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Healing Crystal Handbook: Celestite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Celestite

A special crystal known as the teacher of the new age, celestite is easy to recognize as no-ordinary crystal. It’s a revelation crystal that comes from celestial space out of the earth. Do you know legends believe Celestite dropped from the ceiling of the universe? It is a divine stone found to have a high-vibrational frequency that can uplift your psyche and take you on a tour around the world.

Celestite can heal hearing disorders and has to do most with the brain. It cures brain-related disorders besides detoxifying the body. The soft gemstone is a heavenly stone that trains your psychic abilities to surface. Celestite affects the higher chakras to connect your spirit to heaven above. It is also a karmic and aura protection stone that we will learn about in detail.

Today, I am going to teach you everything about celestite from its astrology to special powers, benefits, and secrets inside-out. Are you ready?  

What is Celestite Meaning?

Natural Blue Celestite Crystal Cluster from Madagascar

A gemstone often called as Celestine, Celestite is actually a Strontium Sulfate. Scientists say celestite also contains the barium. That’s why the stone is found in a variety of colors.  First discovered in the late 18th century (1790), the name celestite is derived from the Latin word ‘caelestis’ meaning heavenly’ and represents the sky up above beaming in the same color as a sparkling celestite.

With a hardness of 3 to 3.5 on the MOHS scale, celestite is very soft. If you have tumbled or rough crystals of celestite, please use it with care so that you won’t break it.

Origin of Celestite

Celestite is not a rare gemstone. It can be found all over the world in the main areas such as Brazil, Poland, Madagascar, United States of America and China.

That being said, the biggest celestite is a celestite geode found in Lake Erie in Ohio with dimensions of 35 feet diameter and crystals ranging up to 18 inches in width. The main locations where celestite is found are Michigan, Ohio, and Kansas.

How is Celestite Crystal made on Earth?

Celestite is found in sedimentary rocks and geodes. In sedimentary rocks, celestite forms with gypsum and anhydrite too.

Celestine geodes are made on earth by alabaster nodule replacement with calcium sulfate. While calcium dissolves, strontium that touches the growing crystal dissolve in and making a hole inside. The strontium is then seen as precipitation on the Celestine.

Which is the Celestite Chakra (s)

Do you know celestite is a divine stone that comes straight from heaven? Perhaps that’s why celestite connects your Crown chakra to the etheric realm the moment you enter the presence of celestite. However, the most important effects of celestite are often felt over the Throat chakras if you’re new to the stone.

Shamans and divinators use celestite to activate a whole different chakra. Known as the Third Eye chakra, located in between your brows, third eye chakra helps you see ahead into the future. It is a divination chakra that guides the spiritual eye. Celestite makes everything you can’t see with your naked eyes visible to the spiritual eye!

Zodiac Signs Associated with Celestite

Every gemstone has an inscribed zodiac sign that is ideal for their star sign. It is based on exhausting calculations based on birth charts for centuries, in fact.

For celestite, the best zodiacs are two. The first zodiac that works well with zodiac is Gemini. If you were born on or in-between the dates May 21 to June 20, you’re a Gemini. For a Gemini suffering from low-confidence, anxiety, depression, and introversion, celestite can open the world again.

Celestite is also highly recommended for the zodiac sign Libra. It is best for people born on or in-between September 23 to October 22. Is this your birthdate? Then, celestite can protect a Libra from enemies. It strengthens the aura and sharpens your mind with the third eye energies.

Even if you’re not a Libra or Gemini, celestite can help you out.
Scroll away … to find out!

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Celestite

Being a celestite stone, celestite is bound by the energy of multiple planets. The first celestial body that reflects in the light of celestite is the moon. It gives the energy of compassion and strength of invincibility to those wearing celestite.

By color theory, Neptune is the ruling planet of celestite. Neptune is the planet of harmony. He dissolves hatred and enmity by making your understanding broader. The planet Neptune can also expand your ability to understand things by working on your psyche.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty is also seen to cast a strong light on Celestite. Wearing celestite or using the stone and chanting your prayers to Venus can grant them if they have to do with the heart chakra of romance and the rose glow!

What is the feng shui of Celestite?

In practice, the strontium in celestite is used to add a reddish glow to the fireworks. Otherwise, metaphysically celestite is a Water energy stone. It can calm you. Water energy stones are also known for their purification values. Read more on water element healing crystals here.

Do you know the sacred direction for celestite? When you place a celestite polished or raw crystal in the northern direction, it beckons success. When energized daily with clear quartz or selenite wand, celestite can invite good luck and harmony into your life too.  

Which Goddesses Rule Celestite?

Mother of Fontus, Juterna Roman Goddess of Ponds is famous because Jupiter turned her into a water nymph and gave her two wells, one in Latium and the other in Romanum. In literature, at Juturna’s ponds, the deities Pollux and Castor watched their horses quench the thirst.

Goddess Juturna is said to bring harvest, abundance, and prosperity to the devotee. The official day of Juturna is January 11. She is one of the ancient goddess of fountains. You will never suffer from fatigue, thirst or lack of strength when you have juturna by your side. You can awaken her abilities by bonding with a Celestite stone too!

What are Celestite Color energies

2" Celestite Crystal Polished Stone

Like most crystals, celestite also has a number of varieties found in different parts of the world. Celestite varieties can be categorized by their colors and names as shown below.

  1. Blue Celestite

The standard celestite is the blue celestite often seen in a pale sky blue color. The waxy stone is strontium sulfate by chemistry and the heavenly stone by metaphysics.

  1. Sand Celestine

When celestite is found with natural sand as inclusions, it is referred to as sand celestite or sand Celestine. It turns into brown, grey and pale maroon shades with an opaque texture about it.

  1. Angelite

The baby blue colored stone, Angelite is a superior variety of celestite. It is an opaque colored stone without any white specks on it like that of a celestite. Moreover, angelites are made from celestites compressed for ages. That is one belief, but the truth is angelite is anhydrite with calcium while celestite is strontium sulfate. Compression of the later does not make the former. Densely packed blue anhydrite is referred to as angelite by trade.

  1. Colorless

Bearing the mark of the crown and third eye chakras, celestite without the white or blue color is a strong and powerful higher chakra stone. All the pure celestites are colorless. Impurities give celestite it's signature blue and white color.

  1. Green-Blue

When the barium is present in a larger quantity in a celestite than strontium, the celestite stone turns into a greenish blue color. The green colored celestite doesn’t reflect olivine or emerald green, but a pale mix of blue and green.

  1. Yellow Celestite

Yet another significant color seen in celestite is the color yellow. Looking akin to yellow calcite or topaz, yellow celestite forms a pale shade of yellow mixed with white tones. It is known as the honey celestite, mined from Poland. The sulphur on celestite is majorly responsible for emanating the color yellow on the stone.

  1. Orange Celestite

Yellow and red tints on a celestite often lead to the formation of orange celestite. Called orange celestite, this deep color-gemstone is found in Turkmenistan in deep carnelian-like color tones. Utah celestites are also found in the orange color.

How to Clean a Celestite?

Do you know celestite powder can cause a reaction? It is a toxic stone when inhaled. Hence, the stone must not be attempted to dissolve or soak in liquid substances or heated to create fumes. In fact, celestite must never be inhaled. The stone is absolutely safe to touch and not known to cause any allergy with wearing on the skin or touching it.

To clean a celestite physically-

  1. Take your celestite in your hand.
  2. Keep it on a table.
  3. Take a cotton ball or soft-bristle brush.
  4. Scrub the stone gentle.
  5. Pat away with a microfiber cloth at the end.
  6. Repeat it once or twice in a month.

To clean a celestite metaphysically-

  1. Take your celestite in the palm.
  2. Keep it in front of you.
  3. Take a selenite or clear quartz wand in your right hand.
  4. Hover the purifying wand over the celestite thrice while chanting ‘Shaucha, Shaucha, Shaucha’.
  5. Your celestite is clean.
  6. Do it before and after every crystal use.

How to Make Celestite Water

We just discussed how celestite is not one of the toxic stones. It is proved and recorded according to Gemsociety as well. But, we suggest you avoid touching celestite for precautionary measures. In short, even if celestite is not a toxic stone, still don’t ingest water made from directly soaking the celestite stone. Instead, you can do the below.

  • Take you celestite and keep it on a coaster.
  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place the coaster on top of the glass.
  • Place the celestite on top of the coaster on the glass.
  • Now, chant ‘thejthe, thejthe, thejthe’ while hovering over the celestite stone.
  • Leave the glass for 3 hours and your elixir will be ready.

Click more to know ways of making a crystal elixir.

Metaphysical Celestite Properties

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

Celestite is a luck stone that has dual Numerical Vibrations. It is lucky for both the digits- 2 and 8. The heavenly stone is a bundle of pure psychic abilities and powers to take you to the next level. It empowers the body and mind to seek greater horizons.

Celestite has a culmination of super-powers that can change your destiny and fate. Let’s find out all the powers and abilities to use celestite today.  

Physical Uses of Celestite

Many of us suffer from radiation and pollution poisoning every day. In fact, the risks of EMF radiation from our gadgets go so unnoticed, we pile up on the gadgets. A celestite can clean all these harmful radiations and evil energies around you.

Celestite is a sleep-enhancing gemstone that neutralizes the hormonal imbalances in the body. It can help you create the right antibodies for battling allergies too. The balancing power of celestite is the reason you can go into a deep slumber when it is kept under your pillow. Celestite helps in easing into a deep sleep. It is a memory-enhancing gemstone that can repair your synapses. Do you know celestite has the power to cure many brain disorders such as brain fog, memory loss and Alzheimer’s?

Celestite is also a powerful Physical-Detox gemstone. It can cleanse the body from harmful energies by ejecting the evil out. When you’re in excruciating pain, a touch of celestite can relieve your mind by releasing endorphins in the brain.

Excellent pain relief crystal, celestite also creates amazing Thyroid balance. It can make you healthier by curing underactive or overactive thyroid within a month of use. Do you have the annoying disease of tinnitus? As celestite can touch the higher chakra, most importantly the ENT, your eyes, nose and throat disorders will vanish within a few days of using celestite. Hearing disorders will reverse itself with the bonding of celestite.

Do you have chronic Migraine? Celestite can alleviate headaches and severe migraines by working on your brain. It can also remove the psychological effects of mis-hearing sounds called misphonia.

Spiritual Uses of Celestite

The best effect of celestite is Angelic communication. It connects your body with the ethereal realm such that your guardian angel will speak directly with you. Another benefit is you don’t have to go looking for your spirit guide if you have a celestite close-by.

Do you know celestite can look into the complete record of your existence? That’s how celestite works in favor of your karmas. It can take you to the past and revisit your existences. Celestite can show you the karmic debt you’ve been paying since ever. It can also help you resolve these and help you present spirit to get on the same page as destiny or fate. Karmic Therapy is REAL with celestite crystal.

Astral Travel is the second boon of using celestite in your life. While you sleep, the close proximity to celestite can help you traverse the length and width of the universe without ever leaving your bed. The most comfortable transportation in the world, celestite can take you to your home planet and places never seen before in the galaxy during meditation or through dreams.

No one talks about how vital celestite can be for Aura strengthening. When you’re going through changes or transitioning in life, it is common to come across vicious energies such as energy vampires. Celestite can help you by protecting your spirit and repelling these attacks. The protection amulet made of celestite must be worn on the neck around the throat chakra to work flawlessly.

Celestite can also instigate you to go on shamanic journeys. It is a stone that attracts truth to your life. Do you know the powerful blue rays of celestite has the power to improve meditation? It is a visualization stone actually. Celestite can improve your imagination to perceive the white light of destiny calling unto you.

The blue heavenly stone can help you to improve your focus and super-abilities during, prayer and meditation.  Celestite use also helps you uplift the spirit into the etheric realm with the help of levitation via divination.

Being a third eye crystal, celestite can also help you see into the future. It improves cosmic consciousness and clairvoyance of the user, drastically. That’s why it will be easy for you to engage in Lucid Dreaming while using celestite!

Emotional Uses of Celestite                    

Have you been suffering pain, frustration, and failures in your life? Now, you have a chance to get over all of it. For those who have undergone abuse in their past or traumatic incidents, celestite works like a charm.

Celestite can heal the spirit of those undergoing PTSD or PMDD every half a month. It will relieve your stress and frustrations immediately. Celestite can answer a range of existential doubts and clear your mind.  

Celestite is also the sign of peace across lands. The soothing blue tone of the crystal makes the wearer or user extremely genuine and honest. They will also feel overwhelming kindness and compassion coming over.

The soothing and calming stone is often considered a balm to those who are going through heartbreak or depression. Celestite can trigger forgiveness by working on your perspective and broadening your understanding of divine love. Celestite eases the tension and stress in your mind the moment you touch it. Warm and welcoming energy like that of your BFF envelops you.

For those of you battling with your own consciousness or mind, the struggle can be long. Celestite feng shui can alleviate the triggers of depression such as chaotic thoughts. It is known to make you feel positive by eliminating your negative speech that attracts evil into life. Celestite works so well because all of these are the signs of General Anxiety that you’ve ignored or avoided in life. The blue stone will help you uproot the triggers of all your mental problems.

How to use Celestite in 3 Different Ways

We have studied all about the powers of celestite today. What can it do when you keep a celestite in the living room? Can celestite be used for meditation? Is it a worthy stone to call upon the angels? Why does celestite feel lightweight? What is the real use of a celestite crystal? Find out all about it in the three most important ways to use a celestite.

·      Celestite Crystal Cluster for meditation

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

This is a beautiful cluster ideal for feng shui too. The multiple terminations of this celestite crystal make you wonder; just how many crystals are infused in this cluster? However, the combination of multiple crystals on this crystal is the reason why it is so powerful.

  • Take your celestite crystal in your palm.
  • Hold it against your eye level.
  • Chant your prayer to ‘Juturna’ while closing your eyes.
  • Focus on your breathing until you see the cooling presence of Juturna.
  • Come out of the meditation at least 20 minutes later or when Juturna leaves.

·      Tumbled Stone Celestite for Feng Shui

2" Celestite Crystal Polished Stone

Find the northern direction of your home. Once you’ve done so, bless your celestite tumbled stones. Next, use them to purify the flow of energy entering and exiting your home.

  • Go to the northern side of your home.
  • If you’re on the ground floor, bury the celestite.
  • If you’re on higher stories, get a flower pot or keep the celestite on the wall.

·      Madagascar Celestite Cluster for Grid Work

Natural Blue Celestite Crystal Cluster from Madagascar

All you need to get started with your crystal cluster is a purification stone. Once, you’ve cleaned the stone, you can awaken the third eye and crown chakras using your awakened throat chakra for celestite crystal grid work.

  • Take your celestite cluster in your hand.
  • Set your crystal grid.
  • Place the cluster in the center of the crystal grid.
  • Activate the grid with a powerful selenite wand by touching the tip of all the crystals.

Before you go …

Have you found out all about celestite? It is a heavenly stone with a lot of heavenly powers. If you’re confused about the blue stone called celestite, ask our expert Ceida Uilyc below. She will get back to you in an instant because she has lived with celestites all her life!

Stay powerful~

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