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7 Sacred Crystals for Harmony You Need in Life

7 Sacred Crystals for Harmony You Need in Life

While most of the newbie crystal users are searching for wealth and power, some of you do care about peace and wellbeing. Crystals for harmony are for those who want to appreciate the little things in life. If you’re here, this is a calling. And, the harmony stones are calling for you. Let’s find out the best stone for harmony you can wear to start today.


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Which Are The 7 Crystals For Harmony You Need?


Which are the 7 Crystals for Harmony you Need?

7 Sacred Crystals for Harmony You Need in Life

When I first started using crystals, I was a teenager. I was a mess too. I had no peace in my mind or reality. That’s when a crystal taught me how to meditate. What followed was a cheerful and happy time of my life that still continues.

I found the secret of harmony through crystals. The right crystals can make you optimistic such that your aura color will change. Crystals for harmony can cleanse your space too. Are you ready to find that magical crystal perfect for your harmonious frequency?   

1.    Smoky Quartz Crystal For Harmony

Elegant Brown Smoky Quartz Ring

Just like a smoky sage negates the evil around you, smoky quartz absorbs the negativity around you. It is believed to disperse confusions and find your destiny. An earth star chakra stone, Smoky quartz emanates vibrations of grounding. It relaxes and stabilizes you. Smoky quartz can also dissipate hatred and negativity.

How to Use Smoky Quartz for Harmony?

  • Take your smoky quartz ring in the right hand.
  • Hold the right hand with the left at the wrist.
  • Now circle the right hand thrice in front of you.
  • Do it on all the directions around you.

2.    Harmony Stone Selenite

Natural Selenite Tower Lamp Candle Holder

Selenite towers are famous for the purifying properties they have. Do you know selenite has the divine light of creation inside it? Selenite is a gemstone for pausing your life and evaluating it as a third person. It creates the space for you to do that by opening your crown chakra powers. The selenite tower lamp is excellent for purifying spaces with the help of fire.

How to Use Selenite Stone for Harmony?

  • Take your selenite lamp.
  • Place it in front of you.
  • Light it up.
  • Now place it where you want to purify.

3.    Clear Quartz For Harmony

100% Natural Pyramid Clear Crystal Quartzraw stone

Another self-cleansing stone that is powerful for absorbing the negativity, clear quartz spreads peace of mind too. It is a stone for removing all the negativity from your family. Place this clear quartz pyramid in the eastern direction after programming it with your intentions. Pray to Harmonia, the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares. It is believed to invoke marital harmony.

How to use Clear quartz for Harmony?

  • Take your clear quartz pyramid
  • Hold both your palms over the two faces of the pyramid.
  • Now close your eyes.
  • Pray to Harmonia for five minutes.
  • Chant her name.
  • Place the pyramid in the eastern or southeastern direction.

4.    Harmony Crystal Blue Kyanite

100% Natural Kyanite Ball Crystalraw stone4mm 80 piece

A gemstone for aligning multiple chakras at once, blue Kyanite gives stability and grounding. You can use it to restore the sense of peace. Blue Kyanite is an excellent stone for those who went through abuse or trauma. It is the best crystal for those who are suffering from anxiety. Crystals for harmony helps you express your mind truthfully. It is a stone that makes you tranquil.

How to use Blue Kyanite for Family Problems?

  • Take your blue Kyanite stones in the left hand.
  • Point a crystal wand that you love at the Kyanite stones.
  • Chant the harmony you seek in affirmations.
  • Wear Blue Kyanite after.

5.    Jade Balancing And Harmony

Stylish Jade Crystal RingRings8

One of the best crystals for amassing wealth, jade also soothes your mind from financial anxiety. Jade is a heart chakra stone that attracts love as well as luck your way. It makes you strong to enjoy the luxury that comes into your life.

Wearing jade on your right hand index finger on any day of the week works towards your harmony. This ring made entirely of jade will connect to your heart chakra and keep it aligned with your manifestations.

How to Use Jade for Financial Harmony?

  • Take your jade ring.
  • Place it in a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl with a wooden mallet.
  • Continue for ten minutes.
  • Visualize harmony coming into your life.

6.    Harmony With Crystal Sodalite

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCSNecklaceSodalite

One of the little known gemstones for harmony out of trouble, sodalite calms your mind. It soothes the nerves and makes you feel content. The relaxing stone is believed to eliminate worries and frustrations from the user. It brings the power of angels to calm you down. Promoting peace and wellbeing, sodalite can also cleanse people and spaces from negative or evil thoughts.

How to use Sodalite Crystals for Harmony?  

  • Take the sodalite stone in your right hand.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Ruffle the stone in your right hand.
  • You will see visions on what to do in order to relax.

7.    Rose Quartz Harmony Crystal

Natural Crystal Gemstone Wandsraw stoneRose Crystal

The queen of love and wellbeing, rose quartz is also the ruler of harmony. It can make soothe your pain and make you feel supported. Having a rose quartz in your pocket keeps you out of troubling and panicky incidents. Rose quartz harmony stone is ideal for those who are disturbed because of a divorce or breakup. It will heal you.  

How to use Rose Quartz Harmony at your home?

  • Take your rose quartz wand in the right hand.
  • Hold it over your heart.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • You will feel the heat starting in your palm and moving to the chest.

Before you go …

Have you found the right crystal for harmony? If not, don’t worry. Just share your Date of Birth below with the place you were born and I will tell you the best crystal for harmony for you!

Stay powerful~

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