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Everything You Need To Know About Moissanite Stones In Jewelry

Everything You Need To Know About Moissanite Stones In Jewelry

The all-new hot hype in the engagement industry, moissanite are indeed magical and fancy as it is trending right now. If you’ve been wondering what is the metaphysical value of this all-new stone more perfect than a diamond on your engagement ring that you will wear forever. We will find out about the crystal physics and uses of this stone so that you can see if it is the stone meant for you.

When I first saw moissanite, I thought it was a diamond. Really, there was nothing different between the two. I was smitten and wanted more and that’s when I knew I was dealing with a whole new gemstone. I was 2. Now, I am 32 and I know much more. Let me share it all with you so that you can make the best of it too!

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is not any other healing crystal. It is a marble that is more popular than color diamonds right now. It is a natural stone, a form of silicon carbide that was found by Henry Moissan in 1893. It is found to be more brilliant than a diamond.

Often used in large jewelry, moissanite stones have a rainbow play of fire unlike the white and colorless sparkle of light that enters the stone.

For years I thought diamond was the perfect stone. With MOHS rating of 9.25 (it won’t get scratched), slightly lesser than diamond yet above all the other stones, moissanite quickly rose in popularity since it was found. That’s because it is easier to reproduce this rare stone called moissanite today. And, I think most of us crystal users would agree the crystal symmetry has to do more with metaphysics more than just being man-made or nature-made.

How is Moissanite Made?

As most of the moissanite naturally available is scarce, lesser than less is used for making jewelry. On the other hand, moissanite is created in labs with equivalent brilliance and more. It has a better refractive index at 2.69 than the 2.42 of the diamond and higher dispersion at 0.104 than 0.044 if the diamond.

It is made from one crystal and large forms of moissanite is also impossible to create in a lab. When one crystal is passed through a patented thermal technique done by a single company in the world, moissanite is made called Charles & Colvard. It cannot be graded with a GIA grade.

Where is Moissanite Found?

Arizona is the main source of natural moissanites. These are naturally occurring moissanites that are worth a lot more than the artificially produced moissanites. Moreover, the naturally available moissanite is found in a minute or petite forms that it is impossible to make jewelry from it. Hence, almost all the jewelry you see of moissanite is from lab created moissanite.

The first ever moissanite found by Henri Moissan was also from Arizona, in the meteor crater, making the stone even more controversial. Is moissanite from out of the earth? Is it the secret stone we’ve all been waiting for?

What are Moissanite Color energies

Do you know diamonds are graded based on the 4Cs while moissanite is graded based on its size in carats and color alone, i.e, 2Cs? Comparing moissanite to diamonds is not easy ether

If you’re wondering, what colors do moissanite come in, be ready to be surprised! While the colorless variety of moissanite is most identical to a diamond, moissanite can occur in a range of colors such as the below. Even in its colorless form, moissanite emits a green to yellow shade depending on the source of light.

  • Colorless: This variety of moissanite is often compared to the GIA graded K-color diamond.
  • Green: A duller green than that of Morganite, green moissanite is found in pale to faded green hues.
  • Yellow: Looking a citrine or yellow topaz, yellow moissanite has a thousand sparkles inside.
  • Blue: Having tones such as aquamarine to tanzanite, blue moissanite looks gorgeous.
  • Black: Mimicking black onyx, black moissanite is a protective gemstone.

How to Clean a Moissanite?

  • Take a bowl.
  • Fill it with warm water.
  • Lather a few drops of fragrance-less detergent in it.
  • Now, take a soft bristle brush and dip it in the bowl.
  • Clean your moissanite ring or jewelry gently with the soapy brush.
  • Run it under cold water.
  • Keep it in a jar of rice or pat it dry with a microfiber cloth.

Metaphysical Properties and Benefits of Moissanite

Moissanite made in the labs are equally powerful as natural moissanite because it is composed of the same crystal matrix that sets off the energy vibrations. I say this because I once though the man-made versions of stones were inferior, but they aren’t. Crystals are good either-ways because they are made from the same elements that add their inherent energy to the mix.

Let’s look at the real advantages of wearing moissanite jewelry today.

Physical Uses of Moissanite

Depending on the color of moissanite you use, it’s powers can change. I am not kidding, I used to wear green moissanite on my left hand with my peridot to increase my luck and heart health at once. You’ve no idea how it saved me from LDL cholesterol that was piling up in my body.

Moissanite in yellow can clear the path and expand the powers of a higher and lower chakra stone that aids in the crown or sacral chakras such as citrine or carnelian.

Spiritual Uses of Moissanite

I wear moissanite in my spiritual work when it helps me clear my faults in character and aura. Moissanite can help you clear a lot more. It amplifies physical healing when used with other gemstones. And, if you have been particularly failing at any crystal ritual such as scrying or calling upon the angels, moissanite can help.

Use moissanite for attuning your mind to communing with spirits or doing rituals.

Emotional Uses of Moissanite

I have found moissanite to be excellent when meeting new people because it protects my aura and cleans my focus. It is an essential stone for those going through terrible bouts of depression due to their physical discomforts. It’s not our fault and moissanite being a manmade equivalent of an amazing stone can help.

You can use the power of moissanite to heal and renew your faith in religion you follow subconsciously or one that aligns naturally with your values.

How to use Moissanite in 4 Different Ways

The powers of moissanite can be experienced in a wide variety of ways. After using moissanite for half of my life, I know how precious they are and ways to use them for the best benefits. If you’re new to moissanites and want to know the crystal benefits, uses and ways to use it metaphysically, try any of the below and share your story for surprise discounts on moissanites.

·      Moissanite Emerald Ring for Happiness and Peace

14K White Gold Green Moissanite Ring

Available in three metal options of 14K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold, this green moissanite ring fit a range of finger sizes. It is inlaid with multiple white moissanites stones like diamonds around the central emerald to beautify your hands.

This emerald and moissanite ring is fashion faithful and beyond comparison as emerald with moissanite makes miracles. It gives the higher heart energy of emerald which is amplified by the moissanite to make you feel good. Made in precious metal, the ring will last a lifetime!

How to Use Green Moissanite for Happiness and Peace

Meditation is the best use of this green emerald and moissanite ring. You will witness intense feelings of ambition and action-minded thoughts. To do so, follow the steps-

  • Take your moissanite and emerald ring in your hand.
  • Now close your palms and hold it against the heart.
  • Meditate with your eyes closed until you feel the warmth in your heart.
  • Do it after waking up, facing the sun, early in the morning before wearing.

·      White Moissanite Stone for Amplifying your Intelligence

14K White Gold Plated Silver Ring

Made in a classic design, improvised for flair and antique allure, this white moissanite is a sight for sore eyes. It sparkles like a tiny star on your fingers, putting the spotlight on you. Beautiful and charming, this white moissanite stone ring has the power to amplify the chakra energies of any crystal jewelry you’re wearing. Being subtle yet gorgeous, it is perfect for casual to office wear.

How to use White Moissanite for Amplifying Wisdom

Wear it while studying or gift as a promise ring to keep your beau always with you.

·      Moissanite with Ruby 14K Gold Ring for Intuition

Genuine 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Ring

Another combination of moissanite is ruby, the grounding crystal pairing. Moissanite can make you feel secure and at easy when it is worn with a real ruby like the one in the picture. It is available in three metal options of 14K Yellow, Rose and White Gold.

This moissanite can make you have a rosy glow and charm that impresses the ones around. That’s because this white moissanite can make you intuitive in addition to being charismatic.

How to Use White Moissanite for Intuition

Wear this ruby ring with white moissanites encircling it to your job interview or exam to do your best. You can also use it with a Scrying mirror. Don’t know how? Follow the steps-

  • Take your black obsidian scrying mirror.
  • Place the ruby in front of it, with the stone facing the mirror.
  • You can also wear the ruby + moissanite ring on your finger and show the mirror the stone in a fist.
  • Do not touch the stone on the mirror.
  • Crystal gaze. Click here to know how to do scrying.

·      Moissanite with Amethyst Key Pendant for Clarity

Amethyst Love golden   Silver key Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

One of our all-time bestsellers, this amethyst and moissanite pendant is really a miracle. It can uplift your crown chakra. Added with the amplifying energy of moissanites, this pendant works on the higher and lower chakras at once. It is the key to your spirit, not just the heart.

How to use White MOISSANITE FOR Clarity and Luck

Wear it after programming with affirmations so that the pendant connects with your crown chakra and aligns all the other chakras. You can do this programming before sleeping and keep it under the pillow.

  • Take your moissanite pendant in your palm.
  • Chant your affirmation.
  • Repeat it until you enter a trance wherein you forget the chant itself into the heart of the universe.

Before you go …

Moissanite stones are beautiful works of nature. And when nature ran out of it, man has helped to add more moissanites into the nature. Buy moissanites and bring balance to the nature.

Share your D.O.B below to know the best stone you can pair with moissanites and receive its amplification on the most important chakra for you.

Stay powerful~

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