindess you have locked away in your heart. Sagittarians will feel lucky and ambitious full of positive thoughts while wearing peridot stone.

Scorpio also find a ton of hidden skills with peridot. It tones down your temper and anger to make you calm and less-aggressive. Scorpio will also discover creativity with peridot. It makes you loyal without the possessive qualities.

Taurus is the last zodiac sign that must use peridot healing crystal. If you’re a Taurean, you will no longer feel possessive when peridot is touching your skin. This stone removes laziness and inspires you to conquer your dreams. It makes you friendly and charming too.

Which is Peridot ruling planet?

Mercury is the ruling planet of peridot. When planet Mercury is on your side, your desires will be easily manifested. Your ambitions will be fulfilled and your dreams realized. Mercury is the manifestation planet because it is known as the messenger of Gods. When you wear a peridot, mercury is on your side. It is swift metaphysically by sending the messages, and physically by swiftly circling the sun than any other planet.  

Powers of Peridot

Why should you wear peridot? Wearing the olivine stone is often recommended for love, but let me start with luck. When you embrace the powers of peridot, it attracts luck into your life. Destiny can even be changes with a slight nudge of peridot. It can also bring abundance into your life. Prosperity will always be in your house when peridot is with you.

Reproductive disorders can be healed by using peridot rings. It heals the digestive system if you suffer from stomach disorders. For eyes, peridot was once used widely for myopia. It can even relieve you of the pains experienced during labor.

Also popular as the stone of creativity, peridot opens up your heart to awaken the brain. It lights up the brain by boosting your blood circulation. Embracing the power of olivine healing crystals helps you stay inspired and motivated throughout life. Wear it to your office to become the best employee in your company. New opportunities will open up in front of your eyes. Healing crystal peridot opens the inner truth you’re searching for.

Last, but far from the least, peridot is also used for love. It can help to bring your soulmate closer and make you kinder. Peridot helps in ‘letting go’ of things and moving on in life.

Why Lapis and Peridot Shouldn’t be Worn Together?

When you hear lapis and peridot, you instantly think- blue and olivine, what a combination! Or, throat chakra, third eye chakra and heart chakra, right? Well let me stop you before you dream further on.

Lapis and peridot must not be worn together. That’s because they have enemy planets. Lapis is ruled by Jupiter and Peridot is ruled by Mercury. Both are enemies and if you wear these stones together, you will feel the wrath from both of these planets. Make wise choices!


Comparatively, peridot is stronger than lapis even thought it might look otherwise. Peridot has a hardness of 7 and lapis lazuli hardness is 5. I love both the stones as it each has a unique series of chakra powers associated with it. If you’re looking for your purpose in life, lapis lazuli is the stone for you and peridot guides your path in love. Which is your favorite?

Remember: Don’t wear it together!

PS: Totally different, but do you want to see Lapis and Peridot dance? This is a fun video from Steven Universe to check out!

Tell us about your experience of wearing lapis and peridot in the comments below.

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