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Zebra Jasper Properties with Meanings and Uses

Zebra Jasper Properties with Meanings and Uses

Do you know zebra jasper is called the destiny stone? It is often called zebra marble and zebra agate for its peculiar and unique pattern. One look at the stone and you will know if it is a zebra jasper. It is a power gemstone with many healing uses. Zebra jasper properties with its meanings and uses are described in detail here so that you don’t get stuck with this amazing crystal.

Let’s find out all the secrets of the zebra rock.

What Is Zebra Jasper?

Zebra Jasper properties

A mix of minerals, Zebra jasper is made up of silicate, chalcedony and quartz. It is rated 6 to 7 on MOHS scale. With peculiar colors ranging from deep green to red, white and black banding, jasper zebra is always picturesque. It is a special variety of striped jasper unlike dotted jasper. It was first discovered in Western Australia, in a place called Kunnanurra, East Kimberley.

Zebra Jasper meaning

You know jasper is the nurturing stone right. Zebra jasper is the stone of opportunities and success. Meaning of zebra jasper is action and decision. It vibrates at the numerical vibration of 11 with the energy to make you radiant. Jasper with zebra stripes is a stone of manifestation. It brings your dreams to reality. It called the stone of anti-apathy.

IS Zebra Jasper same as Zebra Stone?

Yes, zebra stone and zebra jasper are the same. It is a misnomer, yet today people call zebra jasper as zebra agate too. You will feel the energy of the stone with a quick flash of feelings and decisiveness when you hold this gemstone variety of jasper.

What is pink Zebra Jasper?

When you see a salmon pink jasper with black and white lines on it, don’t confuse it with Rhodonite. It is a pink zebra jasper. A beautiful stone for the heart chakra powers, pink jasper zebra is good for finding your true love quickly. It is the stone of heart and speed.

Where Is Zebra Jasper Found?

The primary source of zebra jasper is Australia, although it is found in Brazil and Canada too. Not a rare stone, jasper zebra is mined from Egypt, India and Kazakhstan. Other sources of zebra jasper are Madagascar, Uruguay, Russia and USA.

Which Is Zebra Jasper Chakra?

Root chakra is the power source of jasper in zebra pattern. When you hold a zebra jasper, you will feel the power rise from the end of your spine where the base chakra energy rests. It will balance you and ground your negative thoughts away. Chakra of this jasper is powerful and connected to Mother Gaia.

What Is Zebra Jasper Zodiac?

Libra is the official zodiac sign of the gemstone zebra jasper. If you’re a Libra, you know how much balance means to you. If life is going astray, embrace the powers of zebra jasper. It will bring you calmness and health. It is a stone that will make you charming and charismatic. Your emotional fears will be relieved and you will find confidence to speak your mind.

How to Clean Zebra Jasper?

Jasper does not react in water like other toxic gemstones. It is easy to clean with soapy warm water. You can do so every once a month.

To cleanse zebra jasper spiritually, you need a powerful crystal. Clear quartz and selenite wands are excellent for cleansing the negativity your jasper stone has absorbed. All you need to do is take the wand and circle it thrice over the jasper zebra stone. That’s it!  

Zebra Jasper Properties: What Is Zebra Jasper Good for?

The advantages of keeping a zebra jasper in your pocket are many. If you have one of these beautiful stones, you need to start using it on yourself. We’ve described the complete physical, emotional and spiritual zebra jasper properties below.

·      Physical Healing Properties of Zebra Jasper

Bone pain is the first effect of touching a zebra jasper. You will feel strong. If you suffer from arthritis, use jasper in zebra to alleviate your pains. It is excellent for joint pain too. Another benefit of jasper with zebra pattern is the healing of your kidneys. You will feel a good mood come over you when you touch this stone. It will relieve your muscle pain.

For ladies going through cramps, or heavy menstruation, you need a zebra jasper close to you at that time of the month. If there are other illnesses you’re suffering from such as endometriosis or PCOS, hold a jasper zebra over the affected area. UTI patients will also find chronic relief with this variety of jasper.

Do you have Vitamin deficiency? From energy to nutrient absorption and nourishment, jasper with zebra pattern will do it all. It is best stone for hormonal balance too. Read more on jasper.

·      Spiritual Healing Properties of Zebra Jasper

Spirit energy is the center of this variety of jasper. It is an excellent stone for Dream recall. If you want to correct your karma, zebra jasper is the best stone for it. Holding this jasper will bring you Yin and yang balance. It is a stone of enlightenment and awareness. Ideal for collective consciousness, this jasper brings you the powers of Mother Gaia.

Your Mental energy will accelerate and you will attain Clairvision. When you place a zebra jasper under your pillow, it will bring you the wonder world of Astral travel. Popular as a Destiny stone, zebra jasper can manifest any intention or desire easily.  

·      Emotional Healing Properties of Zebra Jasper

Stress is the root of most of our problems. By using zebra jasper, you will be able to ease your worries and anxiety. It is a popular worry stone that dissipates your tension and fills you with positivity. Optimism will be your BFF once you embrace the powers of this jasper.

Good for restlessness and fatigue, zebra jasper helps to stabilize relationships. It fills you with confidence and decisiveness. You will find will power and self confidence.

Balance in work and life will be your forte.


Have any heart-warming stories about properties of zebra jasper? Leave us a comment!

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