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Healing Crystal Handbook: Pyrite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pyrite

Called fool’s gold throughout history, pyrite is a common iron sulfide. Once upon a time, most sulfide rocks were called pyrite. The stone of wealth and abundance is also an amulet widely popular in history. Archaeologically, Peruvian Inca traditions are found most in pyrite. Polished slabs of pyrite are found in Peru, popularly seen with engravings in an ancient language.

Centuries ago, pyrite was considered a magical stone full of ethereal powers. Pyrite could heal stress, calm a hot-tempered person and even attract success. It is a stone that regulates the circulatory system in the body. Pyrite can help in dissolving fear and grief; pyrite attracts truth too. It can balance emotions and make you empathic. A high-frequency stone, pyrite can also regulate brain waves.

The stone of Fire energy, pyrite fills the user with passion and energy. It can connect you to earth and absorb Mother Gaia’s healing energies. Pyrite resolves hatred and harnesses positivity. It guards you against perils and protects your soul from making karmic debts. A protective stone, pyrite amulets, earrings, and pins are common from the Roman and Greek era too. There are mirrors made of pyrite from ancient times as it is a beautiful reflective mineral found in the Mayan civilizations. Aztec figurines made of pyrite have also been unearthed in the recent past.

A powerful stone of positivity and optimism, where pyrite sits, wealth grows.  

What is Pyrite Meaning?

Called brass and Brazzle, pyrite was named first for its presence with coal. The word pyrite is derived from the Greek word for pyritos meaning ‘in fire’ or ‘of fire’.  That owes to the fiery sparkle pyrite emits. Pyrite sparkles like yellow gold. The meaning of pyrite is light or radiance. It is a fire energy stone by feng shui too.

Chemically, pyrite is a vibrant mix called iron sulfide. While pyrite is similar to marcasite (a rare mineral like pyrite) but it has differences internally. With 6 on the MOHS hardness scale, pyrite is a soft stone. Confusions happen between marcasite and pyrite while pyrite is a popularly seen with traces of cobalt, nickel, silver and even gold!  

Origin of Pyrite

Widely available in Peru, pyrite from Peru is shiny. Pyrite gained popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries for its value as a firearm. It is procured from different places around the world such as Italy, Tanzania, Spain, U.S.A, Germany, Australia and France too.

Which is the Pyrite Chakra (s)

A popular stone for the activation and opening Root Chakra, pyrite helps to balance your body and mind. It is a stone for grounding too. It stabilizes your physical and psychic selves. Know more about root chakra here.

You can also use pyrite to awaken your Third Eye Chakra energies. Pyrite is a stone that can make you intuitive and aware. It can help you sense danger from afar and perhaps that’s why pyrite was a popular amulet. It can be explored here.

Pyrite also affects your solar plexus chakra. It helps your wellbeing. All your gut disorders can be remedied with the help of pyrite energies. It is a stone of strength and valor. Solar Plexus Chakra is available in detail in this post.

You can also use pyrite for fueling your kundalini energy or the life force. It can help you find your passion, drive and destiny. Sacral chakra is the life source energy. Located in your pelvic area, it triggers healing of the reproductive areas too. Powers of pyrite with sacral shakra can be learned elaborately with this article.

Zodiac Signs Associated with Pyrite

Powerful people with wild energy find pyrite energizing. It is best for those born from July 22 to August 22 under the zodiac sign of Leo. Pyrite empowers your passion and deep-seated desires. It will manifest your requests by connecting with the universe.

Pyrite can help Leos to start yielding to order and discipline. It is a growth stone that helps and teaches you the lessons to succeed. It can help to tone-down your demanding behavior. You will cease being a whiny person with pyrite in your life. It can make you rational and intelligent.

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Pyrite

Mars is the ruler of Pyrite healing crystal. The planet of passion and true love, Mars sets you on the course to your destiny. It helps to get your thoughts transformed into action.  Mars is also excellent for those who are seeking courage and emotional-drive with the gemstone pyrite.

Pyrite devours the Mars energy and blessings to make you competitive and lucky. Mars can help you succeed in your career and academic life too. It is the stone that helps you realize your hidden potential. It drives your libido and sex-life when placed in the bedroom.

Which Goddess Rules Pyrite?

Pyrite is ruled by the Spring Goddess Persephone. The Greek Goddess of Spring is said to bring health, prosperity, and abundance to the place where pyrite is kept. The Olympian Goddess is the Queen of Underworld too. She can help you realize any manifestation. She can help you increase your harvest and finances. Persephone brings abundance via pyrite, the fool’s gold crystal. She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and sister of Apollo, Artemis, and Arion.

What are Pyrite Color energies?

Pyrite is seen in a variety of colors and types. Below are all the varieties of pyrite I have seen and heard about in my life. If you have seen another type of pyrite from the list below, please do share it with our readers in the comments!

  • Cattierite

Chemically seen as CoS2, a cobalt sulfide, cattierite is a type of pyrite often called cobaltopyrite. With a lower hardness, cobaltite does not have the distinguishing golden yellow tone of pyrite.

  • Vaesite

Nickel presence in pyrite gives it the name Ni-bearing pyrite. Chemically, it is NiS2 and look like Cattierite.

  • Bravoite

A nickeloan type of pyrite, Bravoite is not essentially a mineral. It is a controversial mineral!

  • Pyrite Cube

A peculiar type of pyrite presence in its natural form is called pyrite cube. It will be Siamese or intertwined cubes of gold or a mix of gold and black.

  • Cathedral Pyrite

When you see a pyrite with gothic marks and scars, it is called a Cathedral Pyrite. It has etched markers, scales and lines that make it looks like a cathedral.

  • Dollar

A radiant pyrite that looks like a flat disc, dollar can be a pyrite as well as a marcasite. It is also called Pyrite sun vernacularly and comes from Sparta in Illinois.

  • Pyritohedron

A popular type of pyrite, pyritohedron is a hedron shaped pyrite. It looks like a game dice with golden faces on all sides.

  • Arsenian Pyrite

When pyrite is seen with arsenic, it must be handled with care. Arsenian pyrite is a common variety of fool’s gold.

  • Auriferous Pyrite

When Au or pure gold is seen in pyrite, it is called auriferous pyrite. The gold inclusions can be minor after blending with the golden pyrite elements too.

  • Feather Pyrite

A pyrite variety seen in fine pyrite or pyrrhotie. This type of pyrite is seen in sulfide deposits.

  • Liver Pyrite

When pyrite looks Hepatic in the color of liver, it is called liver pyrite. Marcasite is also present in this color.  

  • Rainbow Pyrite

When pyrite is seen with a rainbow-like iridescence, it is called rainbow pyrite. Originating from Russia, Rainbow pyrite is comes from Volga the river.

How to Clean a Pyrite?

Cleaning a pyrite is easy. All you need to remember is that you shouldn’t touch water on it as it could be toxic. Pyrite is easy to clean dry.

To clean a Pyrite Physically

  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Rub it gently on your pyrite stone.
  • Do it once a month.

To clean a Pyrite Spiritually

  • Take your pyrite in the left hand.
  • Take a clear quartz or selenite wand in the right hand.
  • Hover your right hand over your left hand thrice.
  • Do it before and after every crystal session with pyrite.

How to Make Pyrite Elixir?

Pyrite elixir can be consumed or used for cleaning your face or body. When you make an elixir, the essence of the stone and its energies come into the water. Without touching water on pyrite, you can still make an elixir.

All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Now place a coaster on it.
  • Take your pyrite and place it on the coaster.
  • Now let it sit for 5 minutes to 4 hours.
  • Your pyrite elixir is ready for use!

Metaphysical Pyrite Properties

One of the popular amulets in history, pyrite is a stone of divination. It was a popular stone used in Victorian jewelry. Although pyrite was obsessively used for sulfuric acid during WWII, it has regained its lapidary and ornamental use at present. A stone for one who seeks wealth and financial freedom, what can pyrite actually give you?
Much more than you think! Scroll away …

Physical Uses of Pyrite

From lethargy to chronic fatigue, pyrite can help you take care of your internal health. It helps in respiration. Considered ideal for smokers, pyrite boosts lung health. It can help you cure disorders such as asthma and bronchitis.

Another little-known power of pyrite is virility. It can cure impotence in men. Ideal for couples who are conceiving too as pyrite promotes kundalini energies.

Pyrite was long used for strength and stamina. If you have a habit of working out, wearing a pyrite or keeping it in the same room as you work out can accelerate the process. It is a weight-loss support stone. In fact, pyrite supports most endocrine processes. It is excellent for those who suffer from thyroid issues.  

The fool’s gold can also help in blood disorders as it purifies your blood. Once upon a time, pyrite was widely used to combat infections. That’s why feng shui of pyrite is ideal to drive away radiation from your home. It can dissipate stress and DNA damage that it causes too.  

A wide variety of skin diseases can be cured by touching a natural pyrite stone. It can fight fungal infections like a warrior and give your body the immunity it needs. Pyrite also promotes cell regeneration, making you look youthful when you wear it as a bracelet.

Spiritual Uses of Pyrite

Pyrite was once upon a time used for Protection as I told you before. It can protect your energy and thoughts from negativity, hexes or evil eye.  Pyrite is a stone of Wealth. It will attract winnings and success or jackpots and lotteries into your life.  

You can also use pyrite for attracting intelligence. It can help you find your career and wisdom to excel in it. Besides helping you win, pyrite is a stone of meditation too. It helps your nerves soothe down. You can achieve a meditative mindset easily with pyrite.

Recommended for business luck, pyrite is a Manifestation stone. It helps in conveying the message to the universe. All you desire can become a reality. With the help of pyrite, you can also brighten your Aura. That works because pyrite helps in Karmic penance. It will make you a new person.  Pyrite can introduce the powers of divination. It helps you see ahead of the danger and protect yourself. From evil eye to hexes, pyrite has the powers to repel energy attacks too.

Another little-known effect of using pyrite or even keeping it in the same room as you sleep is Astral travel. It can take you across the universe on an amazing ride. Pyrite is a stone that can reach higher realms. It promotes exploration of the universe. You will meet your spirit guide and angels too.

You will be enlightened by all the powers and realms you perceive with pyrite by your side!

Emotional Uses of Pyrite

Balance is the middle name of pyrite. It helps you stabilize your mind and its feelings or emotions. Pyrite is the stone of leaders. It can instigate your ambitions. Pyrite instills the need for Action. Often called as the stone that can make you creative, pyrite opens the door to your imaginations. It is the will power stone.

One of a kind crystal that can ground you, pyrite helps in achieving relaxation by emitting soothing vibrations. It can help you overcome shyness and increase awareness. Pyrite promotes understanding and broad-mindedness. It helps you think more and stop whining about reality. Pyrite also attracts winning opportunities into your life. You will feel like a child in school if you try to study with pyrite by your side. Knowledge will make you rejoice because pyrite is for the wise.

Popular as fool’s gold, the yellow golden crystal also stimulates mental clarity. It makes you generous and kind at the same time. If you had mind fog and blackout moments, you won’t experience them anymore. Pyrite makes you kind and generous. It can also drive valor and courage. Living with the energy of the pyrite makes you bold to face anything. It makes you confident and optimistic.

How to use Pyrite in 5 Different Ways?

Years and centuries have passed by with pyrite in use. It can be used in many ways and in my life, I have encountered all kinds of uses of pyrite. Check my list below to get creative with your pyrite crystal TODAY.

If I have missed something that you find a lot of love in, share your story with pyrite in the comments below.

·      Pyrite Ball

Natural Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball

When we use pyrite polished like a ball, it has a beautiful symmetry that echoes with the universe. You can use a pyrite ball to even scry, y’ know! It has powers to enhance your clairvision and see the future on the ball.

When you touch the ball, pyrite grounds you and works on your auric energies. It uplifts you and helps you think clearly.

  • Take your pyrite ball in your palm.
  • Hold it tightly.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize the questions you need answers to.
  • You will find answers while meditating with the pyrite ball.

·      Jewelry made of pyrite

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When you wear jewelry made of pyrite, you are taking the healing energies of pyrite along with you. Pyrite can freely connect with the closest chakra when you wear it as an earring, pendant, ring or bracelet. Pyrite jewelry naturally shines besides making you shine too.

But, before you wear pyrite jewelry, do the following without fail-

  • Take your clear quartz wand.
  • Circle over the pyrite with the wand thrice.
  • Now point it at the pyrite jewelry.
  • Meditate and try to visualize charging your stone.

·      Elephant made of Pyrite

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

Do you know the Feng Shui powers of pyrite? I mentioned it before. Let me elaborate; if you place pyrite in the northern direction, it can attract energies that help you win in life. Pyrite elephant that you see here is a symmetrical object that hails togetherness and harmony. Placing it in the northern direction will bring acceleration to your academic and career wins.

Before you work with it, clean the elephant pyrite figurine with clear quartz.

  • Take the elephant pyrite and place it in front of you.
  • Close your eyes and focus your energies from the third eye onto the figurine.
  • Charge it with the intention you want to happen, such as attracting money or prosperity.
  • Settle it in the northern direction of your living room for a week and see the magic unfurl!

·      Pyrite Cluster Crystal

Natural Dark Crystal Pyrite

Another little-know essence of pyrite can be emanated by merely placing the crystal where you work. A pyrite crystal on your working desk or bench, shelf or cabin can invigorate your ambitions and passions.

Pyrite cluster must be cleaned with a clear quartz wand before you start using. You can use it in any way from elixir to jewelry to bring its good effects.

Before you go …

Has pyrite smitten you? Not just a fool’s gold now, right? Pyrite is an incredible crystal for those who are restless, anxious and lost in life. If you’ve found pyrite worthy, share your story below!

Stay powerful~

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