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Introduction to Hoodoo Magic with Crystals

Introduction to Hoodoo Magic with Crystals

Folk magic that has been mixed with Christian, Irish, European, Native American and African cultures, hoodoo magic with crystals is not new. In fact, it is traditional knowledge of the powers in nature, passed from generation to generation. Hoodoo is different than voodoo, but how? We will learn all about the powers of hoodoo rootwork so that you can try it at home with your crystals.

What Is Hoodoo?

Introduction to Hoodoo Magic with Crystals

While Wikipedia defines hoodoo as Lowcountry Voodoo or southern Folk Magic, we think both have similarities and differences that make each distinct. The word hoodoo comes from Hudu, the name of a Ewe tribe in Togo and Ghana.

A unique religious ritual practiced by enslaved people, mostly African Americans using herbs and roots is called hoodoo, the Folk magic. It uses the powers of roots and herbs to bring out powers and energies of protection. It is believed to contain the magic for survival.

Who Created Hoodoo?

You have to ask this first- Where does hoodoo come from?

Hoodoo is the result of West African slaves and the transatlantic slave trade. That’s the creators of hoodoo. It is different from voodoo, which has American traits. Congo has the biggest influence on hoodoo rootwork rituals. A mix of religions and spiritual practices led to the birth of Hoodoo, mainly from peoples of Congo, Nigeria, and Togo.

What Is Hoodoo Magic or Rootwork?

hoodoo rootwork

The culture and tradition of rootwork is associated with the recognition of powers in things around us. Hoodoo uses the power of herbs and plants and roots to create magick. Hoodoo rootwork is associated with folk magic.

Hoodoo is not voodoo. But, it is known as different things such as root doctoring, laying tricks, and conjuring. It originates from the West African people. Folk magic of hoodoo is used for cleanings, protection and charging rituals just like crystals. From enslaved Africans to Christians, Appalachian, European and Native American cultures are mixed in Hoodoo.  

Who Are Hoodoo Rootworkers?

Known as Gullah amongst the enslaved Africans from the Southeast, Hoodoo rootwork has a preserved history of the traditional beliefs over time. Sometimes called the Granny witch, a rootworker does American Folk magic. You can call a Hoodoo Rootworker a healer, man or woman, witch or herbalist, naturist or shamans.  

5 Benefits of Hoodoo Magic Rootwork?

candles for hoodoo

What are the uses of Hoodoo magic? Can it help to make things better in life? How does it influence? What kind of energies does hoodoo use? I know you’re waiting patiently to try hoodoo on your own and today we will help you to do just that!

For hoodoo, we make mojo bags. If you didn’t know what mojo bags were, they are manifestation that you make of a spiritual being. It contains magical items such as herbs, flowers, rocks, gemstones and roots. Don’t let anyone else see or touch it. The power will be vanquished.

·      Manifestation

You can use the power of root working for manifesting your intentions. Do you know there are items in hoodoo that can send your intentions straight to the heart of the universe? You can put together a manifestation mojo bag to set the intention. For manifestation, place a handful of wet dewy dirt collected before sunrise.

·      Protection

Another power of hoodoo is how it can protect you. To use the powers of Hoodoo protection, you can make a mojo bag with morning glory and basil. It is best to place a circular object also in the mojo bag. If you make the mojo bag in colors of red or block it will help in amplifying the hoodoo energies. Protection with herbs and roots work just like crystals.

·      Luck and Wealth

Hoodoo can also attract abundance, wealth and success into your life. All you need to do is make a new mojo bag in the color Orange or Green. Create it and add John the Conqueror root, rabbit foot, fast luck oil and lucky hand root. It is also believed to bring luck to gamblers. Keep the mojo bag on you.  

·      Jinx, Hexes and Curses

You can also use the power of hoodoo to prevent negative energies from harming you. All you need to do is create a new mojo bag in the colors of White or Black. Make it and place magical items like uncrossing salt, five finger grass, poke root and a gem elixir that removes jinxes, preferably made with a black crystal. That’s all. Remember to smudge the mojo bag with the uncrossing oil too. This will prevent jinxes from reaching you or harming you.

·      Hoodoo Love Spellwork

To make a mojo bag for love, the best colors are Grey, Pink or Red. When you have such a mojo bag, arrows of passion will leave from your heart and strike your soul mate to seek you. To make a mojo bag for love, include magical items like magnetic sand, rose hips, and pink stone (rose quartz). Smudge the bag with seduction oil or rose hip oil.

Hold the bag straight in front of your heart and chant your affirmation with the name of the person you want to attract.   

Which Are the Best Ways to Do Hoodoo Magic with Crystals?

While a lot of crystals are used in hoodoo, we will be discussing about the top three. It can be inculcated into specific hoodoo rituals so that you can amplify the powers of the medium. From the hoodoo rituals you learned above, we will point out the ones you can use these healing crystals with.

·      Lodestone in Hoodoo

One of the uniquely powerful protection stone, lodestone is also called magnetite. Adding this to your protection mojo bag will make you invincible. It will keep jinxes, curses and evil eye out of your way. Lodestone keeps the other magical items strong and clean too.

·      Pyrite with Hoodoo

Wealth is the power of pyrite in a mojo bag. It will attract success and winning opportunities towards you. Placing a pyrite in your mojo bag brings connection with the nature around you. The universe will start listening to you.

·      Hoodoo and Black Tourmaline

Protection is also the core power of black tourmaline stone in a hoodoo mojo bag. Black tourmaline will deflect evil energies and clear your path for destiny. It can bring optimism and wisdom into your life.

·      Rose Quartz for Hoodoo

Love is the main attraction of rose quartz for hoodoo. This pink stone brings love and kindness into your life. It is used for opening the heart chakra in crystal healing. Use it in the mojo bag for love.


What do you know about hoodoo from personal experiences? Share it with out community below

Love and light~

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