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Virgo Birthstone

Blue Sapphire crystal is Virgo Birthstone. It is a stone ruled by Saturn, the God of Time, Agriculture, Wealth, Development and Luck. Virgo birthstone and flower- blue sapphire and buttercup flower beckons healing energies that transform you.

Blue sapphire heals the throat and gives you the power of premonitions. You will open the third eye chakra and communicate with angels with Blue Sapphire birthstone for Virgo.

Read more on blue sapphire in this Healing Crystal Handbook.

What is the Birthstone for Virgo September?

Blue Sapphire is birthstone for virgo September born people. It guards you, uplifts you and makes you the best version of yourself. With the blessing of Saturn by your side, negativity and obstacles cannot defeat you.  

What is the birthstone for Virgo August?

Besides Blue Sapphire Virgo birthstone for august, Carnelian and Zircon also empower Virgos. Carnelian is a stone of the lower chakra to fill you with life force energy of sacral while zircon opens and aligns all the chakras at once.  

How to Wear Blue Sapphire Virgo Birthstone?

  • Pendant or Necklace Jewelry using Virgo Sapphire

Wearing a pendant or Virgo birthstone necklace made of blue sapphire on your throat chakra opens it. Wearing virgo birthstone ring on a Saturday seeks the blessings of Saturn.

  • Blue Sapphire Programming and Crystal Grids

You can create angelic communication or psychic protection grids by placing blue sapphire on the pattern too.

  • Feng Shui Direction with Virgo Birthstone

Placing blue sapphire in the southeast direction brings wealth, abundance and prosperity.

There are many more gemstones that represent the true light of a Virgo. Find out all about Virgo Birthstones in this article.

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