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Breakthrough Benefits of Visualizing While Charging your Stone

Breakthrough Benefits of Visualizing While Charging your Stone

Do you know the Story of Jim Carrey and the power of visualization? It’s a struggling tale with a happy ending but let me brief it for you. During the 90s when Carrey was struggling for a break, he decided to visualize the success. He wrote a check for 10 Million USD for ‘Acting Services’ dated 4 years from then. As fate would have it, his intention came true and he received $10 Million for Dumb & Dumber. We can’t all be crazy-talented as Jim Carrey, but what if you had a secret weapon? I know the real effects of Visualizing While Charging your Stone to manifest your intentions. Wanna know how?

I’ve even added the actual video where Jim Carrey confesses, at the end of the post!

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What is the Power of Visualization

According to Buddhist teachings, visualization is the ultimate workout for your brain cells. It lets the stream of consciousness flow its way to find order and answer to your mind chatter. It calls the reptilian and old mind as the ‘monkey mind’.

Forget the existential crisis, all you need to know is, when you imagine, you are dissociating from your current state, saying goodbye to your aura and entering a state of future by actualizing it in the brain.

Crazy right? No wonder, it works like crazy too!

Unsurpassed Benefits of Visualizing While Charging your Stone

Ever wondered ‘why charge your crystals”? What happens when you charge? Well, the simplest example is it gains energy. It can by your own or the energy in the cosmos transferred to the crystal to activate its true powers. When you connect these positive energies with your visualization, it transforms into reality.

Startling, right? Well, it can do a lot more. Find out the THREE Core benefits of visualization with crystals!

·      Manifestation by Charging your Crystals

When you use a charged crystal to help you energize your intentions, the affirmation comes true because of the power of the crystal energy that enters the universe. It is the reason manifestation of chants becomes easy!

·      Automatically Planning by charging your Stone

When you charge a gemstone, it will interfere with your conscience to fill in ideas depending on the chakra it affects. You will be able to see past, present or future to create better decisions. Besides, crystal energy can make you sharp and alert to elevate your intellectual skills too.

·      Attain Peace by Visualizing While Charging your Stone

Using a charged gemstone also attracts peace. When you visualize to charge a stone, the repressed energies are let out. It will help you regain freedom and control over your mind now that you have closure from the things that were troubling you.

How to Charge your Crystals with Visualization?

How to visualize? Is visualization real? Does it fuel the chakra? Visualization is an easy technique that works your brain. If you think you can’t, you’re doing it too much. Try to relax, take a few breaths and follow the steps below!

  • Take the healing crystal in your palm.
  • Now imagine your chakras lighting up.
  • Imagine the lit up energies flowing from each chakra into your palm.
  • Visualize the stone getting heavy with power in your palms.
  • You will see new visions or light when the stone is fully charged.
  • Place it down in front of you.
  • Let it rest a few seconds before you use the energy in rituals.

Are there other ways to Charge your Crystals Other Than Visualization?

Visualization is the easiest way to charge your crystals. It connects your physical and spiritual realities to blend into one power. Moreover, you can feel and see the energy transfer during a visualization ritual for charging your stone!

·      Meditation

You can always meditate without visualization or with visualization to charge your healing crystals. Meditation is similar to visualization without imagination, but pure energy transfer!

·      Full Moon

Another way to activate your crystals with maximum healing energy is by leaving it in a Tibetan Singing Bowl under the full moon night. The energy of the full moon willpower of up your stone in ways you know not!

·      Crystal Grid

7 Chakra Healing Crystal Grid Kit

Never used a grid with stones? All you need to do is place your stone in the middle by pointing other stones towards it. Let is soak up the energies for 4 hours. Buy this Crystal Grid ready to use!

·      Burying the Stone

Reconnecting with earth can restore the energy. As crystals are the fruit of the womb of mother earth, leaving for a full moon under the earth is perfect for it to restore energies.

Before you go …

Uses of visualizing while charging your stone are many.

Wanna see the real video of Jim Carrey’s Visualization success story?

Getting a crystal ball or scrying mirror will help you see the process of visualization than just imagining it. Try it right now with the discount code below!

Stay powerful~

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