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Honey Calcite Metaphysical Attributes and Uses

Honey Calcite Metaphysical Attributes and Uses

As sweet as its name, Honey Calcite is a stone of mystery and enchanting powers. One of the historic folklore about honey calcite says when you use the stone as a crystal pendulum oscillating over a pregnant belly, you can hear the cries of the baby and the gender too. It was one of the ancient methods to known the sex of the baby before it is born. Honey calcite works mystique in many ways and today we will unravel all the honey calcite metaphysical attributes in detail.

What Is Honey Calcite?

A hexagonal crystal that comes under the family of carbonates, Honey calcite is a Polymorph of calcium carbonate. It is a soft stone with 3 on the MOHS hardness scale. Hence, if you just received a brand new packed of honey calcite- here’s what not to do- let it fall or slip through your hands.

Also called amber calcite, honey calcite looks like dewy fresh mountain honey with powers to calm and aid your communications. The name is a Latin word as you all know calcite very well.

Is Yellow Calcite same as Honey calcite?

No. Even Golden Calcite is not the same as honey calcite. Honey calcite is a divine stone with multi-chakra powers unlike yellow calcite or golden calcite. While golden calcite is also called citrine calcite, honey calcite is a soul stone. They both have different colors in their appearance.

Honey Calcite meaning

Honey Calcite is a stone that amplifies the energy of other crystals around it. When you hold a honey calcite, your own feelings and emotions will be amplified. The energy generator crystal can overwhelm you if this is the first time you’re holding a honey calcite

The stone of passion and energy, honey calcite can drive your passions. It is a strengthening stone that lights your vigor. It gives you intuition and a sense of balance as well as light-weightedness.

Where Is Honey Calcite found?

Majorly from Mexico, Honey calcite can actually found on every continent around the globe. Where are you going next?

What Is Honey Calcite Chakra?

Root Chakra is the primary core of honey calcite energy. It connects you with Mother Gaia and helps you bond. With the base chakra energy emanating from the end of your spinal column, you will feel balance and togetherness with the nature around you.

Solar Plexus chakra is also opened when you work with honey calcite crystal. Such a stone can help you find wellbeing and inner wellness if you’re looking for it. You will also find the right cure for all your spiritual questions.

Honey in calcite is also known to awaken your spiritual eye or the Third Eye chakra powers. Such a crystal can help you see ahead into the future and even communicate with angels. The spirit stone is also a descendent of the supreme etheric chakra called the Crown chakra. Located over your head, such a chakra gives wings to your intuitions.

Which Is Honey Calcite Zodiac?

Aries is the first official zodiac of honey calcite. In the life of an Arian, calcite honey brings prosperity and good fortune. You will find luck in everything you touch. Winning will be your second name and you will find peace in your work and actions.

Pisces is also instigated by the energy of amber calcite. This stone helps a Pisces regain control over their willpower. It will make you confident and charismatic. The stone is excellent for making you feel your best and communicate seamlessly with others around you.

Leo is also believed to gain a lot from carrying honey calcite in the pocket. When you’re a Leo, leadership should come easily to you. Honey calcite will make it easy. You will find it easy to empathize and understand those around you.

Cancer is considered the best zodiac sign to reap all the benefits of Honey Calcite. If you’re a Cancerian, you need to remember that you’re going to enlightened by this stone. Clacite honey stone brings unexpected winnings and success in life. It will change your life from the way you remember it.

How to Clean Honey Calcite?

As a calcium carbonate, when you touch honey calcite in water, there can be a reaction. It is not recommended to do so. Instead, take a soft bristly brush and scrub the stone from all sides once a month to keep your honey calcite in the best shape.

How to Cleanse Honey Calcite?

It is best to clean and cleanse all the bad energy off your stones during the cleansing power of Full moon energy every month.

If you can’t wait till the full moon, go ahead and try the following-

  • Take a clear quartz or selenite wand.
  • Circle it thrice over the honey calcite.
  • Do it before and after you use the crystal.

What Is Honey Calcite Good for?

Now let’s find out all the advantages of having honey calcite in your life. What does it do? Can it change your life? Is it possible to develop clairvision with honey in calcite? Does honey calcite glow in the dark? Is it a good stone to sleep with?

All your questions answered below!

·      Hormonal Balance

Do you suffer from erratic moods? If mood swings are normalcy for you, honey calcite can help you relax. It is the best stone to regulate hormones, especially in expectant mothers. When you work with honey variety of calcite, it will switch you into your happy hormones to enjoy the maximum.

All you need to do is, use it like a worry stone.

  • Hold the honey calcite in your palm.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Chant your intention for courage.
  • Place the stone in your right pocket.

·      Amplifying and Energization

When you’re trying to tune more energy into a grid, it can take days. Next time, place a honey calcite close by. Amber calcite is believed to increase and multiply the energy of other crystals and your grid to function best.

I recommend to place the honey calcite outside the grid rather than inside for channeling or filtering the energy you want for your manifestation.

·      Confidence and Self-Esteem

Are you trying to tone yourself? Congratulations on motivating yourself.

Next step, take a honey calcite and bond with it. Talk with the stone and spend time with the stone. Always keep it 10m close to you. Next, lay down on your yoga mat and place the stone on any of your lower chakras. Do it before sleep.

Your dreams will change your perspective and instill you with confidence.

·      Unlock Hidden Potential

Want to find out all the great parts within yourself? We have got a speedy remedy. Why don’t you take your honey calcite to your favorite place in the world. Relax and meditate. It will take you on a ride of astral travel to decipher all your hidden talents and potentials. Are you ready for a divine voyage to your destiny?

·      Wealth and Prosperity with Honey Calcite

Last, but not the least, honey calcite also has the ability to attract abundance and success into your life. It is sometimes called the lucky citrine even though citrine is plenty lucky. Keeping the honey calcite in the southeastern direction will naturally attract wealth towards your home.

You can also keep it in your safe or wallet to attract good fortune.


Have anymore experiences about honey calcite? Share it with us in the comments below!

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