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Gemstones by Planets: Mercury Healing Crystals

Gemstones by Planets: Mercury Healing Crystals

In the start of time with mankind, there were just standing stars and wandering stars. Five fixed planets were expanded into seven in the Middle Ages to add sun and moon too. Astrology regards planets with power to affect and influence life on Earth just like the Gods. Today it governs the underlying changes in the psyche that happen with a birth chart. Today we are going to uncover the mystery of mercury healing crystals.

When you count by planets, Mercury is the first planet also called the Messenger of Gods. What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde? Which zodiac signs should appease mercury? What are crystals to wear for please Lord Mercury? That’s what we are going to find out in the next 10 minutes.

Let’s start!

What is the meaning of Mercury in spirituality?

Natural Healing Crystal Moon Pendant Necklace   matans

Mercury rules our language and communication channels. It governs your speech and thoughts too. It’s not just communication, but coordination and even movement is stable when mercury blesses you. From your faith to belief system and work, mercury can cause negative and positive effects. It works excellently on anxiety as it purifies your memories.

Represented by the Greek Messenger God Hermes, Mercury in astrology means Communication. It is a planet that enhances your powers of communication. Planet mercury stands for manifestation also in Astrology. Do you know the story of Hermes?  

The Story of Hermes, The Roman God Mercury...

Besides being the messenger of Gods themselves, Hermes was also the guiding spirit of dead souls. Son of Zeus and a nymph, Hermes creates the first lyre of the world on his first day on earth!

Called the immortal herald, Hermes or Mercury helps to fill the gap between mankind and Gods. He has aided Odysseus and Perseus in their quests too. Often called the God of Travelers, Hermes protects those on the move too.

Hermes is also believed as a prankster or trickster who used to steal and hide things from the Gods. Once when Hermes was just a babe, he stole all the herds of his half-brother Apollo. When Apollo found Hermes in the cave with his herd, Hermes was taken to Zeus, the king of Gods. That’s when the mysterious story of how Hermes changed and re-attached the hooves of the sheep to go backwards amused Zeus. Hermes apologized and presented his lyre as a gift to Apollo and he was pardoned.

There are tales of God Mercury in Buddhism too. If you know any share with us in the comments below.

Who should use Mercury gemstones?

Vintage Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

After checking the most compatibilities for the virtues of Mercury, two zodiac signs feature as the best. The first is Gemini zodiac, born from May 21 to June 22. Gemini will find the power of Merucry as patience and sensitivity. Mercury’s blessings on the zodiac Gemini teaches them compassion and selflessness besides intelligence.

Vintage Zodiac Sign Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   13

Virgo born from August 22 to September 23 also feel great under the influence of Mercury. You will feel at peace and satisfied. Mercury can help a Virgo get clarity and truth quickly. It keeps their temper cool and helps them understand their reality like an empath.

What is the Color energy of Mercury?

Mercury powers can be accessed via chromotherapy or color therapy too. Mercury appeases many colors, the best of which is Blue and Purple. Yellow, Pink and Grey are also ideal to wear or complement the days you are doing crystal rituals for mercury planet too.

What is the Feng shui Direction of Mercury?

The planet of harmony and peace, meditating or praying to Mercury planet while standing in the Northern direction can reap its blessings. The feng shui planet of intelligence attracts wisdom to your life and success in your career when you utilize its core feng shui direction.  

Why use Mercury Gemstones?

Mercury is a planet of many qualities. What do you get when you use crystals that appease this planet? Are their benefits to using gemstones by planets? I am going to explain five remarkable results of using mercury healing crystals in your life.

Moon Lamp light Air Humidifier

·      Confidence with Mercury Crystals

When you’re attempting to use the powers of the planet Mercury, the first benefit is clearing the communication channels. All your negative thoughts will be erased. You will find positivity and enthusiasm to do positive actions in your thoughts.

Mercury cleanses your thoughts and helps you in quick thinking. It is renowned to actually enhance the language of expression. It helps you express your thoughts with other effortlessly.  

·      Protection using Crystals for Mercury

Another little known benefit of mercury is how it maintains peace where its kept. You will find the cocoon of mercury protective. Finding safety or talismanic powers in Mercury gemstones is not a new thing. It is considered the best blessing for travelers. If you’re going to travel via air, water or land, it is best to have blessing of Mercury on your travels. It dispels energy attacks that harm you from your way.

·      Manifestation Gemstones to use for Mercury

Intelligence is another power of mercury healing crystals as you know. But, the way mercury helps you attract intelligence is vivid. Do you know Mercury can help you send your messages to the Gods easily? That’s why all your requests will be obliged and fulfilled when you seek the help of Mercury planet.

Mercury attracts prosperity and abundance into your life. It helps in manifestations quickly because mercury actually takes just 88 days around the sun. This astronomical fact is in favor of how quickly Hermes conveys your desires to the Gods.

·      Mercury Benefit of Spiritual Revelations

Being the planet closest to the sun, mercury enhances your communication channels as we read above. It also helps you attain the pink of health by communicating with your spirit guide. Mercury helps in socializing if you’re an introvert. It is best for those attempting to make the first step on something such as your career, interview or exams.  

·      Divination with Mercury Astrology

Yet another benefit of mercury is due to its location. As it is at the center of the solar system, mercury perceives to power to know everything. It increases your awareness and makes you an empath. Just as you take messages to the Gods, you will be aware of everything that is going on. The blessing of Mercury helps you read other minds too. The divination powers of mercury help you gain foresight and clairvision.

What is Mercury retrograde?

The retrograde is an optical illusion when a planet slows down in its orbit around the sun. Lasting about three weeks, Mercury appears to be orbiting backward when this happens. Simply put, Mercury retrograde happens when mercury passes Earth in its orbit every once a while.

Crystal users and astrologers vouch communication powers are tampered when Mercury is in retrograde. That’s why such an event is a time to take a step back. It is inauspicious for starting new work or committing to anything new. Protect yourself during Mercury retrograde by getting a strong mercury crystal such as Pink Sapphire. Wear it to keep your aura charged and unhindered by Mercury Retrograde.

How to Use Mercury Gemstones?

With the element of Metal or silver, Mercury is a planet with many surprises. If you’re trying to appease mercury, it is important to use gemstones that favor the energy of mercury. Once you do, mercury will show you visible changes and miracles.

How to make it happen? Follow the list below and pick one of the three things to do. Do it religiously!  

·      Wear it as a Ring on a Wednesday

Pink & Black Crystal Moon Necklace

The best day or day of Mercury is Wednesday. Hence, wearing crystals that are aligned with Mercury as a ring, bracelet, pendant or earring can help you please the energies of Lord Mercury. Doing prayers for Mercury is always a good deed on Wednesdays. Just meditate to offer your prayer and seek blessings from Mercury.

·      Red Jasper Pyramid

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

Pyramids made of red jasper tend to have a lot of effect on the energy of Mercury. It can help you ground your negativity away. Red jasper pyramid is excellent if you lay your palms on it and meditate. You can use a red jasper pyramid to restore the feng shui energies in a room too.   

·      Citrine Cluster Crystal Grid Work

Natural Yellow Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster

Just like pyramid, one way to use mercury gemstones is by doing a grid work. Make a mercury grid and use a citrine cluster in the heart of the grid. You can also use a citrine wand to activate the grid to make it channel the Mercury energy.

Gemstones for Mercury Planetary Powers and prayers

When you’re soaking in the rejuvenating energy of Mercury, troubles can go away and truth seems closer. These gemstones convey the blessing energies of Mercury into our chakras. So, what are the other crystals that can help you in amassing the positive powers of Mercury? Let’s see below!

·      Red agate for Intelligence 

Hand Carved Red Agate Skull Gemstone

Red agate is the stone of consciousness. This skull on your desk or anywhere close to you can empower your neurons to attract wisdom and intelligence. Red agate skull raises your life force energy of the sacral chakra to make you smarter. Mercury fuels the powers of red agate to attract success to your intelligence and knowledge too.   

·      Blue Sapphire for Confidence

Blue Sapphire Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Blessed by Saturn, blue sapphire is also blessed by Mercury. Blue sapphire helps you awaken your throat chakra of confidence. It gives you will power, courage and truth of your destiny to target your goals. Blue sapphire with the help of Mercury can help in creating manifestation affirmations. All you need to do is wear this ring and chant your affirmations to the Mercury Lord.

·      Pyrite for Grounding Effects

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

If negative thoughts are tormenting your sanity, you need pyrite to ground. The gemstone of root chakra, pyrite will also protect your aura from energy attacks while you are grounding. Pyrite cleanses you and purifies your spirit with the help of Mercury.

·      Azurite for Angelic Communication

Natural blue azurite malachite green mineral - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A blessed stone often used in astral travel, you can also use azurite for communicating with angels or spirit guides. Azurite has the energy of third eye and throat to give you the psychic gifts. It will make communicating with the higher realms easier. When you place this azurite gem on your forehead and meditate, you will meet angels and spiritual beings.

·      Turquoise for Truth and Destiny

Turquoise Tiny Stones 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The stone of Buddha consciousness, turquoise gives you awareness of your reality. It will help you find your purpose in life. Turquoise is a stone that attracts truth and fate to your way. You will realize ways to channel your powers positively to seek your destiny with the blessing of Mercury that comes with turquoise. It will also keep you away from dangers!  

·      Hematite for Energy and Will Power

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

The stone of mankind, hematite is molded from the blood of martyrs. It is a crystal filled with the energy to make you courageous, strong and mighty. Hematite works on the root chakra to increase your will power. You will feel new ideas and meet successful opportunities that will bring prosperity to your life. Hematite is the stone of ambition that comes with the blessing of Mercury’s astrology.

·      Chalcedony for Calmness and Peace

Natural Chalcedony Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

Ideal for meditation and manifestation, chalcedony comes with the blessings of Lord Mercury. These chalcedony beads are ideal for attaining calmness. They fill you with relaxing energy that relieves your nerves and puts you to deep sleep. Chalcedony with the blessing of Mercury brings serenity and peace.

Before you go …

Did you find out everything you wanted to about Mercury? The astrology of planet mercury makes it powerful energy not to ignore. Did you like any healing crystal for mercury planet from the above? Share your D.O.B so that I can tell you if your crystal choice is actually right.

Stay powerful~

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