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Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

A gemstone that looks like the epitome of tranquillity is also one of the softest gemstones that guarantee the same relief as going to a Spa.

No, we’re not kidding; try this magical gem once!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

Howlite is a unique gemstone revered in the Native American Folktales as the USA is one of the best places with mines of Howlite. Often titled the calming stone, Howlite is a gemstone that lets you peek into your past lives and remove karma debts.

Meditating with Howlite does not make you a superhuman, but it does make you a metahuman by infusing its own powers with the user’s chakra. Ancient lores claim that holding a Howlite was enough to calm even the evil-most person in the world.

Howlite resembles with a variety of another gemstone including turquoise, red coral, lapis lazuli

·        Alternate Names of Howlite

White Turquoise, White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Lapis Howlite, Khaulite and Howlit;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

·        Hardness of Howlite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

·        Origin of Howlite

California, Canada, South Africa. Myanmar, Namibia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, China and Brazil;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

·        Howlite Represents the God

  • Selene: Goddess of moon, Greece;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Howlite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Howlite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Howlite Color energies

    White, Black, Gray, Brown and Cream;

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Numerical Vibration of Howlite


    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Howlite activates the Chakra (s)

    All the chakras but prominently Third eye, Crown and Throat Chakras;

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    ·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    A porous gemstone that looks like the identical twin of many other gemstones; howlite is one of a kind healing crystal. Howlite is named after the chemist Henry How who discovered Howlite in Nova Scotia. Howlite in found in a variety of forms spanning from cauliflower florets to masses, tabular crystals and nodules too!

    A beautiful and mesmerizing crystal that is commonly found around the USA, Howlite is one of the largest gemstones that is even found in weights 100-120 pound rocks. Howlite has a porcelain texture that makes it appear like the turquoise stone. It is rarely used in everyday jewelry as it is too soft and brittle, but howlite is often used after polishing for interior decoration and exquisite jewelry making.  

    If you’re a howlite lover, it is wise to keep it away from hydrochloric acid solutions as the gem melts in such a solution. Considered an excellent antidote for overexcited people, Howlite is available in transparent and opaque varieties.

    1.      Blue Howlite or Turquentine

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    A mid blue howlite is often called blue howlite. But, today you can find varieties of blue howlites that are artificially enhanced to look as such. Sold as Turquentine, blue howlite is a stone of throat chakra and it enhances the communication skills of the wearer. 

    2.      Purple Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    A unique howlite color combination with exquisite energies, purple howlite is a life-saver for those looking for insight into life. Purple howlite is often seen as dyed with exceptional color unlike the natural howlites. The intuitive stone is also one to manifests the law of attraction.

    3.      Chryso Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    Also called Chrysopase howlite, chryso howlite is a mild-blue howlite that is often dyed to mimick chrysopase blue shade. Chryso howlite is also called the turquoise howlite owing to its characteristic color. The pale blue howlite stone is the best antidote to rekindle relationships, especially among friends.

    ·        Physical Effects of Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    Howlite works on the human body in a hypnotizing way, just as it looks. The best of its healing abilities is calcium absorption to boost the strength of bones, teeth and cartilages in the body. Being a multi-chakra gemstone, howlite simultaneously cures other medical ailments including insomnia and other somnipathies. By keeping a howlite stone underneath your pillow before bed, you can reset the sleep stages as well as the regenerative processes during the time.

    Howlite is a stress-relieving stone that consecutively boosts your memory, skin health and learning abilities. Howlite brings down the pain of the muscles and was renowned as a pain-relief crystal, a few centuries ago. The white spider-webbed gemstone is excellent for kids and adults suffering ADHD or lack of anger management.

    ·        Spiritual Effects of Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    White Buffalo or Howlite is a mesmerizing gemstone that helps the wearer grow as well. Howlite inspires the wearer by revealing inner truths and past life recalls. It is an excellent meditation gemstone that harnesses wisdom from the subconscious using dream therapy.

    So don’t delay, buy yourself a small iolite and see how well you can work with it! Best effects of having howlite gemstone therapy are that it widens perspective, boosts clarity and opens the intuitive parts of the brain.

    When regularly used, howlite will take you far and wide on journeys you only dreamt of. Its not magic, it’s the magic of howlite! From astral travel to developing Christ consciousness, howlite is the gateway to explore your spiritual destiny!

    ·        Emotional Effects of Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    A gemstone with compassionate and selfless energy, howlite also teaches its wearer the omnipotent lessons of Selfishness as well. If you choose to keep a howlite within arm’s reach, you will never encounter fear again!

    Howlite is a stress relieving healing crystal that also treats depression and discontent. Howlite also relieves anxieties in case you’ve been bottling up your negative emotions. A rub of howlite is enough to release the wearer from the clutches and burdens of emotional baggage.

    Howlite helps to release physical, emotional and psychological pain with efficacy. It attracts peace and a mindset that craves for peace. Next time, you feel like you’re losing your temper, try reaching a howlite stone and see the magic unfold!

    Pseudo white turquoise is also considered ideal for people who find it hard to voice their skills due to fear, inferiority or even introversion. Howlite boosts the communication skills of the wearer in addition to stabilizing the inner balance. It boosts the commitment trait in the user makes it easy to explain your point clearly to others.

    ·        Five Facts About Howlite

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Howlite

    1.       Tabular Howlites are found in Nova Scotia in Canada alone, often in small clusters.
    2.       Howlite is not an anniversary stone, unlike most gemstones!
    3.       Most bright colored howlights are not natural, but dyed white or mildly colored howlite.
    4.       Manganese is often confused with howlite gemstone as it bears the same colors.
    5.       The rare gemstone has a unique cleavage, which decides its healing powers as well.

    Before You go …

    Howlite has powers to influence everyone’s life, not just me or you. If you want the quickest solutions or powers out of howlite gemstone, you must carry it on you or use it while chakra programming.

    There are gorgeous howlite stones around the world. Take a look around or bestseller howlites and see if you bond with any because if you, you’re in for a jackpot!

    Did the below howlite stun you?


    Tell us all about it in the comments below!

    Stay powerful~


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