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Guide to Rutilated quartz Properties and Powers

Rutilated Quartz: Guide to Properties, Benefits and Powers

Did you recently come across rutile quartz that blew your mind? Well, you’re not alone. Many of the crystal lovers discover the beauty and magic of Rutilated quartz properties later in their lives. It’s a secqret stone that enhances your dream recall and psychic abilities. The high vibration gemstone transforms the wearer.

The first time I saw a Rutilated quartz, I thought they were words inside the stone. So, I took my loupe and started examining. I kid you not, I saw letters inside the rutile quartz stone. Rutilated stones are a wonder. So, today we will find all the information about this mineral in detail.

What is a Rutilated Quartz?

Rutilated Quartz Ring - AtPerry's

Rutile quartz is a combination of two things- clear quartz with rutile. It is almost like two different crystal energies infused into one when you look at this mineral. They have inclusions that are symmetric and needle-like inside.  When the presence of iron is higher in rutile quartz, you will see the needles in gold or red color. Alternatively, when Iron is low, Rutilated quartz is seen with black rutile. 

Chemically, Rutilated quartz is silicon dioxide (quartz) and titanium dioxide (rutile). It can be of hardness 6 to 6.5 on the MOHS. Often translucent to transparent and opaque, rutile quartz has a vitreous luster. Rutile quartz is formed from the ore of titanium and commonly known as Cupid’s Darts and Venus’s hair!

Typically sidelined as bad quartz, rutile quartz is a high vibration stone that is ignored by gemologists. A gemstone that helps you think straight and clear, rutile quartz can clear challenges, obstacles and hardships in your life.

Rutilated Quartz: How Its Formed?

In the world of gemstones, inclusions are called flaws. In case of rutile quartz, the inclusions are valuable as they add to the beauty of the stone. These golden rutile quartz formation is also interesting. It is a high-temperature mineral made under high pressure.

Commonly discovered in metamorphic rocks called eclogite, rutile quartz is also found as kimberlites in volcanic rocks and independently in igneous rocks. Igneous rutile quartz has smaller needles than rutile found in metamorphic rocks. When they are found as large rutiles, they are called pegmatites. Do you know the main reason for mining rutile quartz is to find titanium?  

Rutile quartz is often found as the secondary mineral in hydrothermal veins too. Do you know gold is created through hydrothermal circulation? Rutile inclusions are the main reason why asterism exists n corundum.

What Is the Meaning Of Rutilated Quartz?

Meaning of Rutilated Quartz is harmony. When you hold a rutilated quartz, it aligns the chakra vibrations in your body. Creating harmony and peace by resolving the distractions is the main effect of using rutilated quartz. You will find rutilated quartz ideal for amplifying the energy of other crystals besides angelic communication.

How to Identify Golden Rutilated Quartz?

Rutile quartz ring is a tad difficult to identify if it's covered from all sides. You can identify rutilated quartz by observing the needle-like inclusions in the stone. From yellow to gold and orange or brown, the inclusions of this mineral are easy to identify under natural light. If you cannot see the rutile until naked light, shine a beam of light through the stone.

What Is Black Rutilated Quartz?

When the iron content in rutile quartz is low, the entire quartz gemstone transforms into an opaque black color with black rutile. This must not be confused with black inclusions that form tourmalinated quartz.

Black rutilated quartz makes you intuitive and pure at heart. It is a lucky stone that blesses you to win and succeed in life.

Where Is It from?

Found commonly alongside quartz in Australia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Norway and Brazil, Rutilated quartz is often mistaken as a rock when it has dense inclusions. It is the same reason why rutilated quartz does not have a famous history.

How to Clean Rutilated Quartz?

  • Take your rutilated quartz in the left hand.
  • Hold a clear quartz or selenite wand in the right hand.
  • Circle the right hand over the left hand thrice.
  • Do it before and after wearing or using the stone.

Other ways to clean rutilated quartz.  

How to Charge Rutilated Quartz?

  • Take a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Place the rutilated quarts in the bowl.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Do it on a full moon night.

Charge your crystal quartz rutile in several more ways.

Which is the chakra of Rutilated Quartz?

While shamans and energy healers used rutile quartz, it has revived in this era better than all the last.  

This gemstone is a unique mineral that actually amplifies all the chakras. It is not biased towards any one chakra. That’s why combining the power of rutile quartz with any other crystal pairing also works excellently. Special quartz with golden and black strands, Rutilated quartz represents dual elements of fire and air.

Is there a zodiac sign that rutile quartz is best for?

Yes, Rutilated quartz is good for two zodiacs. If you’re a Gemini, Rutilated quartz can be lucky to you. Geminis are kind and thoughtful but often unwise. Rutile quartz can make you knowledgeable and witty. It is a stone to help you trust others and tone down on your irritability. It also brings order into life. Rutile quartz teaches harmony and peace besides making you optimistic.  

Yet another zodiac sign ideal for Rutilated quartz is Taurus. If you’re a Taurus, you are argumentative with a hot temper. Your possessiveness can be eradicated by using rutile quartz. It is a stone that will fill you with energy by awakening your lower chakras. Taurans find courage and strength through Rutilated quartz. It will lift your hopelessness and fill you with passion and drive.

Why use Rutilated Quartz?

Rutilated Quartz properties are many but throughout my personal experience with the crystal, I have found many things about this type of quartz. Called the golden quartz, Rutilated quartz cleanses aura and energizes the spirit. Let’s find out the advantages of wearing, using or even touching this stone.

·      Physical Healing from Rutile Quartz

When you work with rutile quartz, your phobias will disappear. It will erase your anxieties and calm your restlessness. How? Rutilated quartz has a unique ability to calm the nerves and soothe the sore muscles. It can restore balance in the body.

If you are constantly battling with lethargy, Rutilated quartz can heal you. It helps to balance your blood pressure and cure your blood disorders. The unique property of rutile quartz to calm you out of Mood swings is miraculous. It works in tandem with hormonal imbalances to make you feel better. Stomach health is a unique benefit of rutile quartz too. It can boost the health of your intestinal tracts.

·      Nourish your Spirit

You know clear quartz is the ultimate stone for Cleansing, right? Well, rutile quartz is also a purification stone that removes clutter from your mind. It can help you discover your destiny and find the right path of life.

Once famous for love, the very name of Cupid’s darts or Venus’s hair is because rutile quartz makes you feel loved.  From divine love to spiritual awareness, rutile quartz is a soul-nourishing stone. It makes your chakras a medium for etheric energy by opening your angelic chakra. You will be able to do Angelic communication with rutile quartz by your side. If you’ve ever looked for support and warmth in the universe, Rutilated quartz is the crystal you need!

·      Dream Recall for Past Lives

Ever wondered about your past lives? The karma you did? Well, don’t dig your brains, the answer is in a rutile quartz. Holding the stone and sleeping to it awakens the visions of past lives. It can be used for deep healing and to remove the hexes or evil eye from your life.

Rutile quartz works on your brain by affecting your nerves. It can communicate with the subconscious through dreams. It is one of the best ways to bond with a this crystal.

·      Protection with Rutile Quartz

Another little-known power of rutile quartz is its talismanic properties. Rutile quartz can protect you from troubles and danger. It helps you wade through troubled paths. Rutilated quartz crystal guards your aura and energy. It keeps you grounded and clear from negativity.

Rutile quartz gives you courage and self-control. It uplifts your will power and mood to make you feel great. You need to know rutile quartz protects you from sadness, hopeless and loneliness too.

·      Deep Meditation with Rutilated Quartz

Do you know rutile quartz emits special waves that can put you in a meditative mood instantly? Rutile quartz is a unique stone that helps you achieve calmness and balance in life. Besides communicating with angels and spirits, Rutilated quartz works on the emotions too. It can make you focused, alert and self-confident or rooted in your beliefs.  

How to Use Rutilated Quartz in Crystal Rituals?

What are the ways of using rutilated quartz? Is there a specific direction you must keep rutile quartz to reap its benefits? Why is rutilated quartz considered a powerful gemstone? What’s so special about rutile quartz?

Trying to use Rutilated quartz? Read the following infomation and techniques to use rutile quartz and find the best method.

·      Meditation with Rutilated Quartz

All you need to do to meditate with rutile quartz is hold it in your palm. It can push distractions away and place you in a focused state. Meditation with rutilated quartz crystal makes it easy to concentrate. Students can wear rutilated quartz jewelry to boost their memory too.

·      Love Grid of Rutile Quartz

After placing the rutile quartz at the center of a heart shaped grid of rose quartz, you can activate it with a rose quartz wand. You can make a crystal grid for love by placing the rutile quartz in the grid. This is ideal to protect your marriage and family too.

·      As a Talismanic Stone

Rutile quartz protects you from dangers of all kinds. It can dispel the bad energy vibrations quickly. Wear it as a pendant or ring because Rutilated quartz jewelry protects you by infusing with your aura. It can repel energy attacks aimed at you by making your halo powerful.

·      Cleansing Elixir of Rutile Quartz Crystal

Using the rutilated quartz elixir as a drink can heal you from inside. You can also sprinkle rutile quartz elixir wherever you want to sit and meditate or study. Take a glass of water and place a coaster on top of it. Now place the rutile quartz on the coaster. Let the water sit for a day. Then, sprinkle or consume it.

·      Rub to Attract Luck

It is believed that rubbing a Rutilated quartz can attract luck towards you. Try it as a palm stone because that’s what worked for me. You can hold a rutile quartz or place it in the southeast direction. It can bring you auspicious vibrations that will attract personal success in your life.

·         Rutile Quartz for Scrying Medium

Do you know you can use rutile quartz to communicate with sprits and celestial beings? When you’re using a scrying mirror, place a Rutilated quartz in between you and the mirror. Start your ritual and see the results. Rutilated quartz can help to sharpen the images you see on the scrying mirror.

Before you go …

Rutilated quartz rings are fashionable and spiritually powerful. There are gold and black rutile quartz popular in the market. Silver Rutilated quartz is rare, but it exists too.

Which is your favorite rutile quartz? Share with us!

Stay powerful~

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