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I’ve Seen These Shocking Things With Fluorite Crystals

I’ve Seen These Shocking Things With Fluorite Crystals

A colorful fluorspar, fluorite was used in crystal healing techniques by Egyptians to Chinese. Interesting facts about Fluorite are many and today I will teach you the supernatural powers of this stone that conquers the earth and the universe at once!

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History of Fluorite Crystals

5 Pieces Large Fluorite Crystal Raw Gemstone

First mined for commercial use almost a hundred years ago in 1933, Fluorite is widely available around the world. It was named as fluorite in 1852 by George Gabriel Stokes. The phenomenon of fluorescence itself is named after fluorite!


The largest fluorite in the world is 2.12m in width and originates from Russia. The best interesting fluorite fact is its fluorescence which changes based on the color.

Which is the most famous fluorite in the world?

Blue John from Derbyshire in England is the most infamous fluorite with purple-blue shades.

Zodiac Signs Associated with Fluorite

100g Natural Purple Fluorite Quartz  Raw Gemstone

The stone fluorite is ruled by Mercury and is considered the birthstone of two zodiacs.

  • Capricorn: Using fluorite as a January born is beneficial to keep up your enthusiasm and optimism in life. It helps to clear the mind and give stability for a Capricorn.
  • Pisces: When you use a Raw Purple Fluorite as a Pisces, your internal toxins are ejected. It helps with pain and migraines.  

How to Cleanse Fluorite Crystal?

100G Rare Natural Raw Fluorite Gemstone
Being a powerful and actively grounding stone, fluorite can absorb negativity from miles away.

That being said, you don’t need to clean your fluorite every hour, but cleansing it after significant rituals is a must.

If you have a feng shui element with fluorite it is important to cleanse it every day.

Better than fluorite bracelet is a Purple Fluorite Raw stone because you can use it as a bracelet or for a crystal grid simultaneously.

  1. Draw a white circle.
  2. Keep the fluorite at the center of it.
  3. Now, take a clear quartz/ selenite.
  4. Hover it over the white circle thrice in a clockwise direction.
  5. Hover it over the white circle thrice in an anti-clockwise direction.
  6. Hover the clear quartz/ selenite directly over the fluorite and repeat the following.
  7. I cleanse you with liquid light.

Chakra Powers of Fluorite

9 Pcs. Natural Fluorite Crystal Raw Gemstone
A special stone aligns multiple chakras, you can use Fluorite on any chakra.

Actually, based on the fluorite color, the chakra also changes.

The two most powerful influences of fluorite are higher heart chakra and the throat chakra.

Leave a comment below with the color of the fluorite to know which chakra and goddess it beckons!

7 Shocking Things with Fluorite Crystals You Must Try NOW

Do you know the word fluorite comes from the Latin for ‘to flow’ (fluere)? Known as the #Psychic stone, fluorite can be used for a range of crystal rituals. I will be explaining the best Fluorite uses in everyday life that you never knew below.

·      Fluorite Gemstone Facial RolleR for Beauty

Gemstone Roller Balls For Essential Oils - 10 Beautiful Glass Roller Bottles With Precious Gemstones and Crystals Tops

Do you know Fluorite attracts the power of Goddess Venus? When using on skin, fluorite can absorb the toxins that create pigmentation and discoloration to give you a glowing skin. It is an anti-aging gemstone that can reverse the effects of degenerating collagen and elastin too.

Click here to know more about using gemstone facial roller made of fluorite in your everyday life.

Another use of rubbing fluorite roller is on the abdomen when you have PMS or heavy periods. It works like magic, you bet!

·      Green Fluorite Wand for Warding off Evil Eye

Fluorite Natural Crystal Quartz Wand 70g   2.5oz   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Are you feeling disturbed? If you’re wondering whether someone put a hex on you, we’ve got the best way to check.

Take a fluorite wand and circle it around your head. If you feel a pull on the wand, you are caught by the evil eye and we need to cleanse it off. Don’t worry, with a fluorite you can send it back to the person who passed it to you!

Continue circling the fluorite wand around your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Continue doing it until you feel relaxed in the hand. Ensure that you say the following affirmation while circling the green fluorite wand for removing curses.

O Arae, remove the evil on me and send it back to the evil who send it my way”.

By heart the affirmation above, before you start the ritual to remove the evil eye with a fluorite crystal wand.

Click here to read comprehensive way to remove curses and hexes!

·      Passing Interview with the Help of a Fluorite Pyramid

Natural Fluorite Crystal Pyramid

Do you know pyramid is a powerful shield that protects and harnesses your true energy? When using it for an exam or interview, you don’t need to wear it. In fact, the right way to use a fluorite pyramid for passing an interview is programming it.

  • Take the fluorite pyramid in your hand.
  • Cleanse it with a selenite.
  • Repeat your affirmation for the interview (Click here to know how to create an affirmation with a gemstone!)
  • Keep the fluorite pyramid under your chair.
  • Start reading.

You don’t need to by-heart what you’re reading. Just read. The crystal pyramid will absorb your knowledge and send it to the universe so that you can collect it easily when you’re in need during the interview or exam.

Click here to read more about crystal pyramids!

·      Fluorite Stone Purple Wand for Electromagnetic Fog

Natural Fluorite Quartz Crystal Wand   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Are you stressed all the time? Have you considered geopathic stress? If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, let me explain it to you. This is a cloud of electrosmog or bad feng shui that you get when the negativity from the earth and your devices around emanates.

It’s not a big deal unless you have never cleansed yourself. The best way to remove an electromagnetic smog is not one device, but two.

  • Get a Fluorite Pyramid.
  • Get a Fluorite Purple wand.

All you need to do now is keep the fluorite pyramid in a circle. Sit in the circle facing the pyramid and holding the fluorite wand. Now touch the wand at the tip of the pyramid and chant the following affirmation.

O Pax, O Mighty Eirene, cleanse me with your supreme power and instill your purity within me”.

That’s it! Do it every day when you enter the home from outside and before sleep. Keep the pyramid untouched for 3 hours at least.

·      Fluorite Cleansing Water Bottle for Success

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Fluorite has the power to cut down negativity so well that it will help you activate positivity from within. Whether you’re trying to get ahead in your career or life, a fluorite water bottle can be used to raise your aura vibrations like nothing else.

As fluorite gives mental clarity, it can help you focus on the necessary without ignoring your destiny. It shows what needs to be done without any delay. According to Feng shui, a fluorite kept in the southernmost area of the house harnesses prosperity and good fortune like no other stone!

Remember to send your affirmations to the goddess of success, Minerva.

·      Fluorite Crystal Skull for Astral Travel

Natural Healing Green Crystal Skull

Do you know fluorite was once famous as a talisman for sailors and warriors? It is a stone of bigger powers. That’s why using a crystal skull can take you beyond the terrestrial world.

If you look deep into the fluorite skull for more than ten minutes, you will enter a trance that will take you to deep parts of the universe you never knew existed. The trick is to close your eyes the moment this crystal skull brightens up!

·      Get rid of Stomach Pain with a Fluorite Wand Pendant

The Crystal Talisman Pendant   Fluorite Opal Amethyst   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   47

Fluorite can take you above and beyond. But did you know, circling the fluorite wand pendant thrice on your abdomen can relieve all the stomach disorders within ten minutes.

Is flatulence killing you? Are you ridden with stomach pain? Whatever be your lower chakra troubles, this fluorite pendant wand can heal you. It is an excellent cure for those suffering food allergies too!

How to Use Raw Fluorite Crystals?

1 Pc. Natural Octahedral Colorful Fluorite Raw Gemstone

Raw crystals contain untapped energies unlike polished forms of the same stone.

  • Get a crystal grid here.
  • Now, find out the ideal symmetry for your manifestation or create one with a sigil.
  • All you need to do is place the Green Fluorite Raw crystals in the right angle and activate the grid.
  • Manifest anything to do with your heart or higher heart chakra to see the miracle.

Before you go …

Fluorite is protective, beautiful and sensitive. It is a soft stone that cleanses your physical body to aura and spirit. If you’re wondering about what more can you do with fluorite, ask your doubts straight to our experts below.

Tell me your date of birth below and I will tell you if you’re compatible with fluorite or not.

Stay powerful~

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