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Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Revered as the Stone of Springtime, Peridot stands for new beginnings and happy endings. History quotes it as the epitome of Napoleon’s undying love for Josephine, while Bible vouches it as ‘Pitdah’ or the sacred stone.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Peridot can change fate, so anything is possible with this higher heart chakra stone. Peridot is the embodiment of luck and productivity. It clears the blocks from the brain and nurtures your craving for knowledge. Peridot can make your life attractive by pulling abundance and prosperity into it.

The august birthstone in olivine shades is a healing stone that helps in rehabilitation too. For people afraid of failures or suffering from anxiety attacks, peridot can clear the emotional hurdles. It is a unique stone with a unique color. Rumors say peridot can help you get over heartbreak by productive efforts in academics or career if you meditate with it.

Peridot hydrates the body and heals disorders around your digestive system, head and heart. When worn by pregnant women, peridot can protect the child inside the womb from miscarriage too. Peridot fills your heart and makes you happy by surfacing your dreams.

The talismanic stone in green color creates harmony where fights persist. Peridot can melt the evil in the heart by spreading empathy and love.

When the vibrant green rays copulate with dazzling rays of yellow, peridot is born!

The olive-hued beauty raises progressive vibrations in the body by releasing repressed emotions and is known to heal lower chakras. Peridot attracts learning and acceptance into the wearer and hence was also known as the ‘Extreme Gem’ once upon a time.

·        Hardness on the MOHS Scale

7.0 on the MOHS Scale;

·        Common Names:

Chrysolite, Hawaiite, Olivine, Pitdah, Peridotite, True Topaz, Evening Emerald, Sinhalite and Faridat;

·        Origin

Brazil, Myanmar, China, India, Egypt, Norway, Ethiopia, USA, Mexico, Spain, Pakistan and Moon;

·        Represents the God

  • Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Fortune and righteousness;
  • Pele: Goddess of Elements and Volcanoes in Hawaii;
  • Nisaba: Goddess of Dreams, Sumerian;
  • Pax: Roman Goddess of Abundance and Peace;
  • Persephone: Greek Goddess of the Season of Spring;

·        Zodiac

Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus;

·        Planet or Celestial Body


·        Color energies

Yellow, Olive and Green;

·        Numerical Vibration

05 and 06;

·        Chakra

Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Peridot

While the ancient and called it ‘Gem from the Sun’ used it to connect to higher consciousness, today peridot epitomizes ‘Wisdom and Learning’.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

If you’re planning to include Peridot in your Crystal Healing Regimen, you must first harness balance of emotions, health and the spirit. Peridot marks new beginnings and is one of the only healing crystals sans drastic color variations. The Olivine crystal is seen in colors ranging from yellow to olive and green.

From blessing to fortune and fertility, Peridot is ideal for positivizing any event in your life. Keeping peridot closer to your lower chakras opens up the perspective and revitalizes the body.

·         Peridot

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

The commonest green variety of peridot occurs in a bottle-green hue. Peridot is a famous stone known for bringing prosperity and success into the wearer’s life. The stone can vary from pale green to deep green when seen under the sunlight.

·         Chrysolite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Peridots that range in the colors of yellow to green and vice versa are titled as Chrysolite. Pliny was the first person to have referred to Chrysolite as Peridot, quoting that the stone is sourced from the Red Sea. The etymology states that it originated from the Greek word meaning stone.

·         Olivine

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

When peridots are seen in olive colors, the same is referred to as Olivine, which is also the group to which the healing crystal belongs.

·         Fayalite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Naturally made with a dominant presence of iron particles during crystallization, Fayalite was discovered in Fayal Island. Legend says that the stone originates from Volcanoes, but none knows much, as the stone is rarer than rare!

·         Fosterite

Image result for forsterite

Titled after a mineralogist, Forsterite occurs in pale green to yellow and even whitish green. A gorgeous and subtle stone that aligns well with most auras, Fosterite can be translucent or transparent.

·        Physical Benefits of Peridot

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

A unique gem that alleviates the disorders of multiple vital organs including your eyes, Peridot is also a beauty stone. From head to toe, Peridot heals everything such as the Endocrine, Reproductive, Digestive and Excretory System

Peridot is often worn for patients with incapability in controlling the bladder as well as minerals. The Olivine beauty is also perfect for clarifying your eyes from myopia and astigmatism. In addition, Peridot can accelerate the rate of absorption of minerals, nutrients and iron in malnourished persons too. Also popular as Motherhood Crystal, Peridot eases the pains during labor and childbirth too.

·        Spiritual Benefits of Peridot

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Peridot wearers automatically attract universal love from flora and fauna around them. In divination, Peridot can be translated as the energy of ‘New Opportunities’ as it harbingers lucks to the wearer as well.

Connecting the wearer with the spirit guide is only but a beginning of Peridot’s powers. Peridot also reveals one’s destiny and helps to realize the differencing line between reality and destiny.

For those of you who have been in search of the Inner Truth, keep Peridot on your heart chakra during meditation. Peridot also empowers the wearer with powers of Earth and transforms him or her into Earth Healers by recognition of their Karmic Debt.

·        Emotional Benefits of Peridot

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

Freedom from emotional baggage is the hallmark of Peridot on people with low self respect and esteem. The green energy of Olivine relaxes your hurdles and eases up your drudgery in everyday life. From focus to higher understanding, Peridot can also be the ultimate green tab for depression.

Peridot repels negativity and keeps you safe from the evil eye of your foes as well as dear ones.

From bullying to abuse, Peridot builds a comfort zone for everybody. Wearing peridot on your heart chakra helps in ‘letting go’ of the past as well as negative emotions such as anger, fear and guilt. Peridot was revered as an intuitive stone. It was believed that dreaming of peridot meant something bad was en route to your present!

·        Five Peridot Facts

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

  • One of the very few healing crystals that exist extra terrestrially just as on earth is Peridot’s most popular trait. It was found on the shuttle sent from Earth to moon and Mars!
  • A little-known gift as the 1st Anniversary Crystal, Peridot is more often given as the 16th Anniversary present.
  • The August Birthstone is also one of the earliest gems known to be in use since 1500 BC!
  • Peridot forms as an aftermath of volcanic activity and Hawaii revere the stone as tears of the Goddess of Volcanoes,
  • You know who loved Peridots, other than Cleopatra? The Pirates! YES! Pirates were once smitten by the power of how Peridot could repel dangers of the night as well as the evil eye.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Peridot

How we club diamond with ‘woman’, ‘love’ or ‘divine beauty’ is what Peridot did to the Egyptians feel, ages ago. Peridot is one of the few stones that attract many astonishing traits such as beauty, creativity, success, power and contentment.

The best peridot also comes with a life of happiness, health and a long series of fulfilling achievements. 

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