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7 Sacred Healing Crystals for Loss of a Pet

7 Sacred Healing Crystals for Grief of a Pet

The loss of a beloved pet can be just as heart-wrenching as the loss of a human family member. In fact, pet bereavement can often be even more painful. When you lose your furry companion, it can feel like you've lost the one being who truly understood and listened to you.

However, you don't have to navigate this long and lonely road by yourself. One way to remember your pet and move through the various stages of grief is through the use of healing crystals specifically designed for pet loss. These crystals have been a source of comfort and healing for me in my own journey of pet bereavement, and they may help you too.

Sending you love and light~

7 Healing Crystals for Loss of a Pet and Pet Bereavement

It’s tough to overcome grief. Crystals for dying can help you through the process because they connect with your mind, spirit and body. Crystals for pet bereavement have helped hundreds, if not thousands of crystal users to overcome grief. It’s not easy and it takes time, but with crystals, the hope is much more than without it.

To tell my story, when I lost my 12-year-old dog owing to natural reasons. He has been with my since I was in 4th grade. When he passed away, my aunt gave me a black crystal that got me through the phases of mourning. I was a mess and it was during my college exams. But, the crystal helped me find balance in life. Many other times through life, during the loss of loved ones including pets, I have experimented with a variety of crystals.

The below is a list of the sacred 7 crystals that can help you through your own grief over pet bereavement.  

1.    Apache Tears

One of the best stones for overcoming grief, Apache Tears are a legendary stone. It is believed that this variety of obsidian is the solidified tears of the tribal women that fell to the bosom of the earth.

A powerful stone that supports and uplifts you through grief, Apache tears for the loss of a pet works miracles. It explains the meaning of life and death and how your dog is in a better place. Apache tears New Mexico is a natural crystal when your pet just died.

How to Use Apache Tears for Pet Bereavement?

  • Hold the Apache tears in your right palm after cleansing it.
  • Close your eyes and remember your pet.
  • Visualize the moments with your pet.
  • Continue the meditation until you feel light.
  • Keep the Apache tear by your side for the next three days.

2.    Amethyst

One of a kind gemstone for awakening your crown chakra and contacting the spiritual realm above, amethyst works with angels. It can help you communicate with the spirit of your past away dog. It is a miraculous stone that can seek the help of a spirit guide to find your answers to speak with your lost pet.

Amethyst can work as a medium to communicate your thoughts to the other realm where your pet has passed over to.

How to Use Amethyst Crystal for loss of a Pet?

  • Take the amethyst in your right hand.
  • Close the right hand with the left palm tightly.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Chant the affirmations to call your dog by ‘name’.
  • Continue chanting until you feel the presence of your dog.
  • Communicate with your dog through incantations.
  • Continue until you feel the absence of the spirit of the dog.

3.    Rose Quartz

No list of crystals for loss of a loved one, be it human or pet, is complete without rose quartz. This was the second crystal that helped me get over the death of my cat and two dogs. It’s a powerful crystal filled with the essence of divine love.

Rose quartz can help you find the sense of all the suffering. It opens your heart to the bigger picture. The soft vibrations of rose quartz help your heart overcome the struggle of grief.

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals for Bereaving loss of a pet?

  • Take your rose quartz in your left hand.
  • Place it over your heart.
  • Now make a grid with the same crystal of rose quartz in the center.
  • Create one circular layer or rose quartz around it.
  • Close your eyes and chant the name of your pet.
  • Now touch the wand on the middle crystal and work your way to the rest.

4.    Sugilite

A little known crystal, sugilite is a support therapy stone. Sugilite helps you find the shoulder you need to cry and vent out. The purple gemstone protects you from danger and harms. It makes you positive and hopeful about life.

Wearing or using sugilite teaches you love and light. Sugilite works with higher and lower chakras to calm you down.

How to Use Sugilite for coping with the grief of pet loss?

  • Take the sugilite bracelet in your right hand.
  • Point your crystal wand at the sugilite bracelet.
  • Chant ‘Overcome this grief’ again and again.
  • Meditate for five minutes.
  • Wear the sugilite bracelet afterward.

5.    Pink Calcite

File:Calcite-34663.jpgAttribution: Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Popular as the mangano calcite, pink calcite seeks the power of angels. It helps you communicate with the spirit of your pet and get over the grief. It will help you see light and convey the things you couldn’t when your pet was alive.

Pink calcite works with both the heart chakra and sacral chakra to make you feel energetic and enthusiastic towards life.

How to use Mangano Calcite for pet bereavement?

  • Take your mangano calcite and cleanse it with a selenite wand.
  • Place the calcite pink stone in a Tibetan copper bowl.
  • Now take the wooden mallet and rub the edges of the bowl with your right hand.
  • Continue with the singing bowl until you begin to notice the crystal vibrations among them.
  • Meditate for five minutes continuing in clockwise direction.
  • Do it before sleep.

6.    Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceFI900

A pain relief stone that creates balance, mookaite jasper can reduce disturbing thoughts. It can cleanse your negativity and attract positive opportunities into your life. They work against destructive energies and create a protective cocoon around you.

A popular chalcedony stone, mookaite jasper can disperse confusions. It finds answers and truths to calm your mind. Mookaite can be used to share your sorrow after the loss of a pet.

How to use Mookaite for loss of a pet?

  • Take your mookaite jasper pendant in your right hand.
  • Hold it in the center of the right palm.
  • Hold it at eye level.
  • Gaze into it.
  • Chant your affirmations to cleansing the pain.
  • Repeat until you feel better.

7.    Indicolite Quartz

A beautiful variety of quartz with blue tourmaline in it, Indicolite quartz is a special stone. The essence of blue tourmaline makes it a stone for courage and warmth. It teaches you the lesson of acceptance. Indicolite is a high vibration stone that can tune out the sadness and sorrow from your aura.

A special aquamarine-like quartz, indicolite quartz brings the grounding powers of tourmaline with the cleansing energy of clear quartz. It can eradicate negative thoughts from your mind.

How to use Indicolite Quartz for Pet Loss?

  • Take the indicolite quartz cluster in your hand.
  • Meditate for five minutes while thinking about your pet.
  • Do it when you’re overcome by sadness.

Before you go …

Have you found the right crystal for pet bereavement? The loss of a pet is no simple thing. It takes time and patience to get over the pain. Use the crystals above in the list to overcome grief.

These crystals can help you find hope, love, and support. If you have found different crystals to help with the loss of a pet, share it with us in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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