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Unshared Benefits Of Incense Cones For Health And Mindfulness

Unshared Benefits Of Incense Cones For Health And Mindfulness

Did you know incenses were used as early as 2000 B.C? Where? In China! In fact, incense making is a sophisticated art that takes years to tame. Today incenses are favored in almost all homes for its tantalizing fragrance. But, today I want to shine light on how exactly can you use definite incense cones for health and mindfulness with this 5-minute read.

What are Incense Cones?

Solid cones made from wet incense is dried for use as incense cones.

Typically, it contains bamboo and scent paste. Incense cones are better than incense sticks because it does not contain the wooden twig in the middle as in a stick.

It will smell different too!

Are incense cones dangerous to the lungs?

Only if you’re not careful about where you buy the incense from!

The truth is smoke is harmful to the lungs when directly inhaled.

All around us, there are vapors of all kinds so if you can cut out the carcinogens, you’re safe! How to do it? Get yourself 100% pure incense cones made without harmful chemicals like we have Atperrys.

What are the two types of burning incense?

Did you know people make their own incense cones in India with pure wet incense paste available locally?

Getting an incense burner and directly burning the cones is the most traditional way of burning incense. Called direct burning, this is excellent to diffuse fragrance quickly in the room you burn it.

You know all about directly burning the incense on fire, but what about essential oil diffusers packed with incense and aromatherapeutic scents? Another way to indirectly burn the incense such as frankincense is by keeping a heated element underneath the incense dry mix.  

7 Benefits of Incense Cones for health and mindfulness

Did you know your sense of smell in the brain is located adjacent to emotions? In short, a good fragrance can change your mood and feel about anything! This works out when  the incense cone smell catalyzes the secretion of different hormones in the brain that makes you light, happy, exhilarated, sad or calm.

Bring your science goggles upfront because I’m about to reveal the benefits of incense cones and the main reasons why I use incense cones based on fragrances.

·      Rose

There are at least 100 species of Rose! It is a scintillating scent that has stood tall to the test of time to be renowned as the Queen of Flowers. Rose incense is particularly helpful as it awakens the Heart chakra. General effects of rose aroma are sedative, uplifting, anti-depressant, laxative and happiness. The eternal symbol of love also symbolizes prosperity and tenacity too.

Did you know the oldest rose in the world is 1000 years old in Germany? It survived two world wars and god knows how many small and big bangs!

·      Green Tea

Revitalizing scent with a regal tone, green tea pressed incense cones are loaded with nutrients that diffuse in the air around you. Green tea has a particularly charging effect on the heart chakra. What I mean is, soaking in the aroma of green tea incense cone has a natural charm of de-stressing.

Much like a full glass of nutritional green tea, the incense takes you to naturally trimmed English tea gardens! It can clear your energy blocks and help you think clearly. If high blood pressure is your poison, get green tea incense because it helped my grandad with his heart too!

·      Sandalwood

Did you know it takes at least 14 years for a sandalwood tree to mature? One of the royal smells that come with a regal price, sandalwood incense opens your third eye chakra. To put it in perspective, every time you take a whiff of sandalwood while meditating, you might get visions and premonitions about the past, present or future.

Sandalwood fragrance is also used as a detox therapy aroma with amethyst because it has a relaxing effect on the crown. Regularly burning sandalwood can protect your aura from curses and boosts digestion too.

·      Lavender

Yet another heart chakra incense, lavender was once profusely used by mothers to keep the evil spirits away by hanging the flowers on the doorstep. It definitely works even now because lavender is a positive feng shui plant that resets the circadian rhythm when kept in a bedroom.

According to crystal pros, lavender can also help you ground when it is connected to the crown chakra. Wearing lavender in your hair in the morning can change the way your day goes too!

·      Taihang Mountain Thuja

Do you know thuja incense has a history of connecting directly with the gods? History says it was used as the holy scent when calling upon gods during the sacrifice.

Another stress-reducing incense for men and women suffering from depression, I’ve personally used thuja incense cones for general anxiety that binds me every 2 weeks per month. The feng shui incense cone can clear mind chatter too.

However, if you’re lactating or pregnant, keep away from the scent as it is too strong. Taihang Mountain thuja is a scent that makes you energetic.

·      Jasmine

Taken from jasmines in prime bloom, our incense cones in jasmine is filled with the energy of universal peace. It is a charming scent that grips you in the sacral chakra and guides your way to the truth. The nurturing flower is an excellent sleep incense cone to burn in your bedroom.

Jasmine fragrance in incense cones is nostalgic for most people as it drives the kundalini energy or life force. According to Hindu traditions, when burned in the verandah or entrance of the house every evening during twilight, jasmine can attract harmony and good fortune to your home and family.

·      Cherry

One of the distinct and dramatic scenting incense cones, cherry incense comes from the oriental world. It is a base chakra stone that grounds your negativity and helps you recognize life-changing opportunities coming your way.

The grounding fragrance is one of the unique incense flavors found rarely. Use it to make spring at home as the scent can awaken etheric chakras to cleanse your space easily.

How to use Incense Cones At Home?

Incenses are artisanal aromatherapeutic devices that change the vibe and energy in a space as well as people around it. I will teach you how to use incense cones at home for health and mindfulness in a jiffy!

  • Buy an incense burner designed for incense cone to artistically backflow when lit.
  • Take your incense cone.
  • Place it on the incense burner.
  • Light it.
  • Go relax!

Before you go …

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Did you know incense cones are used as pest and bug repellant since ages? It’s all because of the medicinal and herbal qualities of an incense. It can change the environmental physically and spiritually when you light up an incense.

The times I meditate with a burning incense is drastically different from one without. IF you haven’t tried meditating with incense yet, choose a scent you’re comfortable with and start your spiritual voyage!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about incense cones for health and mindfulness you have in the comments below. I will answer in less than 12 hours!

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