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Onyx Leo

Onyx stone for Leos help in conquering fate. It is a protective stone that opens your Root chakra powers. It grounds you and fills you with positivity. Onyx Leo is a guidance stone necessary to keep your direction in life right.

Why Onyx for Leos?

What are the advantages of using Onyx if you’re a Leo? Can Onyx bring you spiritual enlightenment? Is onyx protective for Leos? Let’s find out!

  • Onyx Leo for Strength

Black onyx cultivates energy. It is a stamina giving crystal that increases your vitality. Onyx for Leos give courage and will power too.

  • Quick thinking with Onyx Leo

To be quick on your mind and feet, you need onyx as a Leo. It is a crystal that sharpens your wit and tones your memory as well as knowledge.

  • Psychic Protection Talisman Onyx

Fire energy crystal black onyx is a talisman too. It guarantees psychic protection against energy vampires and hexes or evil eye.

  • Self-control and Loyalty using Onyx for Leo

Leos who are leaders will find efficiency and self-reliability by using black onyx. It increases your dedication and passion towards your goals. If you’re feeling emotionless or bereft of passion, onyx can help you, Leo.

  • Onyx Leo for Stress and Radiation

We are surrounded by technology on all sides today. That’s why radiation is so huge. To keep away from EMF risks, wear or touch a black onyx stone.

How to Use Black Onyx Leo birthstone?

Using black onyx is easy as the stone itself can guide you on what to do when you bond with it. Following are a few techniques of crystal rituals with onyx Leo you can try at home.

  • Crystal Elixir with Leo birthstone

To make a crystal elixir, fill a glass with water and keep a coaster on top of it. Now, place the onyx on top of the coaster and let it sit for 10 minutes to 4 hours. You can sprinkle or consume the onyx Leo crystal elixir.

  • Jewelry for Leos

You can wear black onyx pendant, rings, bracelets, anklets and earrings to keep it programmed with your chakras.

  • Feng Shui using Onyx Leo

Placing black onyx stones in a bowl in the northwest direction can protect you. Chant your intentions when you set the bowl of onyx for Leo.

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