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Amazing Tips To Clear the Energy of Your Home and Raise Its Vibrations

Amazing Tips To Clear the Energy of Your Home and Raise Its Vibrations

Amazing Tips To Clear the Energy of Your Home and Raise its Vibrations

Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable, happy and safe, even though it is not always like this. But there are great ways to achieve this objective by clearing the negative energy and raising the vibrations of your sacred space to make it a more positive and calming space to live and spend your time in.

As soon as you clear the negative energy from your home and make space for new positive vibes to come, this will transform your everyday space into a peaceful oasis of comfort and happiness. These easy but effective tips will help you change your focus, thoughts and surroundings into a high-vibrating environment where you’ll feel most content and happy.


What is Energy? 

First of all, let’s dive deep into the concept of energy. Everything in the universe is made of particles that vibrate in constant motion and create specific energy known as a vibrational field.  In terms of living, breathing beings, this field is physical and also spiritual and determines how we perceive the world around us and how others perceive us in the world.

What is Vibration?

On a deep level, positive high-vibes sare the feelings of love, gratitude and happiness. When someone has positive and high vibrations,  a radiant glow of peace and comfort are perceived by those around, even if they don’t see it. By raising those vibes in your home, you’ll be creating a positive environment capable of fostering all that happiness and love energies.

Why  Should We Clean Our Home’s Energy?

By cleaning our home’s energy, we are automatically raising the vibrations in the space; therefore, you’ll begin to feel more calm, free of stress, happier and more at ease in your living space; when you apply this to your environment, this will instantly clean your own energy and raise your vibes as well.

Great Tips to Clean Your Home’s Energy

We have put together a practical guide of things that will effectively clean your home’s energy and raise the vibrations of your space immediately, letting positive energy and feelings replace the old low vibrating sensation.

Smudge with Herbs. Smudge your home by burning some cleansing herbs like sage, palo santo or cedar; this will remove any negative energy that may be stuck inside your home. You can regularly burn incense to maintain a clean energy and promote a peaceful environment.

Declutter. Make space for new things in your life and a fresh start by decluttering; remove the stuff you keep at home that no longer has use for you. This will immediately make your space feel more organized and clean, giving you a feeling of lightness and reduce your stress levels with the simple fact of having a clearer view of your home, which can also help improve your focus and change the way you see things in your life.

Open Windows and Let Light and Air In. Letting the fresh air and natural light inside your home will immediately make you feel more energized and renovated, even if you don’t live in a place where you’re surrounded by nature. The simple fact of opening your windows and curtains first thing in the morning (as long as the weather permits, of course) will give you a positive and happy feeling.

Scented Candles. Get some scented candles with your favorite smells, and light them up for a few hours at night or throughout the day. Place them in the places where you spend most of the time. This will give you a pleasant and calming sensation that will promote relaxation. Go for soothing smells like lavender, vanilla or lemongrass. If you are allergic to scents, just placing unscented candles around the home will make you feel more at ease.

Place Items Representing the 5 Elements. Achieve a harmonious, balanced and synergic home by placing representative items of all five elements of nature. Feng shui incorporates water, fire, earth, metal and wood into home décor through things like a water fountain, burning incense for fire, a metal statue, having some wooden shelves with natural plants for the earth. These are simple ways to embrace nature at home for a soothing ambience.

Natural Plants and Flowers. Have greenery and colorful flowers as potted house plants, place them around the home where they can get some sun and fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view and fragrance brought by nature, you’ll notice how almost immediately, the vibration of your home will rise. You’ll feel full of life and joy. This will not only clean your home´s energy but will also elevate your vibes and boost your mood.

Raising the Vibrations at Home

Once the negative energy has been cleared from your home, it’s time to start raising the vibrations with the following easy tips.

Listen to High Vibe Music. Listening to optimistic songs that calm your mind and promote relaxation like playing a soothing piano playlist, or listening to songs that invite you to have a positive mindset, can help raise the vibrations in your home.

Add Himalayan Salt Lamps. Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom, office space or living room. The salt in these lamps will purify the air and absorb any negative vibes that may be lurking around your home to keep the energy always at its best. And on top of that, it looks great as a piece of home décor.

Diffuse Essential Oils. Like the scented candles, diffusing essential oils promote relaxation and help achieve a calming, peaceful home where you can feel safe, comfortable and at ease.

Quartz Crystals and Drusen. It is well known that quartz crystals have healing and energy clearing powers and provide protection, promoting high vibrations at the same time. You can place a few quartz crystals in a dedicated space of a room or on a shelf to display them beautifully. Choose some drusen with brilliant colors to create a positive environment around you.

Use a Singing Bowl. In the Buddhist tradition, monks have played Tibetan bowls by making them sing for centuries since these instruments have amazing healing benefits and properties. Singing bowls are made of metal, and a small wooden stick is used to create very high vibrational sounds that help to create a positive environment at home.

Paint Your Walls With Soothing and Calming Colors. Choose positive light and uplifting colors for your walls, go for soft tones that evoke a positive state of mind, and avoid dark or aggressive colors that can alter your mood and lower your vibrations.

Clean Your Energy and Raise Your Own Vibrations

Once your home’s ambiance is free of negative energy and has high vibes, it’s a good idea to do the same for your self, to be aligned with the new fantastic energy infused in your home.

Create a Personal Relaxing Space. Designate a specific space at home and transform it into your personal sanctuary where you can have a meditation room, a yoga practice space or just a peaceful reading area where you feel safe and where you can escape from stressful daily life situations.

Practice Meditation. Having a meditation practice can help you clear any negative thoughts off your mind. Try different styles until you find one that works for you and stick to a meditation routine, practice it as often as possible, and you’ll soon achieve a calm and balanced state of mind that will allow you to be more equanimous.

Practice Yoga. Yoga is excellent to increase your body strength and flexibility, and it’s also great for soothing your mind. Practice mindfulness along with your yoga routine; this practice consists of being more aware of the world, yourself and others around you. Practising yoga and mindfulness can help you have a new, more positive and grateful perspective of the world and raise your vibration.

Eat High Vibrational Foods. Choose a healthy diet containing organic fruits and vegetables; these foods will clean your energy from the low vibrational foods like processes, fried foods and meat. Avoid those as much as possible to help your vibrations stay high.

Practice Gratitude in Your Daily Life. Being grateful even for the smallest things in life is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration and harvest positive energy. It is also a great way to change your mindset and perspective in life, promoting to see all things positively. Start a journal and write five things that you’re grateful for at the end of every day; this will help you create the habit of practising gratitude.

Do Things with Love. When you start doing everything with love and with a positive intention, this will affect all those around you; you’ll start spreading this attitude towards others, which will help raise the vibrations of others as well.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake. Start by reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, a beer occasionally, or a glass of wine is ok, but in general, focus on drinking more herbal detoxing infusions, fresh juices and reducing toxins in your diet.

Add More Nature to Your Surroundings. Whether you bring more natural greens and plants into your home or try to go outside more often, surround yourself with nature, this simple action will boost your mood and make you feel happier. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll start to notice that your stress levels will decrease and you’ll have a stronger immune system.

By cleaning your home’s energy and bringing positive and higher vibrations to your life, you’ll see how your own energy and mindset will change with just a few simple actions that can improve your home’s environment; you’ll feel more fulfilled and happier as your vibrations increase more and more with time.

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