15 Powerfully Perfect Gemstones For Thyroid Disorders

March 31, 2019 20 Comments

15 Powerfully Perfect Gemstones For Thyroid Disorders

A butterfly-shaped organ sounds and looks sweet in sight, but is a silent killer for 20 million Americans with 60% people with thyroid unaware of their problems (according to American Thyroid Association). If you know almost all the symptoms of the thyroid disorder, you need gemstones for thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism, Grave’s disease, hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I know this so well, actually inside-out because I am one of the victims of Hashi's too.

In this blog post, I will go over my personal accounts of how gemstones have helped me overcome the symptoms of my disease besides getting my thyroid levels right.
Let’s begin!

My Story of Thyroid Disorders and Crystals

It was just a few years ago that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. While science says you get Hashimoto's and you slowly start getting attacked by your own thyroid which leads to hypothyroidism. I now knew I was not a hypochondriac. The hoarse voice, my dry skin, sweaty palms, anxiety, hair fall, depression and allergies. Everything was connected to my butterfly-shaped organ.

I knew why I was crying for no reason for half the month of every month now. The depression and how it was linked to everything I did was so obvious that I sought the help of my favorite healing crystals. It’s so brief now, but at the time I thought I was going absolutely bonkers!

That’s why, when the doctor said ‘it was all correctable’, I knew I had to do more. I hunted the Facebook groups (got a lotta love and help) and decide to meditate with my favorite stones. It was the gemstones that gave me the idea that I could bring discipline and order into my life. My life changed, diet changed, habit changed, body changed and I am full well now.

How? That’s for you to find out from my suggestions and lists below, all of which, helped me!

Why Use Gemstones for Thyroid Disorders

I told you how thyroid disorder of Hashimoto’s had changed my life. It had affected my dad (often thought males can’t get it) and even my aunt, grandma, and the list goes on. You’re not alone in this. I am going to show you how to use gemstones for thyroid disorders below.

Just tune in and forget all the rest!

·      Citrine crystal for Brain Fog

Citrine Bee Stud Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The biggest problem I faced was blackouts, better known as brain fog in the medical community. Citrine helped in clearing that brain fog because it flushed out negativity from my thyroid affecting the life force and the etheric connection over my forehead.

Citrine has the power of sacral chakra and crown chakra to help you clear your head. How to use citrine for hypothyroid?

All you need to do is place the citrine on your forehead and meditate before you go to sleep. Do the same after you wake up. Your neurons will be repaired and you will not experience brain fog on the days you use it. Read more on citrine here.

·      Prehnite Stone for Earth Essence

100% Real 14K Natural Green Prehnite Ring

The stone that connects you with earth chakra, prehnite is the stone of Mother Gaia. It contains the earth energy to fill your life with abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Prehnite raises your heart chakra to make you happy and stress-free. It is a powerful protection stone that can fill you with the strength and resilience for challenges.

Prehnite needs cleansing with a purifying stone like selenite and clear quartz to focus and amplify your crystal powers. Prehnite helps you fortify your senses and speak to earth. It grounds you when you wear it after the touching wet ground.

Prehnite healing crystal handbook is a great place to start learning about this gorgeous stone!

·      Carnelian egg can stabilize selenium in the body

Natural Red Carnelian Crystal Egg

Just like physical eggs can be used to bring selenium to the body, you can use this carnelian egg in the morning meditation to fill your body with selenium-absorption capabilities. Carnelian is the stone of the solar plexus chakra and controls the gut.

Carnelian egg must be held by both the hands over the stomach before you eat to make it work well. This beautiful red carnelian egg works well with a selenite or citrine wand too. You will feel the light of the egg entering you when you meditate.

Carnelian can show you the light in life. Find all about the abilities and metaphysics of carnelian gemstone here.

·      Rose quartz Gemstone can cure Depression

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

You need a lot of love, that is beyond question. I know you are going through a lot. You need rose quartz to help you get out of your mind. It will help you broaden the perspective. Rose quartz is a stone of love and giving. It will find you the cure you need.

Did you know rose quartz can be the BFF at your arm’s length? All you need to do is take these big rose quartz chunks and keep it under your bed or around the bed before you sleep. You will realize the power of rose quartz in your sleep!

Learn all about the powers and mysteries of rose quartz in this Handbook.

·      Jade Crystal can attract Success

Water drop Pendulum Chakra healing reiki Crystal Pendants   matans store.myshopify.com

Do you know jade is the crystal symbol of wealth? It once was because the smart new keeping jade in the money safe increases the money. It is an amplifying crystal full of heart chakra powers. Jade can help you relax and relieve your mind so that you accumulate confidence. It awakens your higher heart to make your self-esteem go up.

Jade pendants can connect with your heart and help you soar in your academics of career. It attracts lucky opportunities and helps you succeed!

Jade is much more. Find all about it here.

·      Moonstone Rock can Create Hormonal Balance

Natural Moonstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

One gemstone that syncs with the moon, moonstone is a stone of superlative powers. Moonstone can help in tapping into your third eye chakra. Moonstone helps you calm down and see the bright light. It is a stone of great wisdom.

Do you know moonstone can make you feel great because it affects the brain, especially your pineal gland? This third eye chakra stone is a miracle in itself. All you need to do is wear this ring after touching the space between your brows. The day will be magical!

The metaphysical powers of moonstone can be found here.

·      Ethiopian Opal Gems for Beautiful Skin

Natural Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal Pendant & Bracelet

Such a beautiful set of fire opals are destined to bring beauty because fire opals bring fiery and youthful energy. Legends say it can reverse aging because Ethiopian fire opals are excellent stones that complement your complexion as well as tone.

Ethiopian fire opals in the picture will make you the center of attention, wherever you wear it. The gorgeous pendant + necklace of precious crystals brings the blessing of Venus in it!

Fire opals are a different world altogether. Here’s where you can find everything on it.

·      Malachite Healing Crystals for Fertility

Malachite Bead Bracelet

The best stone for mothers, malachite is filled with motherly compassion. Malachite can make you fertile if your reproductive organs are physically unable to conceive. Malachite has the nourishing energies that make people conceive twins out of nowhere from the DNA. The loving gemstone is a treasure house of higher heart chakra energies.

It can be best for women with anxiety and depression because it stabilizes your TSH levels during pregnancy too. Malachite can help the thyroxine stay in normal range when you’re carrying because it worked for me.

You need to know all about malachite. It’s a wonderful stone. Find it here.

·      Pearl Stones for Iodine Deficiency

Pearl Dangle Earrings Set in 14K Gold

Another gemstone that symbolizes richness and wealth, pearl is great if you’re iodine deficient. With Hashi’s, I battled the world and pearl helped be-in-check. It worked on my aunt who had goiters too. Pearl strings or earrings can protect the thyroid gland if you’re eating something that conflicts with the well-being of your thyroid hormone regulation.

Pearl saved me from making a bad choice too because it is an empathetic stone. Have you used pearl yet? If not, learn all about Pearl in this FREE healing crystal handbook!

·      Natural Zircon Crystals for Open-Mindedness

Round Yellow Zircon Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

You know the zircons are as old as the earth right? That’s why they can teach you the secrets of wisdom. Natural zircon stones are ideal to expand the borders of consciousness. A stone that controls your higher and lower chakras at once, this yellow zircon ring is ideal to protect your aura. It will save you from losing your wits and accepting your body as it is.

Zircon ring interferes with your aura to keep you strong and energetic. It will eliminate chronic fatigue from your world. Try it today!

I have described Zircon in detail here.

·      Garnet Gemstone for Libido and Passion

Garnet Stone Necklace - 925 Silver Sterling - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

This beautiful garnet teardrop pendant is the best to restore the intimacy in your bedroom. The secret stone of passion, garnet can rekindle the fire in the life of couples. Garnet affects your root chakra that keeps your grounded and brimming with positivity.

Garnet is a unique stone filled with the power to energize your kundalini force located in your sacral chakra. That’s where your passion and life force are. Are you ready to charge it? Chant your mantra and make it an affirmation manifestation. The universe will hear your requests.

Realize the power of garnets in this FREE Healing Handbook.

·      Sunstone Crystals can cure vitamin deficiency

Crystal Sunstone Bracelet

Sunstone is filled with the warmth and nourishing elements of Vitamin D. If you’re a person who restricts your time to inside, Sunstone can help you. It is filled with the energy of the sun. Hold it for ten minutes when the sun rises. Better yet, I can share my own ritual with you!

  • When the sun rises, get up and hold the sunstone in your palm.
  • Bow your head towards the rising direction of the sun.
  • It will fill you with the vitamin D you need on top of the meds.
  • Do it right after waking up.
  • Touch the sunstone before you go to sleep.

Learn more about sunstone in this handbook.

·      Yellow Topaz Gems for Hot-Cold Intolerance

50g Natural Yellow Topaz Stones

I had such worse sweaty palms whenever I was in AC or outside under the sun. It was like the thyroid made my body sensitivity outta whack. Yellow topaz crystals are excellent because it stays by your side through challenges. The crystal is considered best to reset your biological clock. It will make you ease into any temperature, naturally.

Yellow topaz has the energy of solar plexus and sacral chakra. Now you know, it’s the life force energy that heals you. Considered excellent for December babies, yellow topaz also attracts wellbeing and pink of health to you.

Wanna know more about Topaz? Use this healing crystal handbook NOW!  

·      Pink Sapphire Stones for Love and Care

Pink Sapphire Black Gold Ring   matans store.myshopify.com

The stone of love, the pink sapphire gemstone is an excellent stone for attracting love into your life. But, it does something more. Pink sapphire helps to cultivate self-love. Pink sapphire can help you fill the space between your friends, family and even enemies.

All you need to do with pink sapphire is hold it in your palm to program it before wearing. State your intention to Venus, the goddess of love before you do so.

Read more on sapphires here.

·      Amethyst Crystals for De-Addiction

Amethyst Buddhist Bracelet Necklace   108 Prayer Beads   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

Are you binge eating? Perhaps you can stop ordering that one pizza, or a cake? If you’re not, TBH I was. Hypothyroid made me so worse that I had a clutter of addictions. It was amethyst that helped me get over myself. It helped me discipline myself and see enlightenment. It brought life into my dull monotonous waking hours.

Amethyst can help you set a purpose in your life. These prayer beads have 108 beads to help you calm down your cravings.  Chant your affirmation and rotate the beads when you feel scared or afraid.

Read more about Amethyst here.

Before you go …

Thyroid condition is nothing to joke about. It’s a whole lotta invisible suffering. I had a fair share of it. Doctors often ignore or fail to order the right tests. Don’t suffer for their mistakes.

Share your date of birth and I will help you with your thyroid with a suggestion of crystals right away.

Stay powerful~

Read More here …


20 Responses

Shirley Ann
Shirley Ann

April 15, 2019

I’ve had hypothyroidism for many years and ona strong dose of synthyroid. My birthday is 11/01/1959.
Having memory issues and no energy and fibromyalgia.


April 15, 2019

Hello. My birth date is 3/30/1988. I was diagnosed to Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism.


April 15, 2019

Please help me know what’s the right crystal, I had thyroid problem too . DOB 04nov66. Thanks and more power.


April 14, 2019

Hi Cherry
My sister has hypothyroidism. Her birthdate is April 10, 1959. I would like to get her the crystals that would help her the most with this. Many blessings to you for all your help.


April 14, 2019

I would like to know best combination of stones to overcome anxiety, panic attack, constant negative thoughts, overthinking and disruptive sleep.


April 12, 2019

Hi, Cherry! My name is Juliana. My daughter and I both have hypothyroidism for 10-12 years. We take hormones, but the symptoms are still there: weight gain, lack of energy, anxiety, hair loss… My DOB is July 12th, 1963, my daughter’s — March 22, 1997.
We would really appreciate your advice.
Thank you!


April 11, 2019

Hi Molly,

First of all, I recommend you make yourself comfy, because even I was surprised at how long this post turned out to be!

I’m not staff here at AtPerry’s; just a soul who understands what it is to suffer an incurable illness, trying to help other people improve theirs. I strongly believe that those of us with knowledge in any given field, have a duty to share it and improve the world for everyone. However, as such, I don’t have access to your email address. I wonder if Ceida would be kind enough to forward my thoughts on, in case you’ve found yourself unable to get back to this page?

Your birth date isn’t wholly clear, because I’m not sure whether you’ve formatted it with the month first, or the day. Being British, I tend always to read birth dates in DD/MM/YYYY format, but Stateside, of course, it’s more normal to format it MM/DD/YYYY.

If it’s MM/DD/YYYY, then you’d be a Leo. I’m hoping that’s the case, because if it is, you can employ the Solar crystals for help. Ceida has already talked about one such gem – Yellow Topaz – but Citrine, and also the August birthstone, Peridot, can be equally helpful. All the Solar crystals, with their link to the Sun, bear the power of the force of life itself (the Sun, and the eternal image of the mother, are probably the strongest symbols of the life-force known to humankind). Peridot, which is a good crystal to be using right now, in the Northern hemisphere anyway, because it’s a gem of rebirth, new life, new growth and the Springtime, has very comforting energies which will help with the emotional aspects of your Thyroid issue; and Citrine can help balance your Thyroid activity.

Topaz, Peridot and Citrine can definitely help you, but I also get the feeling that you might be kind of sensitive to temperature, especially cold. If that’s the case – as it is for me – then I have another Solar crystal to recommend to you: Heliodor. I think Heliodor must be one of my soul crystals; I do talk a lot about it in Ceida’s blogs! That’s because it’s basically a miracle crystal: it can actually warm you up physically if held in your receiving hand. I have twelve Heliodors: eleven of them are oval-faceted gems, so bright they’re like transparent faceted gold, set in a pendant my husband bought me for Christmas; and the twelfth is a beloved tumblestone, which I purchased back in early November. When I first got that tumblestone, cleansed it and bonded with it, it gave me an entirely new experience: it started transferring heat into my palm, to the point that my skin began to itch with it; I had to keep putting it down! I called on its help last night, along with my largest Citrine tumblestone — it was a pretty cold night where I live, and I couldn’t warm up even with my snoring portable heater (AKA hubby) in the same bed, so I asked the two for help; I’m what’s called a “crystal whisperer” — I can talk directly to them, and hear and understand their responses. Working together, they had me cozy and asleep inside fifteen minutes.

If on the other hand you’re a June baby – and thus belong to the star sign Cancer instead of Leo – then Pearl is probably going to be a good friend to you. Thyroid difficulties mean an imbalance of iodine in the body: Pearl will help rebalance that particular nutrient.

Whichever month your birthday is in, June or August, there are other crystals which, if you can ‘get along with’ them, can help. The chakra which has charge of the Thyroid is the throat or fifth chakra, so blue gemstones will help. Known useful blue gems for Thyroid disorders are Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Azurite, Blue Kyanite, Celestite, and perhaps (though I’m not altogether sure) Aquamarine. My research says Aquamarine can help; but my intuition says not. Perhaps it’s because of your stars, especially if you are a Leo: water stones and Sun-ruled star signs don’t always work too well together! I personally love Aquamarine: it was the first ‘true’ gemstone I ever came into contact with; it’s the perfect crystal to help with my Asthma (I’ve walked through busy, heavily polluted city streets wearing an Aquamarine cabochon, with no inhaler, and my airways have stayed clear as a bell); and it’s also superb against the body-wide inflammation that comes bundled with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I usually team it with Emerald for maximum anti-inflammatory benefit. But then again, though I was born two weeks late and should have been a Leo, I’m actually an early, near-Leo-cusp Virgo, and that changes the game: Virgo is an Earth sign, and Earth and Water nourish each other (as do Air and Fire).

Besides those, like Leeanne, Rose Quartz and Pink Sapphire will help you. Rose Quartz is a deeply comforting crystal, which will help to support you against the feeling the condition is taking over your life. I find it almost as hard to take off my step-cut, baby-pink Rose Quartz pendant as I do my Heliodor one! In fact there are, at base, five pendants I pretty much always wear: Heliodor (which also has some Clear Zircon accent stones), Rose Quartz, Alexandrite, Tanzanite (against fatigue) and Black Tourmaline (against negative energy, most prominently at my GP surgery and my local hospital). I normally only wear the Pink Sapphire at night, when I’m at rest and it can access and divert the maximum amount of my personal energy, into reversing the damage done by my immune system. That’s one of its gifts Ceida didn’t mention: Pink Sapphire (or, if that’s off the menu, you can substitute Morganite) is a superb crystal for promoting cellular regeneration.

Of the crystals I’ve listed, you’ll need to experiment to find out which one or combination is most helpful for you. Don’t worry about maybe worsening your condition, though: crystals not only aren’t here to hurt us, but they actively hate to do so and will go to tremendous lengths to avoid it. If one of my crystals inadvertantly causes me pain, they won’t stop apologising until I tell them to calm down! There are exceptions, of course – gripping a crystal too tightly can cause it to send a small pain signal into your hand to ask you to ease up, for example – but they’re always short-term, and crystals only ever do things like that if they themselves are in pain. (Yep, crystals are living beings and can experience pain, both physical and emotional. It’s even possible to kill a crystal.)

One final thought: you must only be mid-thirties, and time-related Thyroid malfunction is normally something those of us in our 40s to 50s experience, so is your Thyroid issue autoimmune-mediated? If it is, then please make sure you consult with a medical professional, just in case, because – and I don’t want to alarm you, just keep you apprised – sometimes, autoimmune conditions can come in a set. If that happens – and I hope and pray it doesn’t – please do come back and ask for more help.

Love and Light.

P.S. I’m getting a strong message that you should be working with Labradorite. I wonder… could you perhaps have an energy problem or a block in your throat chakra? If so, Labradorite is the crystal to clear it out for you! Alternatively (not everyone can work with Labradorite), Blue Topaz can and will do the same, which is why I listed it above: my Sky-Blue Topaz, a gorgeous 6mm x 6mm princess cut gem set in a silver bezel, which I found at a bus stop back in 2004, on the day I almost lost my husband to septicaemia, has cleared my throat chakra completely, and it was only when I had to start taking NSAIDs and Morphine for the pain from my RA that my Asthma – which had been as good as cured – resurged. Hopefully I’ve already provided you with some good food for thought, but here’s one final morsel: if you find yourself seriously drawn to a crystal or species of same, then bring it into your life, because that stone knows it can help you and is trying to get your attention in order to do exactly that (check out Ceida’s blog about the powers of Aquamarine for the true story of my first encounter with it; it’s a perfect example of the phenomenon). Don’t mind your stars: when that happens, destiny is calling, and it’s a good idea to heed that call!


April 10, 2019

Hi Cherry I’m Molly West. I have been suffering with Hotchimotos for a very long time and it’s just trying to take me over. My DOB is 8-6-82. Any advice would be a blessing. Many blessings to you and yours. P.S. any chance you could email me your response if you have the time?


April 10, 2019

Hi Cherry I’m Molly West. I have been suffering with Hotchimotos for a very long time and it’s just trying to take me over. My DOB is 8-6-82. Any advice would be a blessing. Many blessings to you and yours. P.S. any chance you could email me your response if you have the time?


April 09, 2019

Underactive thyroid…dob is 11/27/68…i stay extremely tired, gaining weight, hiding in my home

Maria Bartolomei
Maria Bartolomei

April 09, 2019

I was born January 25 1963
I suffered thyroid, lupus and reumatoid arthritis


April 08, 2019

@LeeAnne again, apologies, I misread your DOB. March’s birthstone is Aquamarine, not Pink Sapphire; but Aquamarine can’t really help with this problem. I still think Pink Sapphire and Rose Quartz would help you a lot.

Love and Light.


April 08, 2019

@Teri Morais, Pink Sapphire would be best for you too, for the same reasons as for Leeanne: it’s another form of the September birthstone, it’s excellent at cellular regeneration, and it’s able to help settle overactive bodily systems. That’s why I, as a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, use it so much. Other than that, Citrine, Dumortierite, Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli or Rhodochrosite all help to regulate the Thyroid gland’s activity.

Love and Light.


April 08, 2019

@Leeanne, with your father and uncle, did they have very thin faces and problems putting on weight, too? If so, then those, and the phenomenon of bulging eyes, are symptoms of *Hyper*thyroidism, rather than Hypothyroidism. That is to say, their Thyroid glands were overactive, not underactive. The crystals Ceida lists are helpful in both cases, but seem to me to be primarily for the underactive Thyroid.

The first thing to do, as always, is to get yourself checked out by a doctor. The way genetics works, you would likely have had to inherit the ‘Thyroid problem gene’ from both your parents: if you only got it from your father, but not from your mother, then you’ll be a genetic carrier, but probably not a sufferer. For example, I inherited Myopia because both my parents passed their Myopia genes to me (but if one of them had normal eyesight, I might well have had that too).

As a September baby, your best bet out of the crystals listed, is the Pink Sapphire: it’s your birthstone, just in a different colour. I would also add Rose Quartz for its incredible ability to comfort and de-stress.

Pink Sapphire is a gorgeous and extremely helpful crystal. One of its chief boons, besides self-love, is that it boosts cellular regeneration and can help soothe and settle overactive bodily systems, as well as strengthening both the physical and emotional heart. The pink ray is the colour/energy ray of compassion, be it for others or for yourself, and the Pink Sapphire has the power to help you help yourself. I speak from personal experience; I use this crystal pairing extensively for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and believe me, it’s very beneficial. If you find fatigue is among your symptoms, then you can turn to either one or both of Tanzanite, or Clear (AKA White or Silver) Topaz, both of which crystals are superb against that problem — and again, I speak from personal experience, fatigue being a primary symptom of RA in many cases, mine included.

If Pink Sapphire is off the menu, the best readily available crystals for thyroid regulation are Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite, Rhodochrosite, Goldstone, Dumortierite or Citrine. I know Ceida hasn’t listed these, but my own research into the problem (one I don’t suffer, but I believe my late maternal grandmother may have had, as she displayed the same symptoms mentioned above) and my inquiries with my own crystals, have shown them to be effective.

But please, don’t forget to see your doctor about it first. Thyroid issues can be picked up with a simple blood test — they’re a great deal easier to diagnose (and, mostly, to treat) than Rheumatoid Arthritis is. If you have got a Thyroid issue, you’ll need to be prepared for a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to your GP until they, and you, find the right mode of treatment; this isn’t uncommon and happens in all sorts of long-term health issues, like hypertension (it took a whole year to find the right medication for my husband’s high blood pressure) and, yes, RA — in fact my doctors still haven’t found a drug that really does the trick. Thank God for my crystals!!

Love and Light.


April 07, 2019

My birthday is 3/16/1959. I was born in Redondo beach, Ca. I was a breech baby myself and mother almost died. I’m interested in stone for thyroid issues. I have a family history of thyroid issues my father and uncle had bulging eyes.

Teri Morais
Teri Morais

April 06, 2019

Hi I found your article… I was just informed I have hypothyroidism. I was put on a small dose of Synthroid, was taked off the generic. What do think the best stone for me is?
My birthdate is 8-9-71 thanks a bunch


April 04, 2019

@Roberta Holmes, go for the Opal. It’s been the October birthstone since ancient times. I get the sense that Pearl, used to rebalance the iodone levels in your body, will also be helpful if you can work with it.

Love and Light.

Roberta Holmes
Roberta Holmes

April 04, 2019

Birthday 18/10/1948


April 02, 2019

@Dee, hi there fellow August 29th baby! You haven’t mentioned your place of birth, so Ceida can’t calculate your Astrological birth chart and tell you the best crystals to use to take advantage of the aspects therein; but for us early Virgos, the Solar Gemstones like Yellow Topaz are easily accessible, thanks to our proximity to the days of the Sun-ruled Leo sign. Carnelian is one of the Virgo birthstones, and Citrine is another Solar gemstone. These three are probably the best of the Thyroid crystals to help you with your condition, but if you’re drawn to another stone – I work very well with Fluorite, for example, and that’s another very helpful brain stone – then go ahead and bring it into your life. Don’t pay any mind to your stars: when you’re drawn to a particular crystal or species of same, that’s Destiny reaching out a hand, and it’s not wise to ignore it.

Love and Light.


April 02, 2019

Birthdate is August 29, 1068. I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and just finished your article on Gemstones for Thyroid diseases… please help me with my thyroid with a suggestion of crystals right for me.

Leave a comment

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10 T-½ 61 1/2 19 3/4 20 21 1/2
10 1/4 U 62 1/8 20 21 22 1/8
10 1/2 U-½ 62 3/4 --- 22 22 3/4
10 3/4 V 63 3/8 20 1/2 --- 23 3/8
11 V-½ 64 20 3/4 23 24
11 1/4 W 64 5/8 --- --- 24 5/8
11 1/2 W-½ 65 1/4 21 24 25 1/4
11 3/4 X 65 7/8 21 1/4 --- 25 7/8
12 Y 66 1/2 21 1/2 25 26 1/2
12 1/4 Y-½ 67 1/8 --- --- 27 1/8
12 1/2 Z 67 3/4 21 3/4 26 27 3/4
12 3/4 Z-½ 68 3/8 --- --- 28 3/8
13 --- 69 22 27 29