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All Your Questions Answered About Crystals for Anxiety

Healing Crystals for Anxiety Relief - All Your Questions Answered

I know what aches your brain cells because I’m a victim of general anxiety too. It drives me to scream, shout and be completely vulnerable. I get you. But, do you get you? That’s why when I found an answer with crystals for anxiety, I decided to make this a Q&A for clearing out all your doubts about panicky situations.

It really helped become more of me.

I am, what you call integrated with anxiety such that I can channel it for creative purposes.

It’s going excellent for me!

Don’t you wanna know the cures for anxiety with healing stones too? Read on!

What are Healing Crystals for Anxiety Relief?

Amethyst and Sage for Anxiety

Anxiety is the misfire of neurons. You feel uneasy and restless when you’re anxious.

We all do.

But, if you’re a crystal user like me, one interference of strong gemstone energies can calm you.

How do Crystals Help with Anxiety?

sad smiley for anxietySee, you feel relieved when you touch a rose quartz because it soothes your heart chakra. Crystals for OCD also works just like that.

The same way, once you recognize the ailing chakra, you can use crystals for anxiety by chakra. I’ve added all the ways to use gemstones in your everyday life to say goodbye to anxiety forever.

Scroll away …

Can Crystals cause Anxiety?

Yes and No, because it depends on the stone you choose.  Every crystal can gel well with your intentions, aura and energies. That’s why zodiac birthstones work so well on each of us. Nevertheless, if you’re curiously trying out a crystal you’ve never bonded with, it can backfire.

I’ve felt so dizzy and anxious after using a ruby that I decided to ground myself well before the next session. If you pair wrong crystals together, you can feel anxious too!

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety?

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

I know it’s crazy when you think which is the right crystal for you.

  • Scroll up.
  • Type your zodiac name in the search bar on the top left.
  • Click Enter and you will see the birthstones list by your zodiac.
  • Ready? Try it out right now.

Where to Buy Healing Crystals for Anxiety

You don’t have to search on and on. I will tell you the best crystals for anxiety that works on all zodiacs, for all date-of-births.
It will never harm you or make you anxious.

One touch of any of the three gemstones can relax you. You will no longer have sweaty palms to uneasiness.

1.    Amazonite - Crystals for Anxiety and Fear

Frosted Amazonite Bracelet (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)

This throat chakra stone is one of the many crystals for anxiety and confidence. It works by raising your throat chakra by making you fearless.

2.    Amethyst - Crystals for Anxiety and Insomnia

Amethyst Ring White Gold Filled   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

What will happen if all your anxious thoughts are grounded out? That’s what amethyst does. Say goodbye to mind chatter quickly before you touch an amethyst.

3.    Rose Quartz - Crystals for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Rose Quartz Pyramid for Anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety and OCD work with the heart chakra and rose quartz calms your heart. No more racing heart and dizziness when you wear rose quartz jewelry or use a rose quartz gemstone.

Before you go …

best crystals for anxiety

Found the best crystals for anxiety? Tell us which helps you the most in the comments and we will share the message.

It will help thousands of people who fall into anxiety just like you and me!


Stay powerful~


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