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Mystic Fire Topaz Explained with Color Meanings

Mystic Fire Topaz Explained with Color Meanings

Mystic topaz is a new stone that is made by reworking on a classic. But what is it good for? Specifically, when you can see streaks of fiery iridescence in the mystic topaz, it is a mystic fire topaz. We are going to describe the color meanings of mystic fire topaz. Get enlightened in the next 5 minutes!  

What Colors Are in The Mystic Fire Topaz?

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When you’re looking at a mystic topaz, you need it is created using metal vapors. Titanium is the core metal that creates the radiance of the mystic fire topaz. You can count all the rainow colors in a mystic fire topaz.

Types Of Mystic Topaz

There are mystic fire topazes more famous than the others. Let’s find out which is your luck mystic topaz stone!

·      What is mystic Blue Topaz?

When you have a predominant blue on the mystic topaz, it is called a mystic blue topaz. Considered best for throat chakra activation, mystic blue topaz can instil confidence and courage too.

·      What is mystic green topaz?

If you can see more green than rainbow on the mystic topaz, you have a green mystic topaz stone. It can raise your heart chakra. Heart chakra attracts love and harmony into your life.

·      What is mystic Purple Topaz?

When you see more of purple on the mystic fire topaz than rainbow iridescence, you have a crown chakra activating purple mystic topaz. It will help you open your intuitive energies.

·      What is Orange Mystic Topaz?

The stone of warmth and support, orange mystic topaz opens your lower chakras solar plexus. It will boost your energy and courage.

·      What is Red Mystic Topaz?

If you are seeing a mystic topaz with reddish tone, the base chakra is high in it. Red mystic topaz helps you find balance and stability.

·      What is mystic pink topaz?

The stone of love and attraction, pink mystic topaz also brings luck your way. It is a stone of heart chakra that makes you enthusiastic and passionate.

What Is a Mystic Topaz?

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When a white topaz is coated with titanium using physical vapour deposition, mystic topaz is formed. It is a sacred stone with all the colors of the rainbow on it.

What Is Mystic Fire Topaz?

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Mystic fire topaz is an alternative name of mystic topaz. When you can fiery iridescence in the mystic topaz, traders seem to rename mystic topaz as mystic fire topaz.

Difference Between Mystic Topaz And Mystic Fire Topaz?

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They are one and the same stone. If you’re still wondering, buy yourself one of each and compare. You can also ask about it in your crystal support group on Facebook or other forums!

Who should wear Mystic Fire Topaz?

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There are three main zodiac signs that are best for mystic fire topaz. Your star sign will help you bond with the stone easily, especially if you’re a Cancer, Leo or Sagittarius. For Cancerians, mystic fire brings discipline and guidance while Leo will find charisma and leader ship with the mystic fire topaz.  


Love mystic fire topaz? Who knew it was this fabulous, right! Share your experiences with mystic topaz below.

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