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Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Renowned as the healer’s stone, sugilite is a stone of higher powers. It was labeled the lovestone of the 21st century and heralded as the harbinger of peace. Sugilite has no record of ancient legends as it was discovered in the 20th century.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

The recent gemstone has recorded vital to the new-age gemstone rituals and therapies. Being a crown chakra activator, Sugilite can transform your reality too. As it was discovered at the end of the final World War, Sugilite was heralded as the divine sign of hope. It is believed to work on people who have goodwill in their hearts.

Being a healing stone, sugilite is ideal for those seeking their destiny. Do you want to know your fate? Grab a Sugilite gemstone RIGHT NOW!

·        Alternate Names of Sugilite

Lavuite, Royal Lavuite, Royal Lazelle, Azel, Purple Turquoise, Wesselite and Sugi stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Hardness of Sugilite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Origin of Sugilite

India, Japan, South Africa and Tajikistan;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Sugilite Represents the God

  • Cerridwen: Goddess of Inspiration, Welsh;
  • Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom, Etruscan;
  • Vac: God of Words, Hinduism;
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom;
  • Al-UZza: Goddess of Fertility;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Sugilite

Capricorn and Sagittarius;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Sugilite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Sugilite Color energies

Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Green, Black, Grey, Yellow and Violet;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Numerical Vibration of Sugilite

7, 3 and 2;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Sugilite activates the Chakra (s)

Crown, Brow and Third Eye chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Sugilite was discovered by Dr. Ken-ichi- Sugi in Japan. It is named after the same scientist too. Also referred to as Wesselite, Sugilite is a gemstone from the family of Osumilite. It is a silicate mineral formed with the presence of lithium, aluminum, manganese, and potassium.

Pronounced as Soo-gee-light, Sugilite is a gemstone known to activate the spiritual powers within a user. It is available in a variety of colors owing to its widespread presence and recent discovery. Luvulite is rarely found. It is prominently mined from South Africa, India, Canada and Japan.

Crystal lovers and users unanimously vouch that sugilite helps to answer the purpose of life in the simplest of ways. It can attract physical and spiritual love to users. We will teach you all the ways on how to use sugilite and make the most out of it!

1.    Magenta Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

A powerful crown chakra sugilite, magenta sugilite is dark and mixed with the red and purple colors in a sugilite. It clears the clutter in the mind of the user to lead them to light. Magenta Sugilite helps to attract wisdom and knowledge into life.

2.    Webbed sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Often seen with patches of white, rose, black, grey, pink, green and yellow webs, webbed sugilite is a stone for the confounded folks. It helps to set clarity and is often seen on pink sugilite varieties. Use it as a palm crystal during fears to overcome them easily.

3.    Plum Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Referred to as Plum Rustica, Plum Sugilite is one in a million gemstone. It is often seen with characteristic swirls and turns. Plum Sugilite awakens the powers of the higher chakras.

4.    Lilac Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

A lighter sugilite filled with gentle energies of oneness, lilac colored sugilite is seen interspersed with gray, black and pink shades too. It is often seen with dynamic patterns, recommended best for those finding it difficult to fall asleep at night.

5.    Blue Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Another startling variety of Sugilite, blue sugilite is a stone of immense magic. It is seen with bright inclusions and multi-colored patterns, Blue sugilite can be seen with white to purple, pink, black and gray patches depending on its origin.

6.    Purple sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Resembling amethyst in all its characteristics, purple sugilite also works like an amethyst. The sole difference is that sugilite is a gentler stone than amethyst. It will enlighten you about the future and reveal the destiny to you. Purple sugilite is the most expensive variety of sugilite too.  

7.    Chalcedony Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

One of the unique sugilite gemstones that exist with chalcedony, this unique sugilite is mixed with the black matrix. The reddish-purple sugilite owes it to the presence of chalcedony and is recommended for emotionally unstable people.

8.    Sugilite Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

An exquisite variety of sugilite, green sugilite is seen in pale olivine to jade green. The gemstone sugilite jade is a comforting stone akin to jade. It is seen in glassy green shades of deep and pale green colors.

9.    Black Sugilite

Seen in black with an overlay of purple, white, grey and rosy hues, black sugilite is a hypnotic healing crystal. Black Sugilite is often seen in webbed and mottled varieties too. It is a gemstone of protection and security. 

10. Yellow Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

No one talks about yellow sugilite because most even don’t know that it exists. Yellow sugilite is a gemstone of enlightenment and new beginnings. It is seen with white and grey patches or webs.

11. Colorless Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

The translucent to opaque variety of sugilite with faded colors of purple, with a prominent white shade is referred to as colorless sugilite. It is excellent for awakening the higher chakras.

12. Leopardskin Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Seen with patches and spots of white to pink, black, brown and grey, leopardskin sugilite is a stone of heightened passions. It can help you even out the mental clutter and simultaneously empower your wisdom. Leopardskin sugilite is seen with dynamic patterns that run through the stone.

13. Gel Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

One of the rarest and most expensive sugilite stones, gel sugilite is a gemstone with many qualities. Gel sugilite is translucent and seen in purple to pink shades. It looks viscous and helps fortune tellers to see into the future.

14. Banded Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

When sugilite is seen with a band of multiple colors, it is referred to as banded sugilite. Commonly seen banded sugilites consist of interspersed layers of black, grey white, green and yellow in-between purple. The black color of sugilite owes it to the presence of manganese.

15. Pink Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Higher than purple stones, pink sugilite is often bid for expensive tags. Pink Sugilite can be seen with or without inclusions. In South Africa, where it was first mined, pink sugilite is called, Wesselite. It harnesses the power of forgiveness to divine love.

·        Physical Effects of Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Renowned through the 20th century as Luvulite, sugilite is a stone of immense healing. It can calm down serious alterations in consciousness such as epilepsy, dyslexia and other psychiatric disorders. Sugilite active enhances the nerve center of the brain.

Being a stone of intuition, it helps to boost the immunity. If you had joints pain or arthritis, Sugilite can help you get rid of inflammations easily. Wesselite can also boost your strength and heal influenza or similar other infections. When programmed daily, Sugilite can help in cleansing the blood immensely too.

For respiratory troubles, gem elixir from sugilite works excellently. From allergies to bronchial problems and asthma, sugilite helps by purifying the complete system. It can be used via crystal patches to eradicate routine cramps and lethargy too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Sugilite is a freeing stone with the meditative affirmation of ‘love must not stop life’. It encourages you to explore life and revive your spiritual bonds. When regularly programmed with the higher chakras, sugilite can help you attract wisdom and knowledge in life.

It is an intuitive stone that can cultivate qualities of clairvision and clairvoyance when used as a means for self-hypnosis. Sugilite must be bonded gradually to make the most out of its gemstone powers.

From dream recalls to inner visions and prophecies, sugilite can affect different people in different ways. It helps your aura vibrate with that of the cosmos to free you from all evil. Sugilite heals the greyness in your aura.

·        Emotional Effects of Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

Finding peace and happiness is definitely the hardest thing evolution has thrust unto us. Mankind has been searching for goodness since its inception. If you’re constantly anxious and worried about the future, sugilite can guarantee you everything you ever wanted- a peek into the tomorrow.

Being a support stone with powers to charge the higher chakras, sugilite helps to relieve negativity and troubles easier than you ever knew. Sugilite makes you feel special by surfacing the hidden potential you have. It will mother and nourish you to grow your inner talents without enslaving to your emotions.

The stone of good fortune and happiness also comes with effects of tranquility. In times of pain and confusion, holding onto a sugilite stone is enough to revamp life. It helps you rehabilitate with life and find meaning in your actions. If mind chatter is killing your sanity, start meditating with sugilite ASAP!

·        Five Facts About Sugilite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite


1.      Sugilite might look like amethyst, but is a gemstone rarer than the same. Sugilite is currently mined merely in four parts around the world.
2.      According to crystal science, sugilite is a cyclosilicate just like iolite, tourmaline, and beryls.
3.      Owing to its poor cleavage, sugilite is durable as well.
4.      A renowned variety of lepidolite, flower sugilite is a purple stone white cloud, wave or mist like patterns within it. It is advocated as ideal for resolving emotional baggage and traumas of the past.
5.      The potent fire energy in sugilite creates harmonious vibes when placed in the southern area of the home or office according to Feng Shui.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sugilite

A gemstone of thousand words, no love potion is complete without sugilite. It is revered as the gemstone that helps to realize the dreams of true lovers. Sugilite helps you empower your love and marital bliss if that is worrying you.

Sugilite manifests divine love when programmed with higher chakras.

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Tell us your experience with sugilite in the comments below.

Stay powerful~


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