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Garnet Is The Stone Of January. Let’s Find Why

Garnet Is The Stone Of January. Let’s Find Why

Often given to couples celebrating their 2nd Wedding Anniversary, garnet is a special gemstone that has a history of thousands of years with the humankind. The oldest garnet used by humans’ date back to 3000 B.C. That proves how eternal garnet actually is. As per the astrology of January, this month is going to have many turmoils, all for the better.

The total lunar eclipse to blood moon and chaos, you need a powerful gemstone to stay committed in your journey from the beginning of the year. I will teach you everything I have learned about why Garnet is the stone of January in the metaphysical tongue.   

What is Garnet?

The American National Association of Jewelers worked a lot to make garnet the stone of January in the early 20th century. Garnet is a strong gemstone with 7 on the MOHS hardness that is named after the way it looks similar to pomegranate seeds.

Once known as Carbuncle, garnet was often gifted between couples since the Greek times. It is a silicate gemstone that is seen in transparent to opaque varieties. More about the metaphysical powers of Garnet below!

Why is Garnet Good for the month January?

Then benefits of garnet in the month of January is eclectic because this is a month of opportunities. Embracing the power and value of gemstones in the month of Capricorn will establish your foundations. It will help you grow.

January will be a time of happiness and achievements. Capricorn is the time of the sun. If you wholeheartedly accept challenges, it will help you grow in your life. You will get many opportunities to correct errors if you commit any. My suggestion is to use it.

This is the time to set your priorities right. Aiming for the balance and grounding is important during this month. The turnout of profits in this month will be drastic, so you have to make a wealth and success grid if the need be.

Watch out for small wins this month because they will pave the way to bigger wins!

How to Clean Garnet Crystals?

It is important to understand that garnet is a powerful healing crystal. As it contains aluminum in certain varieties (spessartine), cleaning a garnet ring with water is not advised. You need the metaphysical to cleanse this stone and awaken your own secret chakra powers.

I will explain both ways to clean a garnet gemstone.


  • Take your garnet in the hand.
  • Take a cotton rub.
  • Now rub the stone with dabs of water.
  • Pat it dry before using it.


  • Take your garnet stone.
  • Keep it on the ground.
  • Draw a circle around it with white
  • Move the clear quartz or selenite over the circle.
  • Do it thrice.

Which Crystals to use with Garnet this January?

So, what are the perfect combinations of crystals to use with garnet to achieve the benefits January has in store for you? After searching the crystal pamphlets, I have found the best three crystal pairings for garnet in January below!

·      Orange Fire Opal and Garnet Ring

Mexican Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Our bestseller and notably the best energy for the 21st century, orange fire opal with garnets accented around it creates a fiery power of productivity. It can help you create achievable goals and ambitions as well as help you reach there.

·      Multi Stone Garnet Ring  

Peridot Garnet Citrine Amethyst and White Topaz 925 Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Aligned with peridot, citrine, amethyst and white topaz in addition to garnet makes this ring a true treasure. The combined energy of crown, third eye, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras make this ring a total chakra training prop. It’s the complete crystal package for January!

·      Green Fire Opal and Garnet

Green Fire Opal & Garnet Black Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Do you know the power of green fire opal? It is a productive higher heart chakra, which when combined with garnet crystals help in grounding and calming you. Green fire opal can make you feel at peace and ease throughout hurdles you will face in January.

How to Use Garnet in January?

Being the stone of new beginnings, using garnet comes with a lot of responsibilities. To use it to the best potential, I can simplify the crystal rituals you need to focus on. It will help you use garnet for the specific uses.

·      Garnet Bracelet for Grounding

Garnet Bracelet - Red Stone - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

You can use garnet for grounding by wearing the red bracelet in the picture. Make sure you program it with the root chakra by aiming the bracelet at the chakra point before wearing it. Garnet will release the excess energy of negativity clouding you.

·      Ring of Garnet for Reproductive Health

Natural Red Garnet Rings - 925 Sterling Silver

Do you know garnet has a special connection with the kundalini energy? It can boost your chances to conceive if you have female reproductive problems. By wearing the garnet ring in sterling silver on Saturdays, you can boost hormonal balance so that the sacral chakra energy flushes out the toxins from your body.

·      Garnet Pendant for Passion and Commitment

Garnet Stone Necklace - 925 Silver Sterling - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Like I mentioned above, garnet has many secret goodies for those in love and marriage. It can help in boosting your intimacy and passion towards each other. It is a commitment stone that works miracles as a promise ring too.

·      5-Stone Garnet Ring For Peace and Stability

5 Stone Garnet Ring   matans

What’s the ultimate garnet protection charm jewelry? This 5-stone ring of garnet can make you feel at home when your temper is shooting up. Garnet is a stone of calmth because it shows you the light you need to see. It does not make you lightweight but filled with satisfaction and balance.  

·      Communication with Angels using Garnet Earrings

Vintage Garnet Drop Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Garnet appeases the power of Sekhmet, the Goddess of War. When you beckon the powers of Sekhmet, you will be able to commune with your guardian angel because all chaos in your spirituality will come to an end.

Before you go …

Another secret is the garnet used by Leos or one embossed with a lion image makes you healthy, steadfast and speeds recovery by giving you immunity. Do you have garnet? What’s your date of birth?

Stay powerful~

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