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Green Amethyst Powers and Meanings

Green Amethyst Powers and Meanings

One of the popular new stones of the decade is Green Amethyst. It is connected to both amethyst and citrine as green amethyst is nothing but green quartz. There are other names of this unique gemstone that we will reveal below. In brief, read the below for the next 7 minutes and find out everything you need to know about green amethyst powers NOW!

What Is Green Amethyst?

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Green Amethyst, in reality, is Heat Treated Amethyst. Did we surprise you? That’s because majority of the crystal users discuss and identify heat-treated amethyst as citrine. However, a unique heating temperature changes amethyst into this teal green stone. However, that’s just one method. Another way is to make irradiated amethyst.

Green amethyst is a quartz popularly known in the industry by the name Prasiolite. Moreover, Green Quartz has a hardness of 7 and is not a very strong stone. It is formed with the presence of iron particles.

Green Amethyst Meaning

The meaning of green amethyst is harmony. It protects the wearer and leads them to peace and harmony. Using green amethyst is special. If you’re not careful, you change its color by accidentally heating it up. If you have this green variety of amethyst, you should use it for cultivating positivity and alignment of multiple chakras.

The word prasiolite originates from the Greek term prason meaning leek and lithos meaning stone. Now you know why they call it the leek color stone. Also called lime citrine, this is a stone for those who want to grow with healing crystals in their life.

Is Green Amethyst Natural?

Now you might be wondering if this a naturally available stone at all. That’s because I told you green amethyst is all heat treated amethyst. But, prasiolite is available naturally in low quantity around the world in three countries which we will reveal soon.

Is Green Amethyst Toxic?

Yes. Green Amethyst is toxic because amethyst is toxic in water. It undergoes silicosis. You should never drink elixir made of green amethyst directly. It can create medical problems. It is always best to keep a coaster on top of a glass of water and place the green amethyst on top of it. Do not touch it with water!  

Green Amethyst Vs Purple Amethyst

Essentially the same stone, green amethyst and purple amethyst come from quartz. Purple in amethyst comes from irradiated iron in the quartz stone. It happens due to natural radiation. In case of green amethyst, the irradiation can be natural or artificial.

Green amethyst is a mellow stone that aids the heart other than etheric energies. Purple amethyst is an exclusive crown chakra stone that helps your brain. Wearing green amethyst and purple amethyst both bring different powers. While amethyst in purple can attract angelic communication, green amethyst can attract luck and abundance into your life.

Read Amethyst in Healing Crystal Handbook.

Where Is Green Amethyst Found?

You know green amethyst can be produced artificially more than naturally available. That’s why there are not many mines that produce green amethyst.

The first place green amethyst is found is in Thunder Bay, Canada. In 2019 February, Brazil was the only green amethyst mine, which has currently died out. The last place you can find green amethyst is Lower Silesia in Poland.

What Is Green Amethyst Chakra?

While purple amethyst awakens one chakra, green amethyst awakens four. Let’s find out which ones!

Crown Chakra, just like purple amethyst is opened by using, touching or wearing amethyst in green stone. Prasiolite helps you connect with the ethereal realm and connect with angels. It will help you recover from disorders of the brain and memory. Green quartz works on your psyche.

Third Eye Chakra is also opened by green amethyst. It raises your intuition and helps you see ahead into the future. When your chakra in between the brows is open, your spiritual eye will show you light. It will be guide to destiny, divination and enlightenment for you. Third eye chakra in prasiolite works to make you aware and wise too.

Heart chakra is also opened by the power of green amethyst. When your heart chakra opens, you will find it easy to connect with the nature and people around you. It makes you charismatic and broad-mined. Heart chakra is an empath’s stone that opens other dimensions for you. From true love to kindness and compassion, you will find virtues that fill your heart.

Solar Plexus Chakra is also awakened by the power of amethyst in green. This stone works on your stomach chakra to give you balance and stability. Solar plexus chakra in green quartz works on healing your fundamental disorders in the body. It gives you health and boosts the working of medicines. Wear it as a ring to keep it connected to your solar plexus chakra throughout the time of wearing it.

Who Should Wear Green Amethyst?

While everyone can wear the stone amethyst green, it works wonders on specific zodiac signs. Who knows, yours might be one too, if you’re attracted to this stone!

Aries is the first official zodiac enlightened by green quartz. Your naivety will disappear by using this stone. The healing crystal helps Arians to be in control. It will release the bubble of your narcissistic reality and help you discover yourself. Talking to your spirit guide will become a daily routine for you once you bond with the green variety of amethyst stone.

Pisces also benefits from the use of green amethyst. While you are charming, you can also be gullible. Green amethyst attracts wisdom and knowledge towards you. It will fan your artistic fire and help you get out of mood swings. You will no longer be lazy or distracted. Enthusiasm and confidence will be your best friend. Prasiolite helps pisces find logic and rationality in every day actions.

How to Clean Green Amethyst?

Being a toxic stone in water as aforementioned, it is not wise to clean green quartz with water. You should never rinse it in hot or cold water. Instead, take a soft cloth or brush to scrub it once a month. If it’s in jewelry you wear, you can do this once a week.

However, if you’re looking for ways to cleanse the bad energies off of green amethyst, you’re lucky. All you need is the clear quartz wand or the selenite wand. Circle it thrice over the quartz in green to clean it. The best way to cleanse the stone is by soaking it under moonlight for a full moon cleanse. Tibetan singing bowl is also an effective way to cleanse your crystals like prasiolite.

You must clean the crystal you use before and after you use it.  

Green Amethyst Powers and Metaphysical Attributes

You know all the chemical and spiritual attributes of the stone by now. However, what does it do in real life for you? Perhaps you have this stone in your crystal collection and you want to know green amethyst powers and meanings. Alternatively, you can unlock new powers of this stone once you’ve bonded with the crystal.

Let me help you by explaining all the powers of green amethyst under three main sections.

·      Physical Green Amethyst Powers

A stone that heals your nervous disorders and installs the clear thinking ability in you, green quartz is an excellent healing crystal for memory too. Students and children must always have this stone on them to increase concentration and focus in their academics.

Do you feel tired all the time? One fine crystal cure is with green quartz. It gives you strength and enthusiasm to start your day when you meditate with this stone. Holding prasiolite or keeping it close to your will boost your dedication to your work and day.

For those of you battling the pain of Arthritis, green variety of amethyst is a huge help. I have personally seen it help my grandma with her rheumatoid arthritis. If your problem is just joint pain, green quartz can still help.

Best for muscle cramps and menstrual problems, prasiolite works wonders on the bones too!

·      Spiritual Green Amethyst Powers

Peace stone that brings calmness to your psyche, wearing green type of amethyst has many benefits. You can create a deep connection with nature by bonding with this stone during daybreak or twilight. It’s great for luck and prosperity too. The stone for astral travel and angelic communication is the same that establishes etheric connection for you. Finding the secrets of the universe will become easy for you.  

Prasiolite amethyst is a stone for intuition. It can open your spiritual eye and help you see dangers ahead of you and a glimpse of your destiny. The divination stone drives spirits and etheric connections. It can bring new virtues like clairvision and clairvoyance to you.  

·      Emotion Green Amethyst Powers

The stone with the energy of warriors, green type of amethyst gives you self-esteem and faith. It is a stone for restoring your self-belief. Carrying it with you gives you energy and creativity. Keeping it on your work desk as a student or professional will boost your productivity. It makes you clear minded as well as goal-oriented.  

Besides inducing the fighting spirit in you, green amethyst also helps with depression by elevating your levels of self-confidence. You will learn to trust yourself more and discover yourself more in the process. A crystal for love and care, this boosts your concern for your dear ones.

Don’t take it as a cheesy stone because it also brings pragmatism, practicality and rationality to you.  Knowledge and wisdom will come to you. Being empathic to others will turn natural. You will be the storehouse of kindness, compassion, generosity, charity too.


Smitten by green amethyst powers? Share your experience in the comments below!

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