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Why Rainbow Topaz is Lucky?

Why Rainbow Topaz is Lucky?

Short answer-YES! Rainbow topaz is a lucky stone, it invites good fortune and prosperity on its way into your life. Wearing or touching rainbow topaz melts your challenges away. Rainbow topaz is lucky and charming at the same time. Why? We’re going to find out just that today.  

What Is Natural Mystic Rainbow Topaz?

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There is no such thing as a natural or organic mystic topaz or rainbow topaz stone. Mystic topaz is unearthed as white topaz after which it undergoes chemical vapor disposition processes with titanium vapor to create the stone with rainbow iridescence.

What Luck Does Rainbow Topaz Bring?

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When you wear a rainbow topaz, it attracts good fortune towards you. The karmic debts of yours will be forgiven and you will find lucky opportunities all around you.

Rainbow topaz in the bedroom is meant to create intimacy and fidelity in the relationship. It is a stone of wellbeing and goodwill. When you wear a mystic topaz on the dominant hand, it will make you charismatic to your peers.

What Is Mystic Rainbow Topaz?

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A white topaz is transformed into a mystic topaz by vapor disposition of titanium metal. The man-made stone mystic or rainbow topaz is a powerful stone that aligns multiple chakras at once. Don’t ignore it just because it is a man-made stone!

Mystic topaz has many meanings and energies that you don’t know about. Did you know rainbow topaz erase nightmares and brings vivid astral dreams? It is a beautiful stone with metaphysical attributes.

What is the relation between Topaz and Feng Shui?

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A stone used to empower the self-confidence within you, topaz can also harmonize the place it is kept in. Although the energy of topaz is changed when it is transformed into mystic topaz, the new energy is Feng Shui wise powerful too. Keep your mystic topaz in the southeast corner of your bedroom to see changes.

Which is the ruling Planet of Topaz?

Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are all rulers of topaz that becomes the rulers of mystic topaz stone.

Mercury brings manifestation of your incantations, Jupiter brings harmony and peace while Venus brings charm, love and beauty into your life. With mystic topaz, you get the blessing of all three planets at once.

What is rainbow topaz chakra?

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The first chakra awakened by touching or wearing rainbow topaz is your Crown Chakra. It makes your conscious and intuitive about your reality. The second chakra that opens with rainbow topaz is your Third Eye chakra that opens your spiritual awareness, following by your Throat chakra, good for confidence.

Who should wear rainbow topaz?

November born signs are perfect to wear rainbow topaz. Scorpio is the official birthstone of rainbow topaz. If you know or have a Scorpio in your life, gift them a mystic topaz pendant or bracelet to keep them protected from evil energies.

Rainbow topaz brings balance and stability into the life of a Scorpio. It is the stone of optimism and peace.


Love rainbow topaz? We thought you would. What more do you want to know about rainbow topaz? Please don't hesitate to leave us a comment!

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