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Uvarovite Properties, Uses and Meanings Defined

Uvarovite Properties, Uses and Meanings Defined

Uvarovite Properties, Uses and Meanings Defined

A unique gemstone commonly known as green garnet, today we are going to learn about uvarovite properties and uses so that you can use it at home. This is a powerful stone that opens your heart and improves the flow of luck. It can heal cancers and accelerate blood circulation in the body. To read more about this wonderful stone, scroll away …

What Is Uvarovite?

A neosilicate type of mineral better known as the green garnet, uvarovite is a special stone with a gorgeous shimmer. It is formed with presence of calcium and chromium apart from silicone. With a numerical vibration of 7 and hardness of 7 on the MOHS scale, this is a special gemstone. It is chemically known as calcium chromium silicate. It is seen with hues of emerald green and black colors.

The gemstone is named after a scholar from Russia Count Sergey Semeonovich Uvarov. It exists in transparent to translucent varieties with a white streak and brittle tenacity. The mineral uvarovite is commonly seen with impurities of Aluminum, Iron and Magnesium.

Uvarovite Meaning

Uvarovite meaning is enlightenment. It also signifies divine beauty and awareness. Green garnet is a stone that can protect you during the hard times too. It is blessed by the powers of Goddesses- Sekhmet (Goddess of War) and Persephone (Goddess of Spring). It is a stone that brings peace to chaos and fertility to barren minds. Using or even touching this stone can change your fate. It has the blessing of the gods.  

Uvarovite Pronunciation

It is easy to say Uvarovite. If you want the exact pronunciation, check this Uvarovite pronunciation video.

How Is Uvarovite Formed?

Chemically, uvarovite forms like other garnets. It is made from rounded stones with 12 to 14 rhomboidal or trapezoidal combinations of elements. It is formed during the metamorphosis of impure silicates limestones and chromium containing rocks.

Where is Uvarovite found?

The prime location of green garnet is Russia (Permskaya Oblast). You can also find the beautiful green colored garnets in Finland (North Karelia). Going to India? That’s another source of uvarovite crystals.

What Is Uvarovite Chakra?

The foremost power of green garnet comes from the Heart Chakra it rules. This stone is known to rule over the heart and erase pain altogether. When you wear or touch Uvarovite, it blesses your soul by absorbing divine love from nature. It will accelerate blood circulation to enhance healing in your physique and emotions.

Green garnet chakra is also empowered by the presence of Sacral Chakra . It is located in your pelvic region and is the source of all your life force energy. The stone helps you regain your courage and willpower if you’ve been doubtful about your skills. The chakra of the pelvis triggers kundalini drive that makes you ambitious and enthusiastic.  

Which Is Uvarovite Zodiac?

Aquarius is the official zodiac sign powered by the energy of green garnet. When you use a green garnet as an Aquarian, it gives you confidence, tranquillity and charisma. Everything you say will be respected by people around you if you keep an uvarovite in your pocket.

Aquarius will also find courage and willpower to chase their dreams and conquer it. If you’re an Aquarian, your behaviour of possessiveness and obsession will change forever. This stone will make you realize your true purpose and responsibility in this life.

How to Clean Uvarovite?

To physically clean green garnet, do not use water as the stone contains aluminum. It is best to scrub the stone with a soft cloth once every month.

To cleanse the bad energies, circle it with a clear quartz wand before and after every use.

What Is Uvarovite Good for?

Now that you know all the metaphysical attributes of this wonderful stone, it is time to find out how to use uvarovite in your daily life. Can it help you? Yes, of course. Uvarovite can be used for many physical, emotional and spiritual healing rituals. Let’s find the perfect one you!

·      Skin and Hair Health

Have a lot of hairfall? Perhaps dry or oily skin is your biggest problem. Don’t worry. Let the magic and powers of uvarovite help you. For this, you need to prepare a healing elixir. Do not immerse the stone uvarovite in water directly. Follow the steps below to make the elixir. Once you’re done, use the uvarovite elixir to wash your face and hair before sleep.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Keep a coaster, lid or book on top of it.
  • Place the uvarovite over the coaster, lid or book.
  • Let the arrangement stay undisturbed for 3 hours.
  • Use it for up to 3 days before making a fresh batch.

·      Love, Kindness and Empathy

If you’ve been looking for ways to find love for others around you, uvarovite will help. Green garnet has the ability to melt the coldest heart and spread kindness there. It will make you empathic towards your colleagues, friends and family. You will feel fulfilled and blessed.

To do so, take your uvarovite and set the affirmation for manifestation to attract love, kindness and empathy. Can you try it now? Once you set the intention, place it close to you, in the bedroom or your pocket.

·      Cancer, Blood Disorders and Wounds

Ideal for blood related cancers, uvarovite is known to improve and amplify the energy of the medicines on the body. It is one of the best stones for helpin cancer patients. Green garnet works by accelerating your blood circulation in the body. The same is why it is often used as a crystal first aid kit to deal with energy attacks and physical wounds. It amplifies the healing energies around it.

·      Sexual and Reproductive Disorders

Are you suffering from impotence or infertility? Perhaps, low libido is your problem. Rest assured, green garnet can help you. It is a sacral chakra stone just like a red garnet. When you meditate with this stone over your sacral chakra or in your lap, it will connect with your sacral chakra.

Visualize the change and miracle you want to witness when you meditate with this stone. It improves your passion by opening your heart.

·      Enhances Flow of Luck

Do you know green garnet can attract luck towards you? It is a stone for prosperity and abundance too. All you need to do is set the intention on your green garnet and set it in the southeast direction or your safe. The magic will happen on its own. All the blocked luck in your life will come through without hassles.


Uvarovite rings are gorgeous and powerful crystal jewelry to keep for protection on you. Do you have personal experiences and stories about uvarovite? Tell us in the comments below!

Love and light~

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