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Easy Mistakes that Happen When You Activate a Crystal

Easy Mistakes that Happen When You Activate a Crystal

It’s all about healing crystals right NOW. Celebrities are vouching for its magical powers, so are the politicians. Besides that, it’s becoming harder and harder to find out the real powers of a crystal because scores of crystal users are saying a million different things at once. How do you find out if you’re doing the job right? What is the signal that your crystal is activated? I was just like you in the start, so don’t worry. Scroll down and find out all the mistakes that happen when you activate a crystal.

Once you start reading you will realize the errors yourself. Click on purple colored text to go to blog posts that define specific topics in detail within the post. Above all, ask me any doubt you have in the comments below.

Good luck!

What happens when you Activate a crystal?

Forget the metaphysics and imagine your crystal as a new phone. Just like a SIM card activates the mobile, your crystal gets activated with energy. You know energy cannot be created or destroyed right? It can only be transferred.

When you transfer your energy into a crystal, the dormant crystal lattice becomes alive. You know we stay alive because blood flows through our veins right? One break in the vein and hemorrhage happens, leading to death. The same way, your energy has to flow through all the veins of the crystal to make it alive.

Once a crystal is activated, the energized veins of the crystal amplify the energy. That’s the beauty of healing crystals. It will then emanate the amplified energy to manifest your intentions.

If you didn’t have any manifestations, you feel a light emerge within your mind or body or even cold when you activate a gemstone. The difference is so obvious that you wouldn’t wonder or disbelieve whether your stone is activated!  

Avoid These Mistakes That Happen When you Activate a Crystal

1.    Overcharging when you Activate a Crystal

There’s nothing as overcharging a crystal unless you’re trying to destroy the stone with overpowering energies, intentionally.  That being said, cleaning your crystal after every use is unnecessary.

As a rule of thumb, you will know if you’re bonded well with your stone, the right time to charge your stone.

2.    Toxic Gemstones must not be Used to make gem Elixir

When you use crystals to make infusions, it transfers the energy of the crystals into the water. The infused crystal water is called the elixir that can be used for multifaceted purposes. However, not all crystals can be used to make elixirs. In fact, most are toxic, hence infusion rituals for crystal activation must be thoroughly researched before trying.

Click HERE to know about the toxicity in 45 gemstones that must not be used in Elixirs.  

3.    Waiting to Get Ready or Perfecting it

Do you try things over and over again until it is perfect? Not that it’s bad, but perfectionism ends up costing time, energy and much more. Lack of confidence is often the root of perfectionism. But, when you’re dealing crystals, perfectionism is also a sign you haven’t bonded with crystals.

As perfect things are a rarity, it is best to sacrifice your perfectionist-pride and move on when you are activating crystals because this might piss off the crystal too! If you’re a perfectionist, record the total time it takes for you to activate a crystal by the name of the ritual. Stick to it!

4.    Choose one Activation Ritual over Multiple Ones

In the start, activating a gemstone was the toughest thing to me. I used to use the singing bowl to clear quartz and a dozen more rituals to activate my stone. To be honest, I so wish someone told me the truth- too many rituals don’t make your crystal super-powerful.

While multiple rituals can amplify the energy, often one ritual will activate enough energy to carry out your intention to the dot. When you re-do the process wondering if the activation is sufficient, you are distrusting the stone. Stick with one ritual or make a plan of rituals than do it randomly without any confidence!

5.    No Bowl or Fork is Better than the Other

Did someone tell you there is one specific tuning fork or singing bowl that can activate a stone better than the others? Unless the fork or bowl is made of a crystal itself, this can’t be true. Your energy and that of the stone is important than the price of the material.

I have seen many people ending up with pathetic results even after investing in costly activation products for their crystals. The key to activating your crystal is faith. Do you have it?  

6.    Too much Grounding Prevents Flexibility

Do you feel heavy, dizzy or a pulling sensation when you’re trying to work with amethyst or howlite? This is because it grounded you too much.

Routine rituals with crystals without any intention or manifestation can make you stuck to the earth such that it becomes tough to move away from the specific place you practiced the ritual at. Stones like hematite can make you too grounded.

What to do when you’re too grounded? Use psychic stones for ungrounding such as Lapis Lazuli, Apatite or Shattuckite!

7.     Don’t Say Things You Don’t Believe in as an Affirmation

When you’re talking to a crystal as an affirmation or mantra, it is important to be certain of your activity. Just as you won’t talk senselessly to your friends or family, respect the crystal. Intend good and ask for good.

You should never ask things that affect others, it is a breach of personal space. The problem is when you do things aimed at others, it can backfire easily as their energies are different from yours, leading to conflicts. While tantrics and black magicians do it, you should never commit the error of doing it.

Before you go …

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Most importantly, being confused when activating your crystal makes the stone confused as well. That’s why I always say you must meditate before starting any crystal ritual.

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind; they can change many things drastically. Read more about activating your crystals HERE.

Stay powerful~

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