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5 Withheld Secrets Of Gua Gha Massage Techniques Are Startling

5 Withheld Secrets Of Gua Gha Massage Techniques Are Startling

Often called to scrape or to remove sand, gua sha is a massage and the tool itself for removing dead skin and promoting regeneration of new skin with a rosy glow. Gua Sha massage is not easy and it is always best to start with a practitioner at first. It causes redness of the skin, which is quite normal and you need a professional to walk you through it the first time. But, trust me, once you see the rosy glow of regenerated skin cells on your face, you will thank my secrets of gua sha massage techniques!

What is a Gua Sha Massage?

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Unlike traditional massaging methods, Gua Sha affects the user quickly with a bigger range of results. It’s like the next-level massage with plentiful healing”. It is an ancient massage technique that has survived wars to bombs and tides of time. Gua Sha with a gemstone scraping tool is always the finest and the traditional method because it bonds with the skin like no other.

Gua sha massage focuses on using this bond to penetrate the skin cells and regenerate new cells to stop aging.  This massage technique sees its roots in eastern traditions. It has just entered the west and is already making a huge success!

What to do you need for Gua Sha Massage?

Other than the Rose Quartz Gua sha Scraping tool, you need several other props to do your gua sha massage at home successfully. Call a friend and start preparing right away! (Or share this right now and get started!)

·      You need a Base Oil

The best oil for using with a Gua Sha tool such as rose quartz is argan oil. It is famed it be cleansing and moisturizing rather than clogging your skin pores. Use an oil compatible with your skin type.

·      Good Quality Mirror

The next most important thing you need is a quality mirror where your reflection is clear from all the angles so that you don’t injure yourself while scraping facial skin with the Gua Sha massages.

How to Hold the Gua Sha Massage Tool?

You must always ensure that the gua sha scraping tool is held flat. Don’t use the sharp end of the tool. Always use the flat end of the tool against the skin to avoid rupturing the skin too deep. You need to be brushing the skin with the tool. Don’t go vertical with the rose quartz Gua Sha tool. The sharp end may bruise your skin.

If you’re a beginner, go horizontally or parallel to your skin at first.  

What is the Amount of Pressure to Apply on a Gua Sha Scraping Tool?

If you’ve received Gua Sha massages from experiences beauticians or masseuses, you know what I am talking about. You always end up feeling relieved because they are untying those knots of tension underneath your skin, in the muscles. Whether it’s a facial massage or a neck massage with Gua Sha, you always feel energized.

The ideal amount of pressure you need is Light to medium. You need to be slow to brush the skin softly with the rose quartz. Remember to be mindful of every stroke. Your aim is to relax the skin.  

Why use Rose Quartz for Gua Sha Scraping Massage?

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone filled with the energy of heart chakra. When used as a Gua Sha scraping tool, it works wonders. The first time I used it, rose quartz massage with gua sha was like a warm hug inside my skin. It made me feel alive and rejuvenated in a few minutes. It’s the best massage and now I look for it whenever I am on vacation or spring break!

That’s why today I am going to tell you all about the secret massage techniques you can use with the rose quartz scraping tool. Let’s find out what makes it so awesome first!

·      Chakra Power of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a heart chakra stone and that’s why it powers your heart chakra. Metaphysically, this is the Anahata chakra of happiness and love. It keeps you safe from danger and heals your wounds from becoming scars. The chakra power of Anahata can be learned in depth with the help of this guide.

·      Rosy Glow with Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Another amazing aftereffect of using rose quartz gua sha tool is the rosy glow it leaves on the skin within a day or two. Once the redness is gone from fresh use, the skin gains new cells and shows a blush for days on end.

·      What Rose Quartz Does to Blood

What most of us forget about rose quartz are the physical effects. We get so wrapped up in the metaphysical attributes of rose quartz that we forget it can cleanse and pump up the blood circulation to boost energy and enthusiasm. It is cleansing chakra energy!

·      Purification of Skin with Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Rose quartz cleanses the skin with the help of elevated blood circulation. It can help to drain the lymph fluid and plump your skin. The clogged pores to acne and pimples rose quartz Gua Sha will put an end to all your skin problems.

·      Rose Quartz for Regeneration of Skin

All the problems of skin stars with aging. From wrinkled skin to lines and eye bags, aging has a lot to do with skin breakouts too. Hormonal imbalances can be stabilized to help in regeneration of skin by boosting the secretion of hormones collagen and elastin.  

Click here to open the FREE Healing Crystal Handbook on Rose Quartz and read more about its dainty powers.

How to Do a Gua Sha Massage in Five Easy Ways?

Metaphysically, Gua Sha massage can make the chi energy flow and by science, it can remove dead skin and regenerate old skin to have a rosy nature.

1.    One Minute Anti Aging Gua Sha Facial Massage

This is a quick Gua Sha Massage you can do to prep your pores to open up. It will regenerate the skin cells and help to combat the problems of skin atrophy on the face to stop aging as well. The video shows how to do the massage anti-clockwise on both the parts of the face until the neck in elaborate.

Click to check the Video on it.  

2.    Circular Motion Gua Sha Massage

With the help of a practitioner, our next tutorial video on gua sha massage helps to highlight the finesse of doing this massage. The masseuse suggests a star pattern of massage on the forehead to begin the massage. Then, the masseuse scrapes the skin at a 5-degree angle. It is a smooth massage with a speedy pace.

Click here to see the Explainer Video

3.    Neck to Shoulder and Face Gua Sha Massage with Rose Quartz

Explained well on how to resolve pigmentation and dual color tone on the neck and facial skin, this tutorial helps you find out the right angle to start your Gua Sha with a good expert. It goes from necks to shoulders with a 15-minute massage for your face too.

I love the gentleness of this massage and is best for beginners!

Click here to see the Explainer Video.

4.    Neck to Face Gua Sha Technique

A beautiful tutorial video that defines gua sha as well as what to do and what not to do, this video explains a personalized method of doing gua sha. The host has her favorite mists and oils to enhance the Gua Sha Massage. You can try this method of neck to face angle of Gua Sha that uses upward motions than downward motions. It uses the rose quartz to scrape the skin backward.

Click to see the full Video.

5.    Full Body Gua Sha Technique

I love a full body gua sha because it raises my body vibrations and sets my heart at ease. I love how detailed with video is and how it can help you do Gua Sha at home for your friend or spouse. It can help you combat aging intensely. She calls it an eraser for the skin, which is absolutely right. Watch it to find out the right ways to spot the areas that need attention when doing Gua Sha massage!

Wanna see the full Video?

Bonus; Gua Sha for Clear Skin via Funnel Method

Explained by a true victim of acne, this tutorial video is amazing with tips and how-tos that will help beginners. It suggests using rose quartz Gua Sha tool for a puffy face and a rosy glow. She divides the face into quadrants to massage it with a Gua Sha tool.

Click to check the Video right away.

Before you go …

Have you ever used a Gua Sha tool? It is an amazing gemstone healing product to create glowing skin. Filled with the heart chakra, rose quartz will impart the beauty of Venus in you. Share your D.O.B in the comments below and I will tell you if it’s the right stone for you!

Stay powerful~

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